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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Vileplume δ

EX Holon Phantoms


Date Reviewed: 05.05.06

Ratings & Reviews Summary
Unlimited: 4.2
Modified: 2.5
Limited: 1

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

Reviews are ratings are for Modified only.

Vileplume d - 1/5 - He looks cool and all, but it's just not powerful enough as a stage 2. Sorry - hands tend to be small these days - so Poltergeist isn't too good.

Vileplume’s Poké-Power allows you to poison your opponent’s Pokémon from the bench (like Vileplume [EX]). This can be very useful if its attack does not appear useful in the match you are playing. You can just keep it on the bench, and let your opponent take damage without even attacking. It also has the advantage of not restricting you to one use per turn (i.e. if you get tails, and you have another Vileplume on your bench, you can try again.)

Combinations: -Kirlia [RS] (Life Drain), Sabrina’s Kadabra, and Weezing [DX]. These Pokémon have attacks that reduce the defending Pokémon’s HP to 10. If Vileplume’s Poké-Power works, you get to KO the Pokémon, no matter how many HP it has.
-Chaos Gym, Houndoom [UF], Vileplume EX, Slowking [N1]. Stop your opponent from using trainers, then attack. When your opponent can’t play trainers, they will usually stay in his/her hand (which means more damage for “Poltergeist.”). Even if your opponent has no trainers in his/her hand getting to see your opponent’s hand is always a good thing.

Unlimited: This could have a lot of potential here, seeing that the trainer ratio in Unlimited decks is usually higher. Play it with Oddish [JU] (Highest HP, attack that paralyzes) to diminish your chances of getting FTKO’d. 4.2/5

Modified: There’s enough of trainer denial here to help you do a lot of damage. Watch out for Steelix EX. If Vileplume is just on the bench and not your attacker, you still have to worry about it being OHKO’d. Try to get some Metal Energy on it to stop FTKO’s from Steelix EX. 4/5

Limited: The trainer ratio in Limited decks is usually low, so the attack won’t do much good. 1/5

Questions/comments/corrections? E-mail: ninetales1234@hotmail.com


Skip straight to the scores and summary for a concise overview.


Please note that while I denote δ Delta Species Pokémon by adding a δ to the end of their name, but that said symbol is not actually part of their name for gaming purposes to my understanding.  For example, a “Pokémon δ” can Evolve from or into a non-Pokémon δ, so long as no other rules are being broken.  That is, I can Evolve Dratini δ into a Dark Dragonair, plain Dragonair, of the “Dragonair δ”.  I cannot, however, Evolve a Dark Dragonair into a Dragonite δ or a Dragonair δ into a Dark Dragonite.  Also, δ Delta Species Pokémon are now found in a set outside of EX Delta Species, so don’t assume the one means the other anymore.


Name: Vileplume δ

Set: EX Holon Phantoms

Card#: 17/110

Type: Psychic, Metal

Stage: 2 (Evolves from Gloom)

HP: 90

Weakness: Psychic

Resistance: None

Retreat: C

Poké-Power: Poison Pollen

Once during your turn (before your attack), you may flip a coin.  If heads, choose 1 of the Defending Pokémon.  That Pokémon is now Poisoned.  This power can’t be used if Vileplume is affected by a Special Condition.

Attack: (PM) Poltergeist [30+]

Look at your opponent’s hand.  This attack does 30 damage plus 10 more damage for each Trainer card in your opponent’s hand.

Name: Gloom δ

Set: EX Holon Phantoms

Card#: 42/110

Type: Psychic

Stage: 1 (Evolves from Oddish)

HP: 70

Weakness: Psychic

Resistance: None

Retreat: C

Attack#1: (C) Drool [20]

Attack#2: (PC) Acid [30]

The Defending Pokémon can’t retreat during your opponent’s next turn.

Name: Oddish

Set: EX Holon Phantoms

Card#: 73110

Type: Water

Stage: Basic

HP: 40

Weakness: Fire

Resistance: None

Retreat: C

Attack#1: (C) Tackle [10]

Attack#2: (W) Blot [10]

Remove 2 damage counters from Oddish.


Attributes: Vileplume is a δ Delta Species Pokémon, commonly referred to a Pokémon δ.  Henceforth I will refer to it as Vileplume δ, but the δ isn’t actually part of the name.  What it is hasn’t been clarified yet: notice how the text is placed in gap between name and HP.  I just wished to be extra cautious in clarifying this to avoid confusion.  Being a Pokémon δ is an advantage as far as I can tell.  I have seen just one card “punish” Pokémon δ, Kingdra δ, and that can hardly be worked into multiple decks like Desert Ruins can.  All in all, being a Pokémon δ is a good thing, allowing access to some extra support.


