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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day



Holon Phantoms

Date Reviewed: 06.22.06

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Unlimited: 1.05
Modified: 1.50
Limited: 2.33

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

My reviews are ratings are for Modified only.

Nosepass HP

Modified 1/5 - Sorry, it's a waste of deck space. You can't possibly hope to win with this card, can you? The attacks are so weak and so overpriced.


Unlimited: 60 HP and lack of ability to evolve make this an easy target for OHKOs. 1/5


Modified: Being able to do a total of 40 damage to your opponent’s Pokémon is good, but Jynx [UF] can already do that (it requires one more energy, but at least you get to choose exactly how the damage is distributed). Its first attack requires you to flip, which is not good for confusion, as it is the easiest special condition for your opponent to remove. If a flip weren’t required, this card could be playable. 1.5/5


Limited: This card could be relatively versatile in this format. It can damage the active Pokémon, it can cause confusion, and it can damage the bench. Basic Pokémon that don’t evolve are much more playable in Limited, as evolution is more difficult to accomplish. 3/5

My name is Nosepass
I won’t step a side
I’ll hurt your bench too
With my Rock Slide

Unlimited: Not worth it, weakness to water with Blastoise and Suicune around is dangerous.

Rating : 1/5

Modified: Nope 60 HP is to weak everything playable can knock it out.

Rating : 1/5

Limited: Hitting the bench is nice and Confusion isn’t that bad.
Sure if you nothing better take it.

Rating : 1.5/5
0bsol33t Nosepass - Holon Phantoms


No. Just...no. x_X

60 HP is wayyy too low for a Basic Pokémon in Unlimited that doesn't have killer attacks. 60 HP works fine for the Electabuzz from Sandstorm, which can jolt the Defending or Benched Pokémon for 40 damage for LCC. That's fine - but there's no helpful powerhouse move here. C for 10 and chance of Confusion is decent, though Confusion lost a lot of power years ago when they changed it from its' original effects. As it stands currently, you can Retreat out of it - and most of the starting Pokémon in Unlimited have free Retreat. Rock Slide does 20 to the active and 10 to any two benched of your choice - once again, decent, but you're forced to split that damage up. Over the course of three turns, you could take out a Baby Pokémon or two.

Sadly, I don't think Nosepass would last that long, and since it doesn't evolve, it's something of a dead end anyway.



Swoop! is a big card nowadays - power up one Pokémon, then snag another from the deck and evolve the new one. It would be plausible to Confuse a Jirachi first turn, then do a tiny bit of damage to the Bench while you set up for a Swoop! on the third turn. Also, for anything Fighting-weak, 40 Damage plus 20 spread over the bench could be decent - not much more than decent, but it is what it is. A Retreat cost of just 1 is mediocre, and 60 HP is a bit low, but livable if you need the attacks to stall.



Nosepass is a pretty good filler Pokémon in a Draft deck that's already running Fighting. It can inflict a Special Condition, which is always good in Draft, and it can spread damage around while you power up something meaner on the Bench. Water Weakness really depends on what your opponents draft, as far as how much it'll hurt you - just try to make sure the other Fighting Pokémon you have aren't all weak to the same kind of Pokémon.


- 0bsol33t
pojo0bsol33t @ exyxe.com

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