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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day



EX Legend Maker


Date Reviewed: 02.06.06

Ratings & Reviews Summary
Unlimited: 1
Modified: 1
Limited: 3

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

2005 World

Kabutops is pretty average for a stage 2. No real superior attacks, just plain damage. With Kabuto in play it has no weakness, and Omanyte in play will let it bypass resistance and take 20 less damage.

Unlimited - Nothin special about this one. 1/5

Modified - Not worth it. Doesn't do huge damage or anything, but 80 damage to all the Pokemon-ex in this format is pretty good. But still not worth it. 1/5

Limited - Solid attacks, definitely take it if you get Omanyte too, since reducing 20 damage a turn can really add up. 3/5
Jaeger Wow it's been a while between School and Sports I haven't had much time. Anyway today's card of the day is Kabutops from EX Legend Maker, heres the spoiler.

Type: Fighting
HP: 110
Weakness: Grass
Resistence: none
Retreat: 2

Stage 2 evolves from Kabuto.

Poke-Body: Anchient Shell

As long as you have Omanyte or Omastar in play damage done to Kabutops by attack is reduced by 20(after applying Weakness and Resistance).

Attack 1: Energy Stream(30 Damage) Search your discard for a Basic Energy card and attach it to Kabutops.

Attack 2: Extra Claws(50+) If the defending Pokemon is a Pokemon Ex this attack does 50 damage plus 30 more

Hit Points(110): Pretty solid for a stage 2 and high enough to take a hit or two.

Retreat Cost(CC): Not horrid, high enough where you don't want, but low enough where you can if you have to get out of a bad situation.

Weakness(Grass): Always a good weakness to have, there seems to be very few grass decks in this format, but they are out there.

Type(Fighting); Not a ton to say, some of the top decks right now like Rock Lock are fighting weak, but theres also alot of fighting resistance out there, Pidgeot is probably one of the more common examples.

Attack 1(Energy Stream): Solid 30 for one energy and a nice easy way to get him powered up.

Attack 2(Extra Claws): Once again pretty solid damage easily to use Scramble Energy(DX) on. It will to a pretty nice hit to a normal Ex, I like the abililty to do a 160 to a fighting weak EX.

Poke-Body: Damage done to Kabutops is reduced by 20 when Omanyte or Omastar's in play and Omastar's attacks do 20 more damage when Kubto or Kabutops is in play but you pretty much half to have a deck built around them for this to work.

Summary: Its got decent stats with support screaming to have a deck built around it, but I have my doubts if it could hold up in today's competive Metagame.

Under Evoulutions:

Claw Fossil: In my opinion its the strongest fossil early game they will be hesitant to attack afraid of taking damage, late game it will but you a turn and the will take 10.

Kabuto: Attacks not that great, but its body would definitely come in handy against grass decks.


Skip straight to the scores and summary for a concise overview.


Name: Kabutops

Set: EX Legend Maker

Rarity: Holographic-Rare

Card#: 7/92

Type: Fighting

Stage: 2 (Evolves from Kabuto)

HP: 110

Weakness: Grass

Resistance: None

Retreat: CC

Poké-Body: Ancient Shell

As long as you have Omanyte or Omastar in play, damage done to Kabutops by attacks is reduced by 20 (after applying Weakness and Resistance).

Attack#1: (F) Energy Stream [30]

Search your discard pile for a basic Energy card and attach it to Kabutops.

Attack#2: (FCC) Extra Claws [50+]

If the Defending Pokémon is Pokémon-ex, this attack does 50 damage plus 30 more damage.

Name: Kabuto

Set: EX Legend Maker

Rarity: Uncommon

Card#: 36/92

Type: Fighting

Stage: 1 (Evolves from Mysterious Fossil)

HP: 60

Weakness: Grass

Resistance: None

Retreat: CC

Poké-Body: Ancient Protection

Each of your Omanyte, Omastar, Kabuto, Kabutops, and Kabutops ex has no Weakness.

Attack: (CC) Granite Head [20]

During your opponent’s next turn, any damage done to Kabuto by attacks is reduced by 10 (after applying Weakness and Resistance).

Name: Mysterious Fossil

Set: EX Legend Maker

Rarity: Common

Card#: 79/92

Type: Trainer

HP: 50

Text: Play Mysterious Fossil as if it were a Basic Pokémon.  While in play, Mysterious Fossil counts as a (C) Pokémon (as well as a Trainer card).  Mysterious Fossil has no attacks of its own, can’t retreat, and can’t be affected by Special Conditions.  If Mysterious Fossil is Knocked Out, it doesn’t count as a Knocked out Pokémon. (Discard it anyway.)  At any time during your turn before your attack, you may discard Mysterious Fossil from play.


