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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day



Diamond & Pearl
Secret Wonders

Ghost Head
Put as many damage counters as you like on Banette. (You can't put more than Banette's remaining HP.) Put that many damage counters on the Defending Pokémon.

40+ Spiteful Pain
If Banette is in your discard pile, this attack does 40 damage plus 40 more damage. Then, search your discard pile for Banette, show it to your opponent, and shuffle it into your deck.

Date Reviewed: 12.05.07

Ratings & Reviews Summary
Unlimited: 1.00
Modified: 3.12
Limited: 2.50

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

2005 World

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Unlimited - If your opponent only has 1 Pokemon in play you could potentially win on turn 1 by Wallying or Rare Candying then using Ghost Head. Otherwise Banette is bad here. 1/5
Modified - Banette has a lot of hype, but I don't know if I buy into it yet. After Ascending to Banette turn 1 from Shuppet CG, you can follow that up with either a turn 2 Ghost Head or Spiteful Pain. Use Banette with Trainers like TV Reporter to increase the odds of getting a Banette in your discard pile.
The resistance to Blissey is nice, but Blissey may be able to overcome it just by stacking tons of energy.
Weakness to Honchkrow sucks.
Overall I just think this Pokemon's attacks don't have enough oomph, and it doesn't have enough HP. 2/5
Limited - It's unlikely you'll ever have a Banette in your discard pile, so Spiteful Pain is limited to 40 damage pretty much. You could get a surprise KO with Ghost Head. 3/5

Banette Lv. 42 SW

Hello, today’s COTD is one that rivals the 2turn deck Kricketune. Having an attack that can do up to 80 (90 if you have unknown E) for nothing, that’s right nothing. The only problem is it hurts Banette too. The second attack is even better than it’s first for its 2turn abilities, First turn you attach and energy to Shuppet (The one from CG) and use ascension to evolve, next turn you attach another energy then you use T.V. reporter or other discard supporters to discard a Banette and you go to town doing 80 damage per turn by using stuff to bring a Banette back out of your deck and into the discard like, Celio’s, Nidoqueen (Delta), Bronzong, supporters that need you to discard, and other stuff like that. Weakness to dark is ok as the only dark around much is Murkrow. Colorless resistance is good with Blissey running rampant. And 80 HP is a little low, but not to much to worry about with a 2turn deck.

Pros –
80 damage for free
Or 80 damage if you have a Banette in the discard for 2 (p)
Good weakness
Good resistance (On Shuppet too)

Cons –
Low HP
80 for free KO’s Banette
Needs a way to get multiple Banette into discard easily

Unlimited – Want speed? Go with Sneasle. 1/5

Modified – Could work if you used it in the right deck. 4.25/5

Limited – the first attack hurts Banette, and only 40 for 2 (p) is weak. 2/5 +1 for every other Banette you pull with it

Could it be better than the Krickets as a 2turn deck?

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