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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Machamp Lv. 59

Diamond & Pearl


Date Reviewed: 07.20.07

Ratings & Reviews Summary
Unlimited: 1.75
Modified: 4.05
Limited: 4.33

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

Steve Silvestro
Machamp: he plays a key role in a late forming deck this year. 4/5
Moza Machamp

This card isn't to bad, 130 hp stage 2 fighitng with an attack that can edo 70 for one energy is pretty cool. This is also half of the famed "Mario" deck.

Unlimited: 1/5
To slow

Modified: 3.5/5
its a nice card, and the +30 weakness helps a lot, but it isn't as strong as other pokemon(ironic, no?)

limited: 4/5
If you get it, you play it

Machamp Lv. 59 D&P
Wow, now that’s what I call a nice card. Massive HP, possible 70 for 1 «, Possible 90 & confusion for 3 «, and a battle buddy in the same set, If you don’t know, this card (along with Lucario D&P) is the driving force for ‘Mario’ the newest deck running around. Once the new set ‘Mysterious Treasures’ comes out, this deck will get massive with the introduction of Lucario Lv. X. This card shows so much promise; it must be the roll model of all the wana-be cards out there.
Pros –
Massive HP
Beautiful Attacks
Nice energy costs
Battle partner in the same set
Can OHKO that ‘Flaming king of monkeys’ Infernape with only 1 plus-power and a heads.
Cons –
3 Retreat
Almost slow
Unlimited – to slow, Sneasle will eat this guy alive. 1/5
Modified – OH YEA!!! I see much faster decks coming to the next worlds. 4.5/5
Limited – Grand HP, Massive attacks, loves basics that kills your basics. 5/5
Have a nice weekend,
“Stupidity got us into this mess -- why can't it get us out?”

Alex M.
Machamp Lv. 59 Diamond and Pearl

Unlimited: 2.5/5 With better trainers here, there is a pretty good chance you can do T1 70. Although not my first choice, it "could" be played here.

Modified: 3.5/5 Wow. Anybody hear of that new deck they call Mario? Yea, I didn't think it was a real deck either. I honestly don't see the synergy between Machamp and Lucario besides the same type, but I guess that's all you need to create a new archetype nowadays//end sarcasm. But you know, being an avid Machamp player myself (T32 Worlds 2004 with Machamp HL), I am forced to like every Machamp card there is. All of that aside, I believe while this card is not as strong as Machamp HL/PK, it can be combined with it to make a pretty nice deck. Forget the Lucarios, an all-out Mono Machamp deck might even be worth playing next format for its speed.

Limited: 3.5/5 If you draft the line it's pretty nice here. 70 for 1 energy is very good.
*Sigh* the one pokemon I can't get enough of. I bought 7 packs just trying to get another one with no success. He is a stage 2, but his evolution line is pretty good from the D+P series, so that is no real problem. Revenge is a good attack, as it can do 70 damage for 1 energy. Your opponent will think twice about KOing a pokemon if they know you are playing this guy.
As if that weren't enough, 130 HP is amazing. You just really can't OHKO this guy. Then there is the fact that his second attack is great, not good, great. 60 damage for 3 energy is pretty good, but you flip a coin and can do 30 more PLUS confusion. I have used this guy to completely destroy my opponent's team, and you can too!
Modified-4.5/5 ( I love this guy here, He is almost as fast to get out as Infernape and just as powerful)
LImited-5/5 (hard to get, but if you do get him out, your opponent just might wanna scoop up those cards then and there)
Michael from Denmark

2 worlds and 4 national finals.

Machamp lv 59

im not onto the hype this one got however nobody can say that its isnt really good...
great hp good attacks revenge is good but often useless as in a close match youre often behind on prizes when opponent just KO'ed 1 of your pokes. this is what scrambles for. And if the match isnt close then whats the point? :) that said ok attack.
especially when scramle would become colorless and therefore not able too power up Dynamic punch
dynamic punch is good too but costing FFF and not like FCC its requires that youve build around it.
what really powers this card is not itsself but its preevelutiond course they are REALLY good.
figthing typed 20 at F? go machop! go pluspower.
cessicrystal is naturally great with this too.
3 retreat is too much but it cant be good at everything pack your switch/Warp points when playing this.
i dont like lucario machamp decks lucario is good and fast but NOTHING compared to machamp it has to be possible to find something better. But Dynamic punch needs FFF which is off course why people chose lucario....
great card.

Modified 4.4
classic 2.5
limited 4.9 (perfect but to get a 5 dynamic punch shouldve costed FCC :) if you can only get pre evos then they are STRONG too)

After a long break from Card of the Day reviews I’m finally back in action. Today it’s Machamp Lv. 59 form Diamond and Pearl.


This card has recently seen success alongside Lucario in the deck “Mario”. Underrated by many players including myself, if proved a shock when several of these decks had good, Top 32 finishes across the age divisions at US nationals.


The basic concept of this card (and that deck) is brute force plain and simple. This guy in particular has a bulky HP and can take a few hits, and his lack of a power means cards like cessation crystal work nicely with him.

His first attack is potentially a big hit for just 1 energy. Lets say your active Pokemon has just been knocked out; forward this guy and you get a cheap hit for 70. His second attack has a lot of power too, a good flip could make Pokemon with otherwise insurmountable HP’s a lot less threatening.


Usually though it’s this Pokemon basic (Machop DP) that really add “punch” to the deck. If you play 4 plus powers and perhaps a couple of strength charms, he’ll often be able to KO Castform’s, eevee’s etc Turn 1. This guy gives you the chance to sweep later on.


Basically this card is very simple, but deadly effective with cards like pluspower and cessation crystal.


Unlimited: Not bad, Machop can play a haymaker role, whilst this guy sweeps: 2/5

Modified: Pretty good here. Limited in terms of the in game manipulation, but often simplicity is the best way to go: 4/5

Limited: If you can get the line perhaps, but the 3 specific energy for its main attack is a real downer in my opinion. 3/5

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