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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Ampharos δ

EX Dragon Frontiers

Date Reviewed: 11.16.06

Ratings & Reviews Summary
Unlimited: 1
Modified: 2.62
Limited: 2.5

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

2006 World
Ampharos's Poke-Body has the neat ability of allowing you to use Holon Researcher to get any Pokemon in your deck. What makes Ampharos d's Poke-Body not so powerful, or almost useless, is the fact that most Pokemon you would play with Ampharos are delta Pokemon anyway.

There are combos that exist, such as allowing Flygon d to power up any Pokemon (such as Lugia ex, Latias*, Latios*) but these require multiple Stage2's and are very slow.

Ampharos D is a classic Boost Energy card, allowing you to hit for up to 80 out of nowhere. However, a weakness to fighting makes the card completely unplayable, as the popular Exeggutor d uses its own Delta Circle to OHKO it.

Modified: 2.5/5

If you're playing a Stage2 in unlimited, it needs to have either an energy-manipulating power, or limit your opponent's trainer cards.
Unlimited: 1/5

Again, you're plagued by Ampharos d being a Stage2.
Limited: 1.5/5

"Chuck" Brosseau
5th place Worlds 2006 (Also current "best looking player")
Ampharos d

Another unique card from Dragon Frontiers. Similar to Dark Ampharos, with it’s 120 HP, Fighting Weakness, and useful Poke-Body “Holon Veil”. Holon Veil turns all of your Pokemon into Delta Pokemon. This essencially lets you Holon Researcher for any Pokemon in your deck, or always Holon Adventurer for 4. It also goes well with Amphys attack, which does 20 damage + 10 more for each Delta Pokemon you have in play, which basically makes your damage a constant 80.

Unlimited: 1/5
No real use here. Nothing special about Delta Pokemon in Unlimited.

Modified: 3/5
Holon Veil is mostly insignificant here, as most of the Pokemon you would combine with Amphy are already Delta Pokemon. Maybe useful with things like Flygon d and Lugia ex/Steelix ex/Latias*, but Meganium’s better for that.

Limited: 3/5
Again, all of your Pokemon are Delta regardless. Nice HP and attack make it decent though.

My reviews and ratings are for Modified only.

Ampharos delta

Modified 3/5 - I must say this card have a lot of potential. For example, combined with Pelipper delta and Fearow delta, you could grab big attackers and overwhelm your opponent. You start with a Pokemon that you're willing to sacrifice (like Jirachi DX - Wishing Star), and you'll do just fine.

Muk Man

Today’s Card Of The Day is…Ampharos from Dragon Frontiers

This card has been eratted!

Its Poke body “Holon Veil” now only refers to your own pokemon. Not all pokemon. Had it not been this card could have been a new Archetype, but alas as is it’s only ability is to make your pokemon delta species. This may help you take advantage of those trainers and energies reserved for Delta species, such as Holon Legacy, Holon Researcher, or Delta Rainbow Energy. It will also let you draw 4 cards for any pokemon discarded with Holon Adventurer. His only attack is pretty nice, allowing you to max out at 80 damage for 3 colorless energy, but you must max your bench, and thanks to his body they will always be delta species. Look out for Battle Frontier.


Combos: Any non-delta deck that can benefit from the delta support. Dustox EX with no weakness thanks to Holon legacy…sounds nice!


Modified:  2/5 The Whole format is leaning towards delta, so he really isn’t needed, and for 3 energy there are better attacks.

Limited: 3/5 3 color less energy and you are swinging for 80 is very good, and there is boost in this format!



Current ebay Value: $3.50  (Plus or minus $1 dollars) Before the eratta, it was around $7 dollars


~Muk Man~

P.S. Jeff Reynolds is the best T.O. EVER!


For questions or comments, send an email to Treluv3@Excite.com






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