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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Dragonite ex d

EX Dragon Frontiers


Date Reviewed: 11.14.06

Ratings & Reviews Summary
Unlimited: 3
Modified: 3
Limited: 3

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

2006 World
For two colorless, Deafen is an exact copy of Manectric ex's Disconnect attack. Comparing the advantages of Dragonite ex over Manectrix ex, we'll notice the high HP, and no weakness. This comes at the price of having no recharge basic, and being a Stage2. Unfortunately, one of the biggest factors in Disconnect (or in this case, Deafen) devastating your opponent is

the speed of the attack. This is because you have a better chance at stopping crucial cards like Rare Candy from being played.

However, Dragonite ex d had some nice little bonuses, including no weakness,

and having Deafen being improved by both Xatu d and Gyarados d. (Keep in mind Deafen will allow you to keep a Holon Stadium in play with Gyarados d.)

Dragon Roar is an attack you will use much less often than Deafen, but situations will occur where it can be quite devastating to your opponent.

Modified: 4/5

In unlimited, shutting off trainers other than supporters is extremely strong. Most trainers played are not supporters, and Deafen is only one Double Colorless Energy.
Unlimited: 4/5

Getting the Dratini d, the Dragonair d, and drawing into everything is very difficult. The more supporters or draw you have the better your chance of pulling it off. Although Dragonite ex d will easily win a limited game, getting it out is extremely difficult.
Limited: 2/5

Dragonite ex delta

Modified 3/5 - Both attacks are decent, but the 2nd attack is the key to winning. You'll more likely be more efficient than your opponent, with somewhat similar damage output. The key is to place additional damage counters on your opponent's key Basics or Stage 1's You can run Dragonite delta, Holon's Castform for Energy Acceleration. (Like 2 Lightning and a Holon's Castform)

However, if you run into decks that you can't set up One-Hit KOs, such as decks with ex's of 150 HP's, you could be in trouble because they most likely have 3-Energy Attacks that will deal 80 damage as well. So when your Dragonite ex delta is KO'd, you may or may not be able to respond right away. Remember 4 Energies vs. 3 Energies for similar damage output. Against 120 HP Stage 2's, Dragonite ex delta have a much better chance of winning, because you can use the 1st attack to set up KOs, or set up One-Hit KO on the next opponent's 120 HP Stage 2.

I must admit this card is tricky to evaluate - I just tried to examine some of the different realistic in-game scenarios.

"Chuck" Brosseau
5th place Worlds 2006 (Also current "best looking player")
Dragonite ex d

Dragonite ex d is a very powerful card from Dragon Frontiers. With 150 HP and no weakness, it’s not going down easily. Deafen is an exact copy of Manetric ex’s “Disconnect”, which is arguably the best attack in the game. Dragon Roar can also be quite devastating in certain situations.

Unlimited: 4/5

It’s actually quite good here! Deafen benefits big from Double Colorless Energy, and obviously the stoppage of all of the broken trainers, like ER, SER, Gust, Oak, Lass, etc. Baby Pokemon can break the Deafen lock on a flip though, so that’s kind of a problem.

Modified: 3/5

I’m quite torn on this card. While Dragonite along with Xatu and form of Gym-Lock is quite powerful, you have an almost auto loss to one of the most popular decks in the format: Metanite. Everything in the deck has Grass resistance, Dratini can break the Deafen lock, and Latias* sends Draggy packing in one shot. If you can find away to beat Metanite, you have a very powerful deck. I doubt it’s possible though.

Limited: 3/5

Not too many trainers to stop in this format. The attacks and HP are quite good though. Pretty good here I suppose.

Muk Man

Today’s Card Of The Day is…Dragonite d EX from Dragon Frontiers

One of the original dragon pokemon is still one of the most powerful. With 2 great attacks, a High HP, and NO weakness, expect this guy to see some play. Deafen is the grass version of disconnect, which happen to be the main attack of the World Champion’s deck, and Dragon Roar, is another powerful attach, that doesn’t waste any damage! If you KO a pokemon with it… which is very possible…you put the rest of the damage on the bench anyway you see fit! Although it won’t get around holons WP. It is still a great attack! Only weakness in this card is Holons WP!


Combos: Anything that can hit the bench could benefit from Dragonite. Espeon Ex comes to mind.


Modified:  4/5 High HP, great attacks, no weakness, and nice pre-evolutions.

Limited: 3/5 If he gets powered up Expect to win…IF he gets powered up



Current ebay Value: $25.00  (Plus or minus $2 dollars)


~Muk Man~

P.S. Jeff Reynolds is the best T.O. EVER!


For questions or comments, send an email to Treluv3@Excite.com




Espeon Dragonite ex d:

Unlimited: 1/5
Too slow. No.

Modified: 4/5
It does have potential. 2 colorless for a Disconnect is even more cost efficient than Manectric, whose disconnect was a good attack and the main focus of Mewtric, the deck that took Worlds. It is a Stage 2 though, so it won't be in a deck as fast as Mewtric. It's second attack is a bit expensive but pretty useful, letting you not waste overkill damage. No weakness is always a good thing but imo Dragonite should have at least the resistance to fighting, which it doesn't. =/

Limited: 4/5
Disconnect isn't very useful in Limited but the 80+overflow is awesome.
Charge it up and its gonna kill quite a few Pokemon.


