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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Mew* δ

EX Dragon Frontier


Date Reviewed: 11.02.06

Ratings & Reviews Summary
Unlimited: 1
Modified: 2.2
Limited: 3.1

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

2006 World
Mew* d
Mimicry is a worse Versatile (Mew ex's Poke-Body), and Rainbow Wave may seem good, but it actually requires two manual energy drops of two basic energy cards if you want to do 20 damage to Pokemon any type other than water. Mimicry is definitely its better attack, making it a water type Sudowoodo, which isn't even playable anymore anyway.
Modified: 2/5

Ditto (Fossil) is a much better version of this card.
Unlimited: 1.5/5

Mimicry relies on having the right energy, so cards like Rainbow Energy and Multi Energy are going to be needed to make it work. You won't have the ways to get the right energy to copy attacks most of the time, and Mew* will often end up copying C: 10 attacks or passing.
Limited: 1.5/5

"Chuck" Brosseau
5th place Worlds 2006 (Also current "best looking player")
Mew* d

Mew* d has some of the coolest artwork I’ve ever seen. Unfortunately though, its pretty average play wise. Mimicry is much better on Sudowoodo UF where you have fighting type to double your damage against a lot of big cards, like Steelix ex, Shiftry ex, or Aggron ex. Rainbow wave is actually terrible, seeing as you need another type of basic energy CARD attached to it. Definitely made for trading or selling.

Unlimited: Nothing special here. Tis a typical card that simply doesn’t cut it in an environment full of brokenness. 1/5

Modified: Pretty much the same as Sudowoodo. Just 10 more hp, and a lot more foil :-D. Only difference is this card takes up your valuable “star” slot, when you could be playing much more useful things like Latios* or Ray*. 2/5

Limited: Would probably dominate a water deck, but there’s not much water in Dragon Frontiers. If you draft it, put it in a think sleeve, and get it on EBay ASAP. 2/5

My reviews and ratings are for Modified only.

Mew Gold Star

Modified 3/5- This card's most attractive attack is definitely Mimicry, and unlike Mew ex from Legend Maker, this card doesn't cough up 2 prize cards when KO'd. Although it limits to opponent's Pokemon in play, the Energy requirements to copy opponent's attacks are rather easy to fulfill with Holon's Castform, Holon's Electrode, Rainbow Energy and the like.

Rainbow Wave is a strong attack early going, but it's probably not strong enough to totally dominate your opponent (such as former Dark Tyanitar's Spinning Tail). In short, no thanks.

Limited 5/5 - Easy choice. I will work with multiple types of Energy and use Mew Gold Star as one of my main attackers.

Computer Guy
Shining Mew from Ex Dragon Frontier

Shining Mew is actually one of the better Star pokemon that I've seen. Both of its attacks have potential. The HP is lower than I would have liked but there is Energy Root.

Unlimited: 1/5
Modified: 2.5/5
Limited: 4/5
Espeon Mew*:

Unlimited: 1/5
Can't do much at all. Enough said.

Modified: 1.5/5
I pulled this card at my prerelease and put it on ebay right after. I was really happy when I pulled it but unfortunately, that is where it belongs.The attack that copies an opponent's attack is on a number of other Pokemon (even if this one lets you do benched), and they aren't really used at all beacause most of the time, you won't have the energy to use an opponent's attack. The second attack is pretty pointless, since it is basic energy cards.

Limited: 3/5
Playing different types of energy might let you pull off some attacks and the second attack could do something as well. Still, not worth playing unless running at least 3 different types, and it is still way too situational. Better to keep it in good condition than play it and risk damaging it.

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