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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Crobat δ

EX Delta Species


Date Reviewed: 01.26.06

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

1/26 Crobat d

I know this card has quite a bit of potential, but cards like Medicham ex and Jynx (Pure Power) are much more effective at spreading damage efficiently. Those are stage 1's, while this is stage 2. Stage 2 are much tougher to set-up consistently. Thus, the risk outweighs the reward, IMO.

Modified 2/5

R Pac~
Today's card is Crobat from Delta Species

Alright, so right after reviewing Beedrill, we get another final evolution flying grass Poke. Once again 90HP. Once again no retreat cost. But the Power isn't the center of this card (seeing as he has no Poke Power). The attacks are. The first one inhibits trainers to be played by your opponent for only 2 colorless and does 30 damage. Beautiful. Quick evolve this guy with a Rare Candy and slap a double colorless on him and he's dishing out decent damage and stopping your opponent from playing trainers. The second attack is also another sniping attack that does 40 or 60 damage to any of your opponents Pokes. Once again, beautiful. Killing off those Squirtles or Sneasles or benched Vileplume EXs always brings me pleasure. This can be a pretty deadly Poke. Like Beedrill, I would run him with Scyther - or maybe even Vileplume EX. That way, Once he's knocked out, just pull up a Vileplume and your opponent still can't play any trainers. I know running two evolution lines in unlimited is suicide for the most part, but it could be fun. Just watch out in trying to get Zubat set up in the beginning.

Unlimited Rating 3/5

~R Pac~

Crobat [delta species]

I guess there are a lot of ways here to put damage counters on benched pokemon, and then crobat should finish the job. unfortunately, in unlimited good decks usually recover very quick and to some it doesn't even matter if you KO a benched pokemon. crobat has psy weakness which is good, and zero retreat, which is also good. it can use metal to survive a little longer, but not long enough probably. ER dominates here.

I think it is a very interesting card, to start with, 90 hp is ok, not much for a stage 2 though, but energy root and metal energy will help a lot. it has psy-weakness, which is ok now, but with the upcoming sets I predict psy weakness will make this card useless in the future.

With his first attack, you could stadium lock your opponent.
very effective, when used quick enough (double rainbow), definetly something to use battle frontier with.

It's second attack can do 40 or 60 to any pokemon, but that depends on whether they already have any damage counters.
Jolteon ex!

I think when this deck is fast enough, it really has no problem with most decks, jolteon ex + crobat on turn 3 will mean you can OHKO pidgeotto on the bench, or with another jolteon ex you can also OHKO magcargo. very effective way to keep your opponent from searching his deck for the right cards.
but then again, crobat needs a turn 3 at least and has psy weakness.


hmm, it's first attack can be of some use, but most trainer cards in this set are supporters, thats just too bad.

the second attack is deadly when you already used golbat's attack to damage benched pokemon. if you have something that provides metal energy.
when you get the upper hand in a game, you'll probably win because of crobat, 2 hit KO anything that could be dangerous and you'll be fine.


Crobat (delta species) 


Unlimited:  First attack is nice here (it stops trainers). And with DC more efficient against ER and  SER. Second attack is nice when you can get the energy ; ) with 40 damage you kill babies easily (on the bench,  those annoying igglybuff and elekid for example).


Rating : 2/5  


Modified: Now this is the format were you should play it. I mean look at his attacks two for 30

Isn’t much but it can hold Battle Fronier or Desert Ruins one turn longer on the field. It’s second attack is great it can really hurt your opponent’s bench. And together with Jolteon ex it can sniper basic pokemon from the bench great card.


Rating : 3.5/5


Limited: Not too good here. Only when you have a 2-2-1 line and two metal it’s nice. Don’t play it when you got one metal it’s too risky and a hard time setting up. I give it a little credit for the free retreat ; )


Rating : 1.5/5

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