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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day



EX Legend Maker


Date Reviewed: 02.07.06

Ratings & Reviews Summary
Unlimited: 1
Modified: 1.25
Limited: 3.25

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

2005 World

The more React Energy you pile on, the more damage is reduced to him plus the more damage he does with Power Blow, so that's like a combo in itself XD. Speed Stroke can help against Pokemon-ex, and that's about it. Not much good about Aerodactyl.

Unlimited - I would rather use Corphish. 1/5

Modified - Not enough damage, low HP, don't use this. 1/5

Limited - If you draft enough React Energy it can be a real killer in this format, since not a lot of stuff can do major damage in this format, Reactive Protection will lower that to like nothing. 3/5


nah, don't use it here, it's attacks are not that good and also, most of the time your react energy will be removed so aerodactyl is an easy target.

If you use it with strange cave, it's a pretty nice basic overall, zero retreat and 70 HP are rarely seen nowadays. I like it's pokebody too, which makes aerodactyl pretty restistant to small pokemon. the problem is, who plays small pokemon nowadays? with 70 HP it's not going to last long, and the attacks are not too good either, it does prevent EX-attacks however, but most likely the opponent will retreat and send something else to KO aerodactyl.

I used it here and it proved very useful, restistance to the fighting pokemon in this set is good, and the weakness doesn't hurt that much either. with all the ways to get aerodactyl out in play, it shouldn't be that difficult, and if you got react energy, aerodactyl can become a very nice basic pokemon here. the attacks aren't really special, you won't see EX's and there is no scramble/boost in this set for it's first attacks, but 40 damage is very good, and the possibilty to do 50 with 4 energy is deadly sometimes. also worth mentioning is the zero retreat cost as you can retreat when aero is almost knocked out, then wait for the moment you need him again, and strike one last time.


Aerodactyl  the prehistoric flying pokemon with teeth lika a chainsaw.


Unlimited: Go with it’s fossil version here, together with ninjask it’s quit an annoying deck.


Rating : 1/5


Modified: No even though it’s power is pretty good there are better pokemon that respond to React, like machamp ;- ).


Rating : 1/5


Limited: Quite nice here. Would be nicer if you get more react but the free retreat and the HP are good and there is a mysterious fossil in the set and strange cave to help it.


Rating : 2/5


Notice: Throughout todays, yesterdays, and the rest of the week, if I use the term “Fossil” Pokémon, it means Pokémon that Evolve from a card with Fossil in its name.  If I use Fossil without italics, it’s the third set’s name.


Find this review is too long?  Skip straight to the scores and summary!


Name: Aerodactyl

Set: EX Legend Maker

Card#: 1/92

Rarity: Holographic Rare

Type: Colorless

Stage: Stage 1 (Evolves from Mysterious Fossil)

HP: 70

Weakness: Lightning

Resistance: Fighting

Retreat: None

Poké-Body: Reactive Protection

Any damage done to Aerodactyl by attacks from your opponent’s Pokémon is reduced by 10 for each React Energy card attached to Aerodactyl (after applying Weakness and Resistance).

Attack#1: (C) Power Blow [10+]

Does 10 damage plus 10 more damage for each Energy attached to Aerodactyl.

Attack#2: (CCC) Speed Stroke [40]

During your opponent’s next turn, prevent all effects, including damage, done to Aerodactyl by attacks from your opponent’s Pokémon-ex.

Name: Mysterious Fossil

Set: EX Legend Maker

Rarity: Common

Card#: 79/92

Type: Trainer

HP: 50

Text: Play Mysterious Fossil as if it were a Basic Pokémon.  While in play, Mysterious Fossil counts as a (C) Pokémon (as well as a Trainer card).  Mysterious Fossil has no attacks of its own, can’t retreat, and can’t be affected by Special Conditions.  If Mysterious Fossil is Knocked Out, it doesn’t count as a Knocked out Pokémon. (Discard it anyway.)  At any time during your turn before your attack, you may discard Mysterious Fossil from play.


Attributes: Today we look at Aerodactyl from EX Legend Maker.  A Stage 1 Colorless Pokémon that Evolves from Mysterious Fossil, it probably benefits most from the shared base form for the original “Fossil” Pokémon, as it actually can be single card TecH.  Should you want to use it on its own, Mysterious Fossil is a nice little staller in its own right now that it has 50 HP (all older copies are considered to be errata’d to have 50 HP as well).  For more from me on Mysterious Fossil, see yesterday’s EX Legend Maker Kabutops review.


As a Stage 1 that doesn’t further Evolve, Aerodactyl has somewhat mediocre stats.  Being Colorless is fine: Colorless Weakness is still seen while the Resistance is almost never.  Its 70 HP is a bit low for the end of an Evolution line, especially since it does have a fairly bad Weakness: Lightning.  Lighting Pokémon tend to up damage in one of two ways, self damage or Energy discards.  Being able to skip either and still OHKO Aerodactyl is a very bad thing for the person using this prehistoric Pokémon.  On the bright side, this is compensated for by Fighting Resistance (okay) and a free-retreat (stupendous).


So in terms of Attributes, it’s a little weak but could make up for it in other ways…


Abilities: Three Abilities is a good start.  The Poké-Body lets you soak damage using React EnergyReact Energy is also able to fill all your Energy costs… since both attacks have just Colorless Energy requirements.  Power Blow is a solid opener: a single Energy will do 20, two Energy will do 30, etc.  So if you need to, you could dump five Energy (note: not Energy cards, but Energy) into the attack and hit for 60.  Great at the lower levels, and with higher amounts of Energy, still potentially useful.


The second attack makes this a nice anti-Pokémon-ex card, to a degree: for three of any Energy, hit the Defending Pokémon for 40 damage and then be immune to anything attack based from Pokémon-ex the next turn.  Again, this probably won’t win you the game on its own, but it’s a nice trick.


All in all, the Abilities are pretty good… but the HP is still a problem.


Uses and

Combinations: Finally, we come to what could be the salvation of this card.  Like I mentioned yesterday, we have two wonderful shortcuts for Stage 1 Fossil Pokémon.  Strange Cave means it acts as a Basic, as does Anorith from this same set.  As a Basic, it’s pretty nice.  Even if you can’t “start” with it, you can fake it by having Mysterious Fossil up front, then playing Strange Cave, Benching Aerodactyl, and finally discarding Mysterious Fossil.


There is something to be said for leaving it as a Stage 1… mainly since it allows it to use Boost Energy.


Ratings (Fossil decks only)


Unlimited: 1/5 – If you want Aerodactyl, try the original Fossil or Neo Revelation version which can have some really wicked decks built around them.


Modified: 3.5 – A copy or two should be easy to slip in due to all the ways of getting it into play.


Limited: 4/5 – Because it can frustrate Pokémon-ex, a vital role in a Limited event, and has a free retreat cost.



Another niche card and the same niche as yesterday: an anti-Pokémon-ex Fossil Pokémon.  Sensing a deck theme here? ;)


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