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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Jirachi - Make a Wish

Hidden Legends


Date Reviewed: 03.20.06

Ratings & Reviews Summary
Unlimited: 1.2
Modified: 2.6
Limited: 3.6

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

2005 World

This Jirachi isn't used as much as the one with the Wishing Star power, but it's still good. It gets your evolutions out quickly, and it's sorta an anti rocklock since you'll be evolving twice in 1 turn while the opponent can only devolve you once, and you won't place 2 counters on it when evolving with Jirachi.

Unlimited - Nah, Cleffa is better for setup. Plus you have computer search and all that good stuff. 1/5

Modified - It's alright for a 1 tech spot, in case you're having trouble vs Rocklock, or just wanna get your evolutions out faster. 3/5

Limited - Very good. There is practically no search in this format, so getting out all your evolutions in an attack is great. 5/5


Jirachi is a non-evolving basic. In Modified, that usually means it’s used to help set up. “Make a Wish” does just that. For just one energy of any type (you can put it in any deck), you can search your deck for a Pokémon that evolves from a Pokémon on your bench. That can help just about any deck.

However, don’t we already have a card that does that? Celio’s Network allows you to search your deck for any non-EX Pokémon. You don’t have to play it and it doesn’t have to be an evolution card. Celio’s Network does have the disadvantage of supporter rule, but it is without a doubt outweighed by the benefit one gets from using it. If you need Pokémon-EX out of your deck, there’s a trainer for that too: Professor Elm’s Training Method.

Jirachi’s second attack has a reasonable cost. Don’t expect to OHKO anything with.

Conclusion: If you want a Pokémon to help you set up, use Plusle [DX], Paras [RG], Dunsparce [SS], Cleffa, or Jirachi [DX].

Unlimited: Don’t waste your attack on trying to evolve. 1.3/5
Modified: Plenty of trainers here to help you get evolution cards. 2/5
Limited: Could help if you’re running 1-1 evolution lines (not uncommon in this format) 3.6/5

Questions/comments/corrections? E-mail: ninetales1234@hotmail.com

Jirachi HL

My name is Jirachi
my wishes always come true
just Make a wish
and I'll search an evolution for you

even though make a wish guarantees a turn 1 slowking, it's pretty much a 1 prize headstart for your opponent, and later in the game, this card becomes useless.

a great card to start with, you can use it attack most likely twice or three times before it gets knocked out. which means you get a whole stage 2 line without using a supporter or other search option for it.
the second attack is.. well, not bad, but late game it doesn't do enough damage. it's still a great card though and I still play it in some decks.

Even better here because it has 70 HP, and even though there is no way you can use it's second attack, it guarantees you getting all or at least half of your evolutions out.

My name is Jirachi
I’m a mystery to solve
When I use Make a Wish
I make your Pokemon evolve

Unlimited: No there are faster ways of evolving your Pokemon.

Rating : 1/5

Modified: Actual nice here it speeds up the evolving progress a little. When you play decks like Rock Lock or something that needs three Stage 2 Pokemon it’s really a nice card.

Rating : 2/5

Limited: Sure it helps you setup so take it.

Rating : 2/5


Name: Jirachi

Set: Hidden Legends

Card#: 8/101

Type: Metal/Psychic

Stage: Basic

HP: 70

Weakness: Fire

Resistance: None

Retreat: C

Attack#1: (C) Make a Wish

Search your deck for a card that evolves from 1 of your Pokémon and put it on that Pokémon.  (This counts as evolving that Pokémon.)  If you do, put 1 damage counter on Jirachi.  Shuffle your deck afterward.

Attack#2: (PM) Mind Bend [30]

Flip a coin.  If heads, the Defending Pokémon is now Confused.


Attributes: Jirachi is a Basic Pokémon – as long as you have room, you can just drop them into play.  Jirachi is a dual-type: Metal and Psychic.  Metal is great-Metal Weakness is more or less established though still far from common, but so is Metal Resistance (which is a hair older).  Most importantly, it allows you to use Metal Energy cards to soak damage.  Psychic Weakness is very common: if you can get the Energy on it, you can harass T2 Medicham ex, Hariyama ex, Liability decks (reference the Abilities section).


70 HP is great for a Basic, even when it can’t Evolve.  Between the HP and Metal Energy, you have a decent shot of lasting a few turns.  Weakness to Fire Pokémon is expected, and might be a pain if Arcanine ex is as popular as expected (most I know are still trying to get them, hence the uncertainty).  Also, there are some solid Fire decks that just don't seem to make the top cut like Salamence δ, yet are still good, solid decks.  No Resistance is lame: it feels like a weak attempt at simplifying cards that don’t need it.  Finally, we see a retreat of just one.  This is good.  It is easy pay, even when having to worry about Energy types.  Just don’t chuck the Special ones. ;)


Abilities: Make a Wish is great for a lot of decks that want to Evolve quickly: if you topdeck Rare Candy and your Stage 1 (or something to grab your Stage 1), you can have a Stage 2 ready to go first turn… that isn’t De-Evolution bait (a concern again that we have two different decks specializing in it: the latest version of Dark Tyranitar/Dark Ampharos and now Cradily/Dark Ampharos).  I haven’t seen much of the latter, but the former is still alive and well.  Even without any extra help, so long as you have Basics in play (and given the amount of Trainer based search we have for that), this can get you set up and set up quickly.  Most importantly, it has a colorless cost… so you can run it in just about any deck.


Mind Bend won’t be used much, but in the decks that can pay for it, it can be pretty handy.  30 points of damage with Confusion is very frustrating.  Not something to count on, but something to worry the opponent.  After all, a deck like Liability normally doesn’t care if Weezing gets damaged, since it blows itself up.  It is not happy for Weezing to take 60 total damage though (since it’s Weak to Psychic Pokémon) and then have a 50% chance of Liability failing and just knocking Weezing itself out.


Uses and

Combinations: The reason this card isn’t used too much is that we have the other Jirachi, from EX Deoxys.  In the end, that one tends to be more useful.  Still, if you can squeeze one of these in with it (or several other “opening” Pokémon), it can actually be a nice fallback option, especially against De-Evolution decks.  Remember that it can be useful to let this Evolve most of your Pokémon and then allow it to be KO’d: this will let you pull the ever annoying Pow! Hand Extension /Scramble Energy trick and have a bench full of Evolutions.




Unlimited: 1.5/5 – Probably not even worth it for getting Neo Genesis Slowking out faster, unless you are sure you can handle more than likely trading one Prize for a Slowking.


Modified: 3/5-It requires some common sense to use, but it can be a real boon when used right.  “Using it right” appears to be TecHing a single copy in.


Limited: 3.5/5-Use it to get your Evos out post haste!  It’d be worth more if you were guaranteed to have a good Evolution line or two.  Instead, you’ll mostly be hit or miss depending on the Basics you get.  After all, if you are stuck running a 1-1 line, it will be great getting it out but Jirachi still needs the Basic as a starting point.  If it’s a Starter Deck event and you have the Jirachi Starter from Hidden Legends, jack it up to a 4/5 due to access to actual Metal Energy and a solid Evolution line.



A solid bit of TecH, I think, and it’s in a Starter Deck, making it easy to get a hold of.


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