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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day



EX Legend Maker


Date Reviewed: 07.14.06

Ratings & Reviews Summary
Unlimited: 1.3
Modified: 1.87
Limited: 2.95

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

My reviews are ratings are for Modified only.

Lanturn LM

Modified 2/5 - I like cards that can deal decent damage and take advantage of different types of Weaknesses. However, notice that Water Gun takes 4 Energies to deal 60 damage, 120 if the opposing Pokemon is Weak. 120 damage is an important number, because there isn't a Stage 2 Pokemon that can have a natural HP above 120. (It means that their max HP is 120, but you can of course Energy Root to make them bigger.)

4 Energies! There's a lot I can do with 4 Energies. I can get a guranteed 120 damage from Salamence ex and Tyranitar ex. No need to take dumb risks.

Lanturn’s Poké-Body allows you to consider Lanturn to be water type in addition to lightning type when you have water energy attached to it. This could be helpful against Pokémon that Lanturn is weak to; 18% of fighting Pokémon are weak to water, including Groudon EX, Rhydon [HL], Lunatone [DX], Golem EX and Golem [LM].

Its first attack is nothing out of the ordinary. The second attack is yet another “add more water energy for additional damage” attack- and there’s nothing wrong with that, except you cannot do more than 80 damage with it (you would need five energies).

Unlimited: Much more efficient ways to do 80 damage with a water Pokémon. For example, Blastoise EX + Suicune EX or Exeggcutor (or even Blastoise EX with itself). 1/5

Modified: The retreat cost does not compensate for the poor attacks, and neither does the Poké-Body. There is no reason to play it, IMO. Maybe as a tech in a Magcargo/Lanturn “four corner” deck. 1.3/5
DX-on: 1.3/5

Limited: 1.3/5


please no, the attacks are bad and there's no real need for the body.

I always like the dual-type bodies, but Lanturn's attacks are so terribly weak that the body doesn't even matter.

Decent, the ability to be 2 types at once is pretty cool. It makes it more likely your opponent will have weakness to you. the attacks are still not-so-good, but in draft it can hold it's own.


Uuuuugh, today we're reviewing Lanturn LM, a much weaker variant of its counterpart from Hidden Legends, Lightning Strike Lanturn.

Unlimited (1.25/5): Overall, not much of a card at all. It has an attack that puts babies in range, but its second attack is horribly overcoasted, and is probably not the best way to compliment one of the many energy manipulators released in the game.

Modified (1.75/5): Not very good here either, because of its horrible inefficiency. Unless you're a Blastoise ex player really (and I do mean REALLY) paranoid about Arcanine ex or Typhlosion UF, it probaby will be bad in most decks. If there was a lightning/water weak Pokemon in the current HL-on format, it'd be much more playable (like Magcargo UF, which does 4x damage to Steelix ex). Unfortunately there isn't. Just use Lanturn HL-it's better in almost every way.

Limited (3/5): An example of constructed crap turned into a sealed game winner. Dual Armor can and will help, because much of Legend Maker is weak to water and lightning. Other than Machoke and Regirock*, most of the real cards that could kill it with ease are those stage two fightings. If you're using different types of sets for your tournament, it isn't as good, but still a random Pokemon you can create a line with.
Computer Guy Lanturn (Legend Maker)

Lanturn has decent attacks, an okay amount of Hit Points, and a great Poke-Body. However he is weak to Fighting and has a horrible 2 retreat cost. The Poke-Body is awesome in that it can be a dual type pokemon and have the advantage going against pokemon weak to Lightning and Water. Really the only deck that I've seen Lanturn in is Ludicargo.


Unlimited: 3/10
Modified (HL-on): 6/10
Modified (DX-on): 5/10
Limited: 8/10
Lanturn - LM - Fri

Lanturn from Legend Maker just doesn't cut it for Modified. It's attacks are pretty standard for a Stage 1, and they become somewhat better when Lanturn becomes a Dual type Water/Electric. This doesn't even help the card since most of the decks played in the current format don't have a huge weakness against water or electric pokemon. Lanturn having a Fighting weakness doesn't even help out it being used in any deck. Having two types on one card can be very helpful in Limited though. Unlimited 1/5 Modified 1.5/5 Limited 3/5

Muk Man
Lanturn Today's Card Of The Day is...Lanturn from Legend Maker.

Another Stage 1 pokemon with Over priced attacks. his water gun would take 5 energy to do a maximum of 80 damage. Id rather power up Politoed ex and swallow up. His Poke-body (Dual Armor) does give him a nice advantage being a dual water and lightning type. He could fit into water decks(LUDI)to help combat that lightning weakness.

Modified 2/5

Limited 3/5...Solid HP and His Dual Water and Lightning type mean razor fin could do 60 to Fire Pokemon and Lightning weak types. .

Current Ebay Value(plus or minus .50 cent).25 cent/non-holo .75 cent RH

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