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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Mew ex

EX Holon Phantoms


Date Reviewed: 05.03.06

Ratings & Reviews Summary
Unlimited: 2.87
Modified: 2.62
Limited: 2

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.


Review too long?  Skip straight to the scores and summary.


Name: Mew ex

Set: EX Holon Phantoms

Card#: 100/110

Rarity: Pokémon-ex

Pokémon-ex Rule: When Pokémon-ex has been Knocked Out, your opponent takes 2 Prize cards.

Type: Psychic

Stage: Basic

HP: 90

Weakness: Psychic

Resistance: None

Retreat: C

Poké-Power: Psychic Vision

Once during your turn (before your attack), if Mew ex is on your Bench, you may look at your opponent’s hand.

Attack#1: (CC) Super Psy Bolt [30]

Attack#2: (PCC) Devo Crush [50]

You may discard 2 Energy attached to Mew ex.  If you do, you may remove the highest Stage Evolution card from the Defending Pokémon and shuffle that card into your opponent’s deck.


Attributes: Mew ex is a Psychic Pokémon.  This is currently fine: you’ll have some opportunities too exploit Weakness and will only occasionally encounter Resistance.  The 90 HP is also fine.  Due to Desert Ruins use, you really want this or 110 or better.


Psychic Weakness is a pain, but manageable.  The main concern is when you face the rare non-Psychic Weak Psychic Pokémon: that’s when you are at a serious disadvantage.  No Resistance is of course the worst Resistance, and a Retreat Cost of just one is nice and easy to manage.


Abilities: I say it right away: Psychic Vision is probably the main reason to use this.  Just let this sit on your bench and you get to look at your opponent’s hand once per turn.  Its retreat cost is low enough and HP high enough that it isn’t that easy to OHKO.  Of course, you still need to be cautious since it is a Pokémon-ex.


Super Psy Bolt is fairly basic attack, the small one you use when you can’t use the big.  While you get a little more than you pay for with it, since it needs two Energy it’s still only so-so (you can’t use it first turn, for example).  Devo Crush is quite interesting, and may get this thing played as well: not only does it Devolve the Defending Pokémon, but it hits them for 50 damage first.  That’s quite nasty on the average Pokémon that “cheated” using Rare Candy.  Even if they are fully Evolved, it’s an easy finisher on most Stage 1 Pokémon or a damaged Stage 2.  Yes, it requires you discard 2 Energy, but it is rather potent.


Uses and

Combinations: Well, I would consider pairing a single copy with the other Mew ex: you could peek at their hand while using Devo Crush when you felt like it via EX Legend Maker Mew ex’s Versatile Poké-Body.  Any deck where you really need to see what the opponent has might consider a copy.




Unlimited: 1/5 – Hands change so quickly and it’s too vulnerable in this format.


Modified: 3.5/5 – This is actually a pretty general score: seeing your opponent’s hand is fairly useful, especially since many decks have a Rocket’s Admin or two, you can actually do something about what you see.  I don’t know if it’s actually worth using in most decks, but it can be.


Limited: 4/5 – It’s hurt a bit by being unable to tap into the Pokémon δ support but knowing what’s coming in Limited is very important due to the semi-random nature of the format.  The second attack should also prove pretty potent as most players rely on Stage 1 Pokémon.



Mew ex has the potential to help many decks and be very good in a few, but ultimately it may not be worth the risk.



Reviews are ratings are for Modified only.

Mew ex - 2/5 - I am not sure what the ruling is regarding the revelation of hand and Hariyama ex. I am assuming that you are not allowed to see your opponent's hand, before choosing the opponent's card to discard with Yama ex's attack with Knock Off, because otherwise it's not random. I can't underestimate the value of information about your opponent's hand either. So time will tell.

R Pac~
Today's card is Mew EX from Holon Phantoms

I feel like a sucker, but this card is amazing in my mind. The power is just devistating to an opponent. You basically get to forsee the future (good for a psychic Poke eh?). True, he's not going to be the new terror of unlimited, but he can definitely fine a place in some decks, namely Slowking. Maybe run him with a few Lass/Imposter Prof Oak or something of the like and get arid of problems as they arise. Not only that, but if you see an evolution card coming, you can power him up and be prepared. I'm sorry, but I just really like this card. It gives you a major advantage and he also OHKOs Vile EX, Slowking, and Blastoise. They rare candy a Poke Power Pokemon like Blastoise/Vile EX/Slowking and you do 50 (or 100) damage, get rid of the evolution, and they dont have enough HP to still be alive. Its just that great in my mind.

