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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day



Fire Red and Leaf Green


Date Reviewed: 02.22.06

Ratings & Reviews Summary
Unlimited: 2.43
Modified: 2.33
Limited: 2.76

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

2005 World

Use Split Spiral Punch and the Defending Pokemon is now locked into play, unless they evolve or switch or heal or something.

Unlimited - Too hard to use in unlimited. 1/5

Modified - It's good if the opponent doesn't play a lot of switch/healing cards. But I dont really like how it doesnt do much damage. 3/5

Limited - If you get Poliwag and Poliwhirl take it, confusion will come in handy. 3/5


Effect: Poliwrath’s Poké-Body prevents Pokémon (specifically, your
opponent’s) from retreating; Where have I seen that before? Ah yes, old Pokémon rules. However, confusion has not diminished in power when PUI took over. Being able to reatreat once per turn has changed special conditions overall. Now you can’t retreat a Pokémon just to remove special conditions from it and then retreat the new active Pokémon to get back the Pokémon you were healing (though you could get it back with Switch). Special conditions are much more important and powerful than they used to be.

So with Poliwrath’s first attack, you make the defending Pokémon confused; with its Poké-Body, the defending Pokémon just has to sit and take it (they don’t even get to flip to see if they can retreat). This card combos with itself, but what else can it combo with?

Combinations: There are ways to send Pokémon to the bench when they can’t retreat; most of them involve trainers- non-supporter trainers. Houndoom’s [UF] Poké-Body prevents your opponent from using non-supporter trainers when you have more less Pokémon in play than your opponent. So, if you had one of these on your bench while Poliwrath is your active, there is no way for the defending Pokémon to return to the bench (except Warp Energy).

Poliwrath’s [UF] has a Poké-Body that confuses the defending Pokémon when Poliwrath is knocked out. If you have a deck with Poliwrath [UF] as your main attacker, you could send out Poliwrath [RG] as a backup. The Poliwrath [RG]/[UF] combo isn’t exactly the strongest combo in the game. Think of it as more of a backup plan. If you have out Poliwrath [RG] as your active and you opponent sends out a lighting Pokémon, you could avoid having to worry about weakness to lightning, by using Surprise! Time Machine to get out Poliwrath [UF], which is a fighting type. This should give you the advantage, as most lightning Pokémon are weak to fighting Pokémon.

Unlimited: Two-thirds of the Poliwags are weak to lightning and all have HP lower than 60- which means easy OHKO’s by Electabuzz [BS]. “Mega Throw” does 50 damage for three energy (assuming you don’t come across Pokémon-EX). 50 damage is not a good incentive to take the effort of getting out a stage 2.
Not saying you shouldn’t play it, just saying, it has its disadvantages. The good news is that it has more HP than any Poliwrath in existence. I would recommend using Poliwrath [EX] (combos with “Rain Dance”) if you want speed.
But if you think the high HP is what you need, then use Poliwrath [RG].

Modified: It’s what you expect from a stage 2. Either super powerful attacks, or OK attacks and a good Power/Body. Decent HP. 3/5

Limited: Always nice to have an anti-EX attack when the Pokémon EX in this set are some of the most powerful Pokémon EX in the game. Also, special conditions shut down the Poké-Power/Body of Electrode EX, Blastoise EX, and Venusaur EX. Switch is in this set, which may be used against you if you try to get confusion-lock on your opponent. Persian and Raticate have Poké-Bodies that prevent them from being affected by special conditions.

Questions/comments/corrections? E-mail: ninetales1234@hotmail.com



Poliwrath ( Firered and Leafgreen)

Unlimited: It’s body could be annoying. But overall it just isn’t gonna cut it. If you wanna play water go for Blastoise/Suicune ex.

Rating : 1/5

Modified: Even though it’s power could be nice, Heal energy is around. Or they will evolve or Briney. And being weak to lightning makes it vulnerable ( MetaNite).

Rating : 1/5

Limited: A slight chance you wil get it out but if your lucky go for it.

The power is annoying in this format.

Rating : 2/5

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