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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Floatzel lv. 29

Diamond & Pearl


Date Reviewed: 07.13.07

Ratings & Reviews Summary
Unlimited: 1.25
Modified: 2.70
Limited: 3.20

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

Yay a good card! At least from my perspective he is. Water type Pokemon are always nice. But his HP is more of what is this Pokemon's problem rather than his attacks. It is 90, which is prime Infernape territory. However his attacks are actually decent. Screw Tail does a Hyper Beam effect and can be decent in the early game to keep an opponent low on energy. However, his second attack is just finger lickin' good. WW for 40 damage is decent enough but you add not 10 but 20 for every water energy not used to pay the cost up to 40 damage, this means he is at 80 damage for WWWW! This card should stay in Water decks because of that. His pre-evolved form is not so bad either, and with 60 hp will likely survive long enough to turn from Buizel to Floatzel.
Modified-3/5 (won't last long, but can kill Fire Monkey...)
"I was outta bullets!"

Floatzel Lv. 29 D&P

Hello everybody. Today’s the last day of “Almost good enough to play” week. Floatzel is a very, very fast pokemon is the game, and part of that follows him over into the card game (hence needing only two energy to do either attack.) But sadly he doesn’t work, the HP is within OHKOing distance of a blast from the mad monkey lord, Infernape, and his attacks aren’t good enough. If his first attack didn’t require a flip, then this would be a good card.

Pros –
Discard energy on the opponent

Cons –
Flipping and all its flippingness
OHKOing distance for Infernape
Not enough damage on his attacks

Unlimited – I can make this card slow in one word, Sneasle. 1/5

Modified – Meh, not good enough. 2.5/5

Limited – Discarding energy? Low retreat? Fast? Oh Yea. 4/5

Keep to the bench Floatzel while the big boys (and a flaming mad monkey…) fight it out,

“Life’s Tough, get a helmet!”

Alex M.
Floatzel Lv. 29 Diamond and Pearl

Unlimited: 2/5 You could probably play this in a Raindance deck. It's a Stage 1 so it could be powered up fairly quickly.

Modified: 2.5/5 Water + DRE = OHKO of Infernape. However, after the strong showing of Empoleon/Marowak at Nationals this past weekend I don't see Infernape being as hyped as it was.

Limited: 3.5/5 Ehhhh decent attacker here. You have a chance of an ER in its first attack and a chance to do 80 with its second. This a decent card for Limited.
Michael from Denmark

2 worlds and 4 national finals.

Floatzel lv 29
nearly good enough to play......
40 for 2 and it can be bosted if you add a few W thats ok
30 and maybe energy discard for 2 thats ok
1 retreat thats ok
stage 1 with 90 hp thats ok too
BUT: in constructed "ok" just isnt enough it is very unlikely that this card is ever going to do anything big. Its too ordinary.
limited: its a rare people are likely to take it and play it youre unlikely to get more than 2 in your deck however if someone just keep passing them you migth as well play it.
conclusion: Nothing special why play it?
classic 1 going to make NO impact whatsoever
modified 2.5 (Nearly playable)
limited 2.5
Patrick M.
floatazel lv 29
this pokemon is  a stage one pokemon which evolves from buizel its first attack 2 for 30 is a pretty standard attack with the  ability to discard 1 of your opponents pokemon  is pretty nice because it will disrupt your opponet if you can get it off early game then theres the 2nd attack which is 40 for 2 which isnt bad but then you have the possibiliy to do 80 if there are wwwwcc attached and 6 for 80 really isnt that good also it doesnt evolve which hurts it a lot it has a pretty cheap retreat cost of one but isnt really any use past easily game  if you have a fully charged floatazel you can knock out infernape which is useful but the fact that it wont reach the right energy in time makes it not as good with that said here are my ratings
limited 1/5 no use here
modified 3/5 could be worse then this
limited 2/5  if you get the 2nd attack to 80 youll knock out most basics but its 6 energy 

Steve Silvestro

2001 WCSTS Champ
Floatzel:   Ughz! =[ 1/5     (Srsly, what more do I need to say)

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