Vileplume δ is a Dual-Type Pokémon, which has become more common to the TCG but is still fairly rare, and rarely reflects the quite common Dual-Type Pokémon of the source material (the video games), instead almost always representing Pokémon that have been mucked with in some way (Pokémon δ and Pokémon with “evil” owners).  Being a Psychic-Type Pokémon is probably better than being a Grass-Type Pokémon as Psychic Weakness is seen more often amongst the more popular decks.  Likewise, being a Metal-Type Pokémon is also better than being a Grass-Type due to the ability to use Metal Energy to reduce damage.


90 HP is low for a Stage 2 Pokémon, though at least it is playable.  Still it is a clear detriment to the card that will need to be offset.  Psychic Weakness, as long as all Types are seeing play is probably the best for a Psychic-Type (or half Psychic-Type) Pokémon, since most Psychic Pokémon Weak Pokémon are Psychic-Type themselves.  Unless a deck featuring some of the few non-Psychic Weak Psychic-Type Pokémon is popular, at worst you opponent will be in the same boat as you, taking double damage as well as dealing it.


No Resistance is disappointing.  I do wish they’d stop using this trait so little.  I may be wrong and it may be necessary to leave it out for balance, but I can’t see it working that way: since Resistance only reduces damage by a fixed amount it doesn’t have as dramatic an impact as Weakness does.


The single Energy Retreat Cost is nice.  Although you may need to be careful as this card requires something providing Metal Energy to attack and thus may not enjoy discarding such cards to retreat, usually you can shed a Basic Energy and as such the cost is easily met.


Vileplume δ Evolves from Gloom which in turn Evolves from Oddish.  I don’t much care for either new version and would only use them if you as many of your Pokémon as you can to be Pokémon δ.  For the Gloom I’d recommend the EX Hidden Legends version as it just has very nice attacks for something you will only occasionally need to attack with.  Oddish δ is too small to safely use at 40 HP which undermines its Blot attack: you can’t heal what has already been KO’d.  Well, barring the Revive cards from long ago, but that’s really just nitpicking.  So I’d use one of the other Oddish.  For Modified, it will then depend on the deck: if Poison or not needing Grass Energy is important, go with EX Hidden Legends version, otherwise use the EX Unseen Forces version.  For Unlimited, they are all pretty horrid.


Abilities: Poison Pollen returns to us.  First seen on Expedition Vileplume, this attack is a flip to see if you can Poison the Defending Pokémon (the newer one letting you choose one if there are multiples).  This is a fairly handy Poké-Power, since Vileplume δ can do it from the Bench and basically act as something of a “Plus Power” for a different Active Pokémon.


The attack doesn’t really combo well but it is solid: Poltergeist lets you not only see the opponent’s hand, but do extra damage based on the amount of Trainers found there.  If the opponent has no Trainers in hand, the attack is a bit underpowered (since its on a Stage 2) but as long as there are two you’re getting quite the deal.


Uses and

Combinations: First, this can be interesting TecH for use with Vileplume ex and Dark Vileplume.  Either should force the opponent to keep several Trainers in hand.  Vileplume ex must, of course, be kept Active for this to work, so it would mostly be used with Surprise! Time Machine to deliver a massive final blow.  Final because either it’s for game or else you can’t expect to survive too long afterwards. Try to make it the former.


With a Dark Vileplume, it actually could sit out front and attack: the opponent’s hand will no doubt be swelling with Trainers so as long as you have a decent set up (probably at least one card to heal with already in play) and they can’t stall into something big, you can take them.  Just be warned that if they do outpace you and set up before you can lock down Trainers (or manage to without Trainers), then you are in trouble.