Unlimited Rating 4/5

~R Pac~

Mew EX, from Holon Phantoms.

I don't recommend low HP EXs here, and this one is no exception. it doesnt do an amazing amount of damage, devo crush isn't always as useful here, as alot of main attackers are basics. but you could always use Gust of Wind here to KO a rare candied blastoise or a slowking. So I guess that's ok. But the problem is this attack needs 3 energy so it will get ER'd. Also, whatever you do, your opponent gets
2 prizes when he KO's mew ex. That's a major problem.

I kinda like the Gust-kills mew ex can pull off. You can pokemon reversal/umbreon ex a rare candied stage 2 or a powerful stage 1 up to the active slot, and then KO it with Devo Crush. But then again, it needs 3 energy, and it has low HP, so it will never be a main attacker because you probably can't charge a second one on time. The pokepower is always nice, but nowhere near great. With pidgeot or magcargo or any draw supporter in play, you can never expect your opponent to make certain plays, or, of course, won't make certain moves. You can play rocket's admin with it however, everytime you think your opponent hand is too good, you can shuffle it back into your opponents deck.

So mew ex could be a tech-card in dark slowking, it makes the decision whether a card is useful for your opponent alot easier. You could also use Mew ex in a deck with electrode ex. to power up your mew ex's quickly (of course via mewtwo delta, or something else), and admin whenever they have a good hand. you can also pow! something up to KO it.
So it has it's uses after all, but it won't be awesome.

Always use it, I find it useful to know what your opponent has in his hand, and even though it gives your opponent 2 prizes when he KO's it.
you'll probably get 2 prizes in return too. (maybe more if your opponent doesnt have a second attacker or can't do 90 in two turns).

Joker Boi
Mew ex:

HP: Mew ex has 90 Hp which for an ex of its par is VERY good it slips right under desert ruins so his ability can be frequently used on the bench without having to worried about being hit for 10 inbetween turns unless of course your opponent is playing cursed stone which is my favorite trainer card right now.


Power:Mew has a very interesting power. If he is on your bench you can see your opponents hand. This can be helpful in a lot of situations like if you are unsure if you want to admins, if you think your opponent might have the card he/she needs next turn, it is just a really good way to eliminate bluffs. Although mews power can only be used on the bench that is not to bad.


Attacks:Mews first attack reminds me of Sorryena so I wont comment much on that it is just...ew. Although his second attack is basically a OHKO on most pokemon. Think of it this way ALOT of people play rare candies and most basics that can me rare candied have 50 HP any way also if you hit them for 30 on the previous turn and now you do 50 and go down to their stage 1 it is still gonna be a KO this is one of the best attacks I have seen in a long time


Retreat: One retreat I didnt expect anymore or less its average


Weakness: All or most psychic pokemon are weak to them selves this can be good or bad. When you are up against any psychic deck and you are playing one also most of the time the match comes up to who gets the best set-up. Also most fighting pokemon are weak to psychic so psychic gets a double weakness advantage although psychic isn't always to hot to be weak against.


Type:Psychic this has the basic same explanation as the weakness except it is better in this case since he IS this type


Support: Basically that is what this pokemon is a support pokemon. I wish I would try to attack with this card. I would just let it sit on my bench and allow me to see my opponents hand. You can also play mew ex from LM which is a GODLY card and use this mews attack whenever needed.


Futrue: I am not really too fond on this cards future it is kind of iffy on this subject. He can be helpful but, I really dont want a mew ex taking up my bench just so I can see your hand. He also can get One shotted by Steelix ex and that is two prizes....YUCK


OVERALL RATING:2/5 Modified 5/5 Limited (There is alot of good stuff here)

Unlimted: Does anybody still even play in this format?

Make or Break: That first attack is horrendus and he could see your opponents hand when he is active. There isnt really anything they did to screw this one up.

My name is Mew ex
People don’t understand
When I use my Psychic Vision
I can look at your hand

Unlimited: Get’s ER’d and SER’d but I guess it’s Devo Crush could be nice.

Being an ex hurts him to.

Rating : 1/5

Modified: Well… it has it uses I heard Kevin89 saying something to me like use it in

Dark Slowking. Yeah could work but it has low HP so you wouldn’t see it played for it’s attacks, just for his Power maybe.

Rating : 2/5

Limited: Nice here you can look at you opponents hand wich is very acceptable knowing

That it only has 90HP.

Rating : 2.5/5

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