Skip straight to the scores and summary for a concise overview.


Please note that while I denote δ Delta Species Pokémon by adding a δ to the end of their name, but that said symbol is not actually part of their name for gaming purposes to my understanding.  For example, a “Pokémon δ” can Evolve from or into a non-Pokémon δ, so long as no other rules are being broken.  That is, I can Evolve Dratini δ into a Dark Dragonair, plain Dragonair, of the “Dragonair δ”.  I cannot, however, Evolve a Dark Dragonair into a Dragonite δ or a Dragonair δ into a Dark Dragonite.  Also, a card can have δ Delta Species Pokémon and not be from EX Delta Species – its just one of those questionable naming decisions.


Name: Dragonite ex δ

Set: EX Dragon Frontiers

Card#: 91/101

Rarity: Pokémon-ex

Pokémon-ex Rule: When Pokémon-ex has been Knocked Out, your opponent takes 2 Prize cards.

Type: Grass

Stage: 2 (Evolves from Dragonair)

HP: 150

Weakness: None

Resistance: None

Retreat: CC

Attack#1: (CC) Deafen [40]

Your opponent can’t play any Trainer cards (except for Supporter cards) from his or her hand during your opponent’s next turn.

Attack#2: (GGCC) Dragon Roar

Put 8 damage counters on the Defending Pokémon.  If that Pokémon would be Knocked Out by this attack, put any damage counters no necessary to Knock Out the Defending Pokémon on your opponent’s Benched Pokémon in any way you like.

Name: Dragonair δ

Set: EX Dragon Frontiers

Card#: 28/101

Rarity: Uncommon

Type: Grass

Stage: 1 (Evolves from Dratini)

HP: 70

Weakness: None

Resistance: None

Retreat: CC

Attack#1: (C) Wrap

Flip a coin.  If heads, the Defending Pokémon is now Paralyzed.

Attack#2: (GCC) Horn Attack [40]

Name: Dratini δ

Set: EX Dragon Frontiers

Card#: 46/101

Rarity: Common

Type: Grass

Stage: Basic

HP: 40

Weakness: None

Resistance: None

Retreat: C

Attack: (C) Ram [10]


Attributes: Dragonite ex is yet another Pokémon δ: think I am ready for another Expansion of (at least mostly) normal Pokémon. ;)  Pokémon δ have the advantage of getting some extra goodies like Fearow δ to search them from decks and getting a little more mileage out of the Holon Trainer Engine than other Pokémon, but we have seen more anti-Pokémon δ cards (like Dewgong δ).  Grass is a handy type, though, as the Weakness is not especially rare nor the Resistances especially common.  As a Pokémon-ex, there are a few similar situations where Dragonite ex can and can’t take advantage of cards.  Mostly, being a Pokémon-ex means it needs to be very potent since it is worth two Prizes when KO’d.


Dragonite ex is a Stage 2 Pokémon, of course, Evolving from Dragonair which in turn Evolves from Dratini.  There are two Pokémon δ versions of those cards, which are interesting because they lack a Weakness and Resistance.  That is why I would recommend them (none of them possess particularly potent Abilities or Attributes).  Also, remember to factor in the cards Stage when we examine other aspects of the card.


150 HP is about average for a Stage 2 Pokémon-ex and the second highest on any currently legal Pokémon.  What is unusual is that there is no Weakness to go with it (no Resistance is depressingly common, but forgivable), helping to protect it from Type matching.  The Retreat Cost is manageable: neither so high it can’t retreat nor low enough it can retreat without planning.


Abilities: Deafen does 40 damage when it pays for only 20, and has that nasty “can’t play any Trainers other than Supporters” effect which can slow down many decks that rely on non-Supporters.  Like the Holon Trainer Engine (Holon Transceiver, the heart of the Engine).  Then it has the very interesting Dragon Roar attack.  It places 8 damage counters on the Defending Pokémon.  This will bypass many protective effects.  It also has a nice way of not wasting “overkill”: if the Defending Pokémon would be KO’d with less than 8 damage counters, you can divvy the rest amongst the opponent’s Benched Pokémon as you wish.  With a cost of (GGCC), you paid for only 50 damage, but received the equivalent of 80 with a great effect.  Together, these attacks are worthy of being the only Abilities of a Stage 2 Pokémon-ex.


Uses and

Combinations: Dragonite ex is clearly meant to be the focus of a deck.  The real question is what to run with it?  Sadly, I can’t think of anything especially potent, other than the normal support.  I suppose Cursed Stone since it would mean increasing Bench Damage on Pokémon with Poké-Powers, which in turn would make Dragon Roar more effective.




Unlimited: 3/5 – Big enough that it is hard to KO, and though many decks contain a few Supporters, most Unlimited decks won’t work using just those.


Modified: 3.5/5 – Right now, it lacks that nasty OTKO ability that makes so many competitive decks.  At the same time, I am sure I am missing something that will elevate it to that level.  Some easy way to get a lot of damage onto the opponent’s side of the field without eating up all the deck space…


Limited: 4.5/5 – Dragonite ex is big with no Weakness, ignores effects that protect against damage only, and can OHKO so many things in this set, often with counters left over.  It’s a great card.



An intriguing idea and though I look a bit silly not having any obvious deck for it, at the same time I am glad they aren’t spoon feeding me an obvious combo.  Unless they are and I am just missing it. ;)


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