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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Donphan Lv. 48

Diamond & Pearl
Secret Wonders


Date Reviewed: 12.18.07

Ratings & Reviews Summary
Unlimited: 1.75
Modified: 2.75
Limited: 4.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

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2005 World

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Unlimited - If you really want to use it, use it with Cleffa and Focus Band, so you can switch Donphan with Cleffa after Rapid Spinning to only have a 1 in 4 chance of dying. 1/5

Modified - It's too bad the rule on Fossils was changed, or else this could make a nice Fossil switch deck with Rapid Spin. Bash In can OHKO just about any Pokemon holding a Cessation Crystal, but getting 4 energy on Donphan could be a problem. 2/5

Limited - Let Donphan live another day with Rapid Spin. 4/5


Being busy and easily distracted is a bad mix, so if I wanted to get a CotD in today, I had to make it a “quickie”.  Obviously I have decided to do just that or you wouldn’t be reading this. ;)


Donphan LV.48 shows some real potential.  Rapid Spin has been a winner in the past, and while it is denied its best tricks (Baby Pokémon protected by the Baby Rule and Fossil Pokémon that don’t count as a Prize), you can always find something with a low Retreat Cost and/or Rage (or similar) attack to work with Donphan.  I also like Bash In, just because Cessation Crystal is a bane to me (I currently run a Poké-Power heavy deck).  The Energy that goes into the attacks seems fair, and the base stats for Donphan are good: the only real drawback being some popular Water decks and a three Retreat cost.  But hey, it can Bench itself and look!  It has a Resistance!  To a type that even sees some play!  Woo-hoo!  Even the Phanpy from Secret Wonders looks solid: 60 HP, lower Weakness, same Resistance, 60 HP and can use Flail.  Unlike yesterday’s card, Cloyster LV.40, it looks like Donphan was given due consideration for being a fully Evolved Stage 1.


Since I like to include some idea of how to use this card, I will give a deck idea that is a pretty random mix but I almost like now that I think about it: run this with the Gyarados and Mantine from Mysterious Treasures (and of course Mantyke so you can use the Jumbo Fin Poké-Body).  Gyarados will become a free Retreating Stage 1 Pokémon with 120 HP and Fighting Resistance, capable of doing easy damage via Dragon DNA allowing it to use the attacks of Magikarp from Mysterious Treasures with an extra 30 points of damage to boot.  They even handle each other’s Weaknesses reasonably well.


Again, sorry to make it so short and rushed.




Unlimited: 3/5 – You can build a solid deck out of it, which older players will remember from an older Modified format (right before they banned Slowking from Neo Genesis).  Slowking blocks Trainers, Baby Pokémon divert attacks, and slowly damage accrues.  If your opponent can’t hit your Energy, Bash In might start OHKOing stuff: who doesn’t run Focus Band?


Modified: 3.5/5 – I haven’t seen this in action, and while it lacks any groovy Poké-Power or Poké-Body, both attack seem pretty good and ready to be used.  You just need to find the right combo.


Limited: 4/5 – Rapid Spin is quite annoying.  Odds are some fodder will be available to your deck, even if its nothing too bid, it just needs some sort of half decent attack and HP score and to be a Basic, and Rapid Spin will combo with it.  Bash In isn’t as good since there weren’t any Pokémon Tools in this set, but it can still hit “okay”.


Alex Bramham

UK Nationals Finalist 2007

Lucario has a lot over this card; Donphan is slower and less useful than the Tidal-guidal wave hero. Phanpy is as good as useless if you plan to evolveturn two because flail will do very minimal damage if any and the second attack cannot be paid for and will disappear. One worry is Sableye CG, its disable attack may well stop Donphan in its tracks and leave it a sitting duck for a KO due to its high retreat. There's enough redeeming stats to make it a worthy consideration such as that high HP and disruption potential.

Unlimited: Needs three attacks just to KO base gastly unless it somehow accumulates 4 energy. Then again, will it even be able to attack under the sleeping gas?! 1.34/5
Modified: 2.8/5

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