Attributes: Kabutops is a Stage 2 Pokémon, which of course acts as a good guideline for evaluating the rest of its Attributes and Abilities.  However, first let us look at its prior Stages: Kabuto and Mysterious FossilMysterious Fossil is one of those Trainers that can sometimes act as a Pokémon.  Specifically, in the opening hand it counts as a Pokémon, so if that’s all you have, you must play it and start with it.  When it’s in play, it counts as both a Pokémon and a Trainer card.  Otherwise, it counts as a Trainer card.  Of course, on its own, Mysterious Fossil is good for stalling and little else.  The Kabuto is really meant only as a Bench sitter: use it to get rid of Weakness and that’s that.  The attack is “okay” but nothing Special.  Both are the only Modified legal versions, though there are some alternatives to Mysterious Fossil in both Formats.


Returning to Kabutops, we see that it is a Fighting-Type Pokémon.  Honestly, it might have been more useful as a Water-Type Pokémon, which is valid since it is a Water/Rock Pokémon in the video games.  Fighting is the most common Weakness and the most common Resistance… but Arcanine ex is supposed to become a strong, popular deck right now.  Still, Fighting isn’t bad, just not optimal in this case.


110 HP is the second best a non-Pokémon-ex can have, so it is pretty solid for a Stage 2.  Grass Weakness, like all Weaknesses has its ups and downs: most Grass Pokémon don’t specialize in raw damage, so you won’t get hit as hard as you would by some types, but now their often mediocre damage becomes solid.  Compared to good damage becoming great, this is probably for the best.  What isn’t for the best is the lack of a Resistance.  Based on its aforementioned video game types, it should be Resistant to Fire since its double Resistant to that Type in the video games.  At least we get a solid two Energy for the Retreat Cost.  It isn’t cheap enough to Retreat willy-nilly, but it is low enough you can usually afford it when you need to.


Abilities: Ancient Shell is, at the very least, interesting.  Reducing the damage taken by 20 is good, even if it’s after Weakness and Resistance.  Requiring a second Evolution line off of Mysterious Fossil can be a bit annoying.  Still, at worst you just need one Omanyte, and the EX Legend Maker version has its own beneficial Poké-Body that affects Kabuto and Kabutops, among others.


Energy Stream is very nice: for a single Fighting Energy, you hit for 30 and can attach a Basic Energy from your Graveyard to Kabutops.  Unfortunately, the second attack isn’t so nice: Extra Claws does 50 points of damage base, and another 30 if the Defending Pokémon is a Pokémon-ex.  50 points of damage for (FCC) isn’t bad, and neither is 80 points of damage… but since this is the best this entire line can do for damage… but when you think about it, its still mediocre since Pokémon-ex will have more HP.


Uses and

Combinations: This is pretty much meant for a Modified multi-Fossil Evolution deck.  In such a deck, it will be the anti-Pokémon-ex “TecH”, and maybe help to exploit Fighting Weakness if it’s the only Fighting Fossil you use.


There are some nifty cards to help it though.  Strange Cave allows you, once per turn, to play a Stage 1 Fossil Evolution from your hand to your Bench as a Basic Pokémon.  This is incredibly useful, since it makes it much easier to run multiple Mysterious Fossil lines and indeed, Kabuto is much more impressive as a Basic.  Likewise, Kabutops is much more impressive as a… well, it will still count as a Stage 2 while in play, the way the rulings work, but in terms of “playability” it act like it was a Stage 1… which is quite sweet.  Remember, you can discard a Fossil card, like Mysterious Fossil, when you wish.  So if you start with Mysterious Fossil Active and open with a Strange Cave and Kabuto in hand, you can play Strange Cave, Bench Kabuto as a Basic and then discard Mysterious Fossil to make it active.  No, I wouldn’t recommend that trick with this card, but tomorrow’s CotD and Friday’s both have Stage 1s for which this is quite handy.  If you have to know one of them, check the Limited score.


Ratings (Fossil deck, if it wasn’t clear)


Unlimited: 1/5 – We have a better Kabutops and a better Kabutops ex available, though the new Kabutops might be worth risking since Jungle Scyther is still a fan favorite.


Modified: 3/5 – Due to the protective nature of Kabuto, it seems logical to run a single Kabutops with it if you can make room for just about any Fossil heavy deck.  Of course, making room for it may prove difficult.


Limited: 4.5/5 – Not surprisingly, given that this is a fairly Fossil-oriented Set, Kabutops is great here... with the standard provision that you pull it and its lower Stages.  What makes it better than your average Stage 2 is that both attacks are more valuable here and that there are three ways to get Kabuto into play this set: Evolve from Mysterious Fossil, Bench it as a Stage 1 with Strange Cave, or Anorith, which can search the deck and then Bench any two Stage 1 Fossil Pokémon.



A niche card that probably just needs one or two copies at most for a deck, if you really wanted to you could focus on it, but it wouldn’t do you a whole lot of good unless your metagame is so Pokémon-ex and Fighting Weak that you’ll always be hitting for big damage.


Kabutops the sharpbladed shelfish

Unlimited: Nope if you really want to play a Kabutops here use it Neo Discovery version.

Not that it would be great anyway.

Rating : 1/5

Modified: Could be played with Omanyte or Omastar or something. Strange Cave helps it speed up a little but wouldn’t make it in this format.

Rating : 1/5

Limited: Take (that is if you have Kabuto and Mysterious fossil/Strange Cave).

Overall nice attack and enough HP.

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