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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day



Holon Phantoms


Date Reviewed: 03.30.06

Ratings & Reviews Summary
Unlimited: 1.3
Modified: 2.85
Limited: 2.7

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

2005 World

Unlimited - Latias is only good for his Poke-Body since its attacks suck. The only evolved Pokemon with a great Poke-Body is Vileplume ex, but that's an ex, so I think it's unusable in this format. 1/5

Modified - Let's see the poke-bodies it stops. Well it stops Rocklock, so that's good. Shuts down Liability decks, since they can't finish you off with typhlosion or victreebel's body. Shuts down Magcargo UF's power, in case you're afraid of fighting. It makes nidoqueen's body turn off X(. I guess if you're in a rocklock area you could throw this in with a Latios. 3/5

Limited - Drawing a card for only C can help you get setup. Dragon Claw is a nice solid attack and 2 resistances is always good. 3/5

Latias delta

Unlimited: 1/5 - It can stop some Poke-Bodies by combining either Latios or Latios ex, but it's not worth the trouble, and the attacks are not good enough.

Modified: 2/5 - This sounds really harsh, but stopping Poke-Bodies just doesn't do enough for you. Again, the attacks are below average.

Limited: 4/5 - Decent Basic with decent attacks - at least compared to other Basics and in the sealed format in general - is something I'll take and insert into my deck whenever possible (at my Prerelease).

One of the few cards that can turn off Poké-Bodies. Latias, when combined with Latios, (or a new Latios ex?) is one of the few cards that can deal with Dark Ampharos' Darkest Impulse and Dark Tyranitar's Sand Damage. It has some other uses, such as turning off Jynx's and Wobbuffet's Stages of Evolutions, and Nidoqueen's Family Bonds. However, none of these make adding Latias and Latios to your deck a good choice, as it is only Rock Lock that relies heavily on it's evolved Poké-Bodies.

I expect Latios to have the same exact Poké-Body, not two Poké-Bodies that each activate each other, like Legend Maker's Lunatone/Solrock combo. Without a strong bonus from Latios, Latias can definitely be left in the binder.

Each of these basics are a joke to attack with, as they are easily overpowered by dozens of evolutions in today's modified. The threatening Poké-Bodies of evolved Pokémon are mostly just Dark Ampharos and Dark Tyranitar, which are among many of the things Battle Frontier can take care of.

Modified: 1.5/5

Unlimited it's a joke. With thousands and thousands of cards to choose from, and no evolved (non-ex) Poké-Bodies in any of the best decks, Latias is clearly unplayable. (1/5)

Limited isn't bad as it can do decent damage without needing an evolution. I always like strong basics in limited. (4/5)
It's on fire. It is fire type, but it's weak to colorless as though it were a colorless "dragon" Pokemon. This can only mean one thing- it's a delta Pokemon! As of now, there are no disadvantages to a Pokemon being ¦Ä, but there are plenty of advantages (can be used in combination with trainers from Delta Species), so Latias will get extra points for that.

The first attack is average. For one energy of any type, you get to draw are card. We've seen this before. The second attack is nothing out of the ordinary, either.

It's Poke-Body is the reason to play it. There are hundreds of evolved Pokemon (excluding Pokemon-EX) with Poke-Bodies (around 170 in Modified, over 450 in Unlimited). What does Latias's Poke-Body shut down?

-Brock's Primeape's "Scram"
-Lombre's "Natural Cure"
-Claydol's "Primal Pull"
-Machoke's "Paranoid"
-Sabrina's Alakazam's "Psylink"
-Shedinja's "Wonder Guard"
-Dark Gengar's "Deep Sleep"
-"Dual Armor" and "Crystal Type" Poke-Bodies that your opponent can use to alter their Pokemon's type and utilize weakness.
-Damage-reducing Poke-Bodies like "Intimidating Pattern" (Masquerain), "Exoskeleton" (Shelgon), "Intimidating Fang" (Arbok) or "Dense" (Quagsire ) -Free Retreat Poke-Bodies like Metang's "Levitate" -Ninjask's "Fast Protection" -Muk's "Stench" or Slaking's "Lazy" -Octillery's "Super Suction Cups" -Dark Feraligatr's "Scare" -Ursaring's "Intimidating Ring" -Xatu's "Mirror Coat" -And let's not forget Dark Vileplume's "Hay Fever"

Unlimited: This kills Aerodactyl Rock-Lock, Aerodactyl/Ninjask, and other Aerodactyl decks. Good against Dark Vileplume. 3/5

Modified: Plenty of beneficial Poke-Bodies to stop (that's only a small list). Make sure you put some counter-gyms in your deck to protect yourself against Giant Stump, (Don't want to use up two spots on your bench for this when only 3 spots are available) like a Cursed Stone, or a Battle Frontier so you can punish them for relying on Poke-Powers as well. Watch out for Feraligatr EX. 3/5

Limited: Well, Latios is in this set, so you get to use Latias's Poke-Body. But, according to set spoilers, there won't be many Poke-Bodies in this set. Latias has almost zero value here. 1/5

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