For Modified, it has already spawned a new form of “Liability” deck, which is really just the modernization of the old and obscure Life Drain deck, but less flippy.  I can’t be sure as my own attempts are having trouble stabilizing the deck, but if you can stabilize the deck, it is very likely to be the first Liability that cannot be ignored.  Yes, it will be coin flip dependant… for KOing cards that aren’t 100+ HP Pokémon-ex (love that Desert Ruins), but if you have at least two on your bench, odds are you will be able to do it.  Also, in a worst case scenario (all Vileplume δ fail at Poisoning) you can use Smogscreen on EX Deoxys Weezing instead to set up for Liability (and to stall).  It’s the 50-75% success rate that will be hard on opponents, as this Poisoning from the Bench means you can use Energy Root (or run a few of the Fossil cards) so that the attack right after Liability KOs something is more or less wasted.  Not that it really is wasted: if you don’t send something up to do the last 10 to 20 damage to KO a Weezing with Energy Root, they can just turn a single Weezing into two KOs, and upwards of a 1 for 4 Prize trade in their favor.  Ouch.




Unlimited: 3/5 – I think it could be decent TecH in Vileplume ex decks, and maybe even with Dark Vileplume as their own deck.


Modified: 3.75/5 – Flips scare people, and as stated I have had difficulty stabilizing the deck so far, but I haven’t had a whole lot of time to work on it, let alone play test.  There is also the chance that many players will overlook this version of Liability as they have the others, and even though it could end up being well worth playing, most won’t.


Limited: 3.5/5 – Its hard to turn down running it, but even if you can power the attack it won’t do very much damage in this format, so it mainly matters if you have at least several Gloom δ and Oddish δ so that this becomes little more than a nice Bench sitting bonus for your normal forces.



I believe the HP is just a hair lower than it needed to be, but overall Vileplume δ is a very nice card I think should see some significant play, but fear won’t “just because”.



Joker Boi
Vileplume review.

HP:140! Whoa That is alot of Hp...Well duh! Vileplume is a stage 2 ex. It has a high hp for a pokemon and it should be down for a while. It gets hit by ruins which is bad and can result in a KO in a couple of turns so that is pretty bad.


Body: OMG this is one of the best bodies in the game while Vileplume is active your opponent cannot play any trainers that means no rare candies, gust of wind, swoop!, TRANSCIEVER, reversal, super scoop up, retriever, dual ball, great ball, and alot of unlimited stuff. Nuff said.


Attacks: This is one of the only problems with this card she only hits for 50! YUCK even though it is a win-win coin flip the card barely does any damage. Asleep and poison arent the two best conditions and neither is confusion. It is nice but not THAT nice.


Retreat: It is reasonalbe but too big for me


Weakness: Vileplume better be lucky that it didnt get a dual weakness because I could just see them slapping on a fire weakness and ruining this card. A fire would be better than a psychic weakness at this point though.


Type: Grass, Being grass it has alot of support from diffent cards and Vileplume has a friend named Belossom that really helps it out by healing, and searching. Grass isnt played much and not many things are weak to it


Support: Vileplume has gotten SO MUCH support out of this last set. There is now a Vileplume and Belossom that have devestating effects. Vileplume delta can poison your opponent from the bench and Belossom d can use the attacks of ALL Vileplume, Belossom, Vileplume ex, gloom, and oddish in play. Which means YES it can use vileplume ex's attack while vileplume is safe on the bench.


Futrue: Unfortunatly this thing is being rotated out of here. So I wont say much although if you are planning to make a Vileplume/Belossom deck make it fast because it is slipping away every day


OVERALL:3/5 modified 5/5 Limited and OMG 5/5 Limited Get this thing out and watch your opponent cry.

I wont do a "Make or Break" on this card since it really doesnt matter at this point.


I don't like it being Psychic here, since sneasel and a lot of old colorless pokemon have restistance to it. But poltergeist seems great here, although the cost for the attack is pretty hard because your metal energy will always get ER'd. if you can attack, poltergeist will do a decent amount of damage, but possibly not enough damage. Also your opponent pretty much controls the damage, which is kind of bad.
The poke-power also helps little because it's so easy to switch in unlimited (babies, sneasel, scyther, zapdos ex).

I like the fact that it's psychic somehow, it helps Vileplume ex decks. The power works from the bench so add that up and vileplume seems a pretty good back-up for vileplume ex. Now that the holon engine (which uses transceiver the most), rare candy, swoop!, are all reguarly seen at tournaments, Vileplume can be a decent deck. This Vileplume works great as back-up, and with it being psychic it will add some versatility to the deck. poltergeist is decent, but probably won't be hitting for more than 60 damage though.

If you can provide the metal energy, it's pretty good, it's not really like you'll be doing high damage with poltergeist, but the poison you'll inflict from the power will compensate that.
The weakness is pretty good as psy isn't very much seen, and all of them (except omastar and omanyte) are weak to vileplume too.


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