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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day



EX Crystal Guardian

Date Reviewed: 10.10.06

Ratings & Reviews Summary
Unlimited: 2.75
Modified: 3.8
Limited: 2.41

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

My reviews are ratings are for Modified only.


Modified: 4/5 - This card stops both Cessation Crystal and stadiums, and if there isn't a Stadium for your deck that increases your winning percentages significantly (i.e. Crystal Beach with Hariyama ex), then Windstorm should fill up your former stadium slots.

Before Windstorm, you'll probably run 4 stadiums that will at least hinder your opponent anyway. So now, you run 3-4 of these to both disrupt your opponent's gameplan, such as thier attempt in shutting down your Poke-Powers or Poke-Bodies, so you can dominate them.

Windstorm isn't the right card for every deck, but it is probably beneficial to include 2-3 in various decks that doesn't take advantage of Cessation Crystal.

k, I have to make this a quick one guys,

Unlimited: 3/5
A good way to remove focus bands from jumpluff/baby pokemon and gold berry from any big pokemon. you might find cessation crystal here too soon so windstorm could be decent in this format.

An extra counter stadium and THE card that saves decks that heavily rely on poke-powers (or bodies). it also removes energy roots etc which is pretty useful. Windstorm is a must when your deck is based on poke-powers/bodies. too bad it cant remove normal trainer cards from play :( (fossils)

I dont think cessation crystal will give you that much trouble here, nor do any of the other tools. discarding stadiums that bother you(holon circle for example) is always good.

My name is Windstorm
You’re all a bunch of fools
Cause I discard Stadiums
But I also discard Tools

Unlimited: Mmh nice cause you can discard Focus Band.

Wich is a overplayed card in unlimited. Also can it discard Cessation Crystal Wich could have an impact on Unlimited.

Rating : 2.5/5

Modified: Nice card there are so many annoying Tool cards here that you

Really need this thing in your deck, I’m not saying in every deck but this thing can Make a different. Tools like Cessation Crystal and Stadiums like Battle Frontier are around

This thing will get rid of it for you. ;-)

Rating : 3/5

Limited: Always nice too have extra Trainers here and in the set are a lot of Tools that can be annoying.

Rating : 2/5

Muk Man
Today’s Card Of The Day is…Windstorm from Crystal Guardians.
Talk about a Staple Card. The introduction of windstorm opens up new options to an already diverse meta-game. Windstorm discards up to 2 trainer cards in play, yours or your opponents. With the threat of cessation crystal, windstorm is now a must in every deck. Add to the fact you can now discard stadiums. The ability to lock you opponent with a stadium is now a lot harder than it was before. Even the ability to discard your own tools or stadiums is great option

Combos: Everyone!!! But Slowking can now discard tools faster to do more damage. Attach 2 useless tools(Orbs, crystal shards) windstorm them away and then attach strength charm.

Modified: 4/5 Situational card, the question is not “IF” you will use it, but “When” cause you will play this card every game.
Limited: 3/5 This set is very heavy on Powers and Bodies. A Cessation Crystal will hurt you so its good to have 1 of these.

Current ebay Value: $1.50 (plus or minus $.50 cent)

~Muk Man~

For questions or comments, send an email to treluv3@excite.com

DarkJake Windstorm

I'm not dead. Windstorm is a card that is a dependent variable. There are some decks that don't have any particular stadium that they benefit from (without also helping their opponent), so Windstorm is a fine weapon to arm for combat in the Stadium War, doubling up as a Tool killer. Windstorm is a dependent variable, because the above mentioned decks are slim to none, there is usually at least one stadium that any deck can have benefit while giving your opponent none, or even harming them. Windstorm's useful lies in its ability to knock out Cease Crystal. Although , to be sure, if it wasn't for its ability to also known out stadiums, this card would never have seen any play. Now, two a time means a stadium and a tool gone (or two tool if you wish). Once again, if Cease Crystal does not become big (even though it is expected to), then neither will this card.

Unlimited: I guess you could knock out some Focus Bands… 2/5

Modified: Again, if Cease Crystal becomes big, so will this card, otherwise this card is at best better than average. I will leave the score (for now) at 3/5

Limited: Not that great. There are some stadiums, although only few have a negative effect, and you're also assuming your opponent has them and plays them. Does have its uses, however. 2.5/5
Kempley05 Windstorm - Crystal Guardians

With the expected success of Cessation Crystal, reviewed last week, this has become a staple in many decks reliant on powers and bodies. I have to say I’m a particular fan, there are many uses beyond discarding Cessation crystal. Tools like Energy root or protective orb can also be removed in one play, and crucially its discards the stadium should you want it to, or if your lucky, a stadium and a tool.

This is in my opinion a very nice, flexible and more importantly multi purpose card, in a lot of my non T2 disruption decks, I’m tending to cut stadiums for a few of these.

Unlimited 1/5

Modified 3.5/5 – this is perhaps a little harsh, but about right from what I’ve been seeing. If you compare it to your playing a counter gym, its inferior as it has no positive effects on you. It may get positive effects, with the presence of good tools like Cessation crystal – but all this is Metagame dependant.

Limited 2/5 not many stadiums here, but useful to get rid of Holon circle.

The Red Rose
Hello this is my first card of the week so bare with me please

My first card of the day is windstorm from the crystal guardians set

Ulimited: I can see this card doing some nice damage in unlimited cause there are some really good tool cards and stadium cards........being able to destroy both a tool and a stadium is a great ability to be in possession of the only real drawback is if your opponent doesn't really use pokemon tools or trainers. 4/5

Modified: I am becoming more and more familiar with modified format and I can see this card having much more potential in this format there are alot of amazing stadiums and tools such as sitrus berries, Battle Frontier, and the holon stadiums... and nine times out of ten you will be able to use this card alot more in the modified format 5/5

Limited: in my oppinion this card is kind of meh in this format still a good card but you can probably put something more efficent in instead 3/5

overall a very good card with lots of potential in our new meta.......

if anyone wants to drop me a line or just chat you can reach me at zoran_217@hotmail.com

Later days

The Red Rose

I tried to go on like I never knew you
I'm awake but my world is half asleep
I pray for this heart to be unbroken
but without you all I'm going to be is

The Red Rose....Entering The Battlefield

Computer Guy Windstorm from Ex Crystal Guardians,

Windstorm is the new power trainer. It needs to be in every deck. How many is up to you, however I would tech in at least two in every deck. Its the counter for stadiums that hurt you're deck and for Cessation Crystal.

Where was this card when Dragtrode was still around?

Unlimited: 3/5
Modified: 4.9/5
Limited: 3/5

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