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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Stantler lv. 38

Diamond & Pearl
Secret Wonders


Date Reviewed: 12.21.07

Ratings & Reviews Summary
Unlimited: 1.00
Modified: 3.75
Limited: 4.25

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

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Sorry for another minimalist review, but again I just don’t have much time to write and for once it’s a card I’ve deck tested, and even done so recently.


Stantler LV.28 is a common from the latest set and it might become a common site in decks.  It is a Colorless Basic Pokémon that can’t Evolve, but it has a solid 70 HP for such a thing with only a +20 Fighting Weakness and a low Retreat Cost of one.  Its second attack, Frightening Horn is only two Energy, and it yields 20 damage and automatically Confuses the Defending Pokémon if said Pokémon isn’t an Evolved Pokémon.  The real reason to run it, though, is for Lead.  Lead is a no-Energy requiring attack that lets you snag a Supporter from your deck and add it to your hand.  This can be very useful for setting up, though sometimes you wish this was a smaller Pokémon so your opponent could KO it and get it out of your Active slot for you.  Of course it isn’t too hard to Retreat, but that takes Energy and eats up a bench slot: many decks can’t spare either.




Unlimited: 1/5


Modified: 3.5/5


Limited: 5/5

Stantler Lv.28 SW
Hello there pokemon fans, today’s COTD is one that replaced a starter that was already there. Chingling MT has a first attack exactly like Stantler’s first attack (With only a slight name difference.) The second attack on this thing is O.K. won’t be used much other than in a few specific cases (Like vs. Rayquaza EX (Delta)) Also, this card has 30 more HP than Chingling, making it a little better there too. The only reason you’d use Chingling over this is if A. you couldn’t get Stantler, or B. you had a psychic deck and could also use Chimecho (Which is nice is Dark Palm (Nidoqueen + Dusknior (Also called duskqueen))
Pros (Compared to Chingling) –
30 more HP
Has a second attack
Colorless fits better
Cons (Compared to Chingling) –
Can’t evolve
Fighting weakness
Unlimited – Supporters here? 1/5
Modified – If you need a specific supporter, this is your guy. 3.75/5
Limited – search your deck for the already hard to pull supporters. 4.35/5
This is the last COTD before Christmas, here's hoping you have a great Christmas!

My name is Stantler
I’m Santa’s helper
I pull his sleigh
In trade for shelter

Unlimted: You hardly play any Supporters in Unlimited…
Rating : 1/5

Modified: Good card it’s in a lot of Decks. It’s better then Chingling cus of it’s HP.
You can get a Supporter card from your Deck for free, so you can begin your setup.
The little downside about it is that it has weakness for fighting wich is kinda popular nowadays.
Second attack isn’t to bad either.
Rating : 3.5/5

Limited: If you were lucky enough to get a Supporter take it. This will thin your Deck and get what you need.
Rating : 3/5
Chris Nagel Hey everybody, this is my first ever COTD, so I just want to give a little introduction about myself. I started playing Pokemon a long time ago, when Jungle was a new set. I took a break for a few years, and then finally came back to the game last year. Since I came back, I made to a Secret Wonders prerelease and then 2 City Championships this year. So I am very happy to be doing this, to help all of you as well as myself by doing Pojo's COTD. I'll keep my reviews detailed, but not too long so that it is agonizingly boring. Anyway here is today's:


Name: Stantler
Set: Secret Wonders
Rarity: Common

Overview: OK, so Stantler is a basic colorless Pokemon, which does not evolve. It has 70 HP, +20 Weakness to fighting, no Resistance, and a Retreat Cost of 1. Its first attack, 'Lead,' has no energy cost and allows you to search your deck for a Supporter card and put it into your hand. Its second attack, 'Frighten Horn,' has an energy cost of CC, doing 20 damage and giving automatic confusion only if the defending Pokemon isn't an evolved Pokemon.

Analysis: Stantler has some great attributes and some not so great attributes. 70 HP for a basic is usually great, but for one that doesn't evolve, it isn't. +20 weakness to fighting is not bad. It's attacks are also not very strong. However, Stantler should not be used as an attacking Pokemon, but more as a setup/situational Pokemon. If you get him in your starting hand, he better start as your Active. Being able to search for any supporter in your deck makes him very useful in the early game to help setup. Also, Frighten Horn can be great as a defense against SW Absol (which has become a fixture in so many modified decks) and other powerful basics. But, again, Frighten Horn would only be useful early game as well, because it only does 20 damage and almost all decks use evolutions, meaning the confusion effect will become nonexistent the further you go into a game. This is where I repeat that Stantler should be used as a helper Pokemon to start the game until you get your big guns ready. And Stantler will help to get them ready faster with Lead and provide protection from Absol with Frighten Horn.


Unlimited - Unlimited decks should not be using many supporters, so Stantler would not be very helpful and would just provide easy KO's for your opponent. (1/5)

Modified - Stantler represents a great starting Pokemon and will help you set up faster. It also provides some protection from SW Absol with the confusion effect of Frighten Horn. Use it as a helper to setup for your main attackers. (4/5)

Limited - Stantler is awesome in this format. At a prerelease I attended, almost everyone got at least one supporter (I got 3). Stantler helps to get them so that you can setup faster. Also, Frighten Horn is very useful: I T2'ed an opposing Farfetch'd with a Pluspower and then a flip for tails on confusion. (4.5/5)

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