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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Meganium δ

EX Dragon Frontiers


Date Reviewed: 11.06.06

Ratings & Reviews Summary
Unlimited: 1
Modified: 3
Limited: 1

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

2006 World
Meganium d:
A great power, especially in combination with Meganium ex, Evolutionary Call

will allow you to grab Holon's Castform and other useful Pokemon. This combo is especially strong when you play cards like Steelix ex with Meganium

Meganium d:
Delta Reduction is strong against decks like Delta (Raichu d/Exeggutor d) and Mewtric, which will struggle to 3 hit KO Meganium.

Modified: 3.5/5

A slow Stage 2. Nothing too special. The power's decent, but hundreds of better ones exist.

Do not be fooled by other people's ratings. Stage2's are very weak in limited, end of story. It is too difficult to get them out, simply because you will rarely have enough basics and stage one's for it. That, and you have few supporters to use.

Meganium Delta from Dragon Frontiers

Modified 2/5 - I think it looks good on the surface, grabbing 3 Pokemon of your choice. However, you look at the difficulty of getting stage 2's into play, and it should be apparent that this card is below average. Decks that revolves around getting multiple copies of evolution Pokemon into play simply have consistency problems once your first Bellossom or the old Fire Red/Leaf Green gets KO'd. Fun for casual play, but probably not good enough for competitive play.
Espeon Meganium d

Unlimited: 1/5
Pokemon that give card advantage are useless here because trainers do it much better.

Modified: 3/5
The ability to grab 3 Pokemon is good, but mid to late game, it isnt needed to grab 3 at once and the power isn't that useful. Meganium's power is good at the beginning of the game, for a fast setup. It's attacks are subpar and its certainly no Pidgeot, but the power could still make it an interesting play in the new metagame.

Limited: 5/5
110 hp non-ex, enough damage to cause problems and a power that gives crazy card advantage in Limited. If you pull the line, play it.

"Chuck" Brosseau
5th place Worlds 2006 (Also current "best looking player")
Meganium d DF

Meganium d is one of the better cards to come out of DF. Fighting type is always good, weakness to water is useful, and 110 HP isn’t bad for a non-ex. This Pokemon is a nice TecH in the Meganium/Steelix deck. It’s power allows you to search your deck for any 3 Pokemon and put them in your hand, when you evolve it. Usually, you grab a Chikarita, Meganium ex, and Steelix ex, or a Nidoran d, Nidoqueen d, and Steelix ex. Bench the Chikarita/Nidoran, Candy to Meganium ex/Nidoqueen d, evolve to Steelix, and start setting up to overwhelm your opponent with your high damage EXs. Meganium’s attacks are quite good as well. Delta reduction makes your Delta (Raichu/Eggs) match MUCH easier, OHKOing Raichu and reducing 30 damage. They’re going to have a tough time dealing with it when they’re only doing 20-30 a turn with Eggs. The second attack is also great against things like Umbreon ex, Jolteon ex, and Manetric ex. Quite a useful card.

Unlimited: 3/5

Not bad actually. Delta Reduction KOs babies and Sneasel for just a DRE. The Power is obviously quite useful. Average card.

Modified: 3/5

Pretty average here too. Amazing TecH in Meganium/Steelix, but not that great on it’s own. Maybe there will be a broken combo with it eventually, but I don’t see anything yet.

Limited: 4/5

The power is sick in this format. Getting one, let alone THREE of any Pokemon from your deck is game breaking. Delta Reduction is also amazing against all of the low damage basics. Meganium vs Dewgong is pretty funny too. 0 damage vs 0 damage war!

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