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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day



Ex Rocket Returns


Date Reviewed: 02.20.06

Ratings & Reviews Summary
Unlimited: 1
Modified: 1
Limited: 3

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

2005 World

Sentret's nothing to write home about. It evolves into Furret, but there's not really any good Furrets, so that makes Sentret pretty bad. Friend Search can get a Pokemon, but that's about it. I'd rather use Master Ball even.

Unlimited - I'd rather use Base Gastly. There's just nothing special about Sentret. 1/5

Modified - Furret is no good in this format, so no reason to use Sentret. 1/5

Limited - Take it if you have Furret. Searching your deck for up to any 3 cards is great. Plus Sentret's attack might even get Furret from the deck. 3/5

Sentret TRR [what the?!]

Do not use it here, weakness to fighting is terrible, you might get rogued and such. (a tyrogue flipping heads on you) Also, you don't really need his search attack here too as we already have some really good trainers. surprise attack is just terrible here too.

I like the first attack a bit, but furret isn't really good at the moment. (the Rocket returns furret is ok, but I'd rather go with magcargo or pidgeot because I can attack and search at the same time), surprise attack is rather useless. and weakness to fighting is not really nice here too. (especially since the release of EX: Legend
Master Ball owns this card.

now I never played a TRR prerelease, but this card seems useful to awesome if you got some evolution lines. with a 40 card deck you are more likely to get the pokemon card you want for friend search.
“Friend Search”: Is it better than other “get Pokémon out of your deck” attacks?

Good: -No restriction on what type you must search for.

-You’re not restricted to searching for basics.

-If you find more than one legal target, you get to choose which one goes in your hand.

-You don’t have to put them on your bench (sometimes this is a bad thing, if you need Pokémon on your bench before your opponent’s turn begins).

Bad: -Weakness to fighting (Plusle [DX] is weak to fighting as well.)

-You’re restricted to the top five cards of your deck.

“Friend Search” is a one-energy attack, which means you will probably be doing it early game (or even the first turn), and that’s it. The fact that you can search for evolutions isn’t going to help first turn.

“Surprise Attack”: nothing special about this attack except being able to occasionally FTKO “dragons” (and that’s really fun!).

It’s HP and retreat cost are fair for a basic Pokémon. Basics (that can evolve) rarely have more than 60 HP and no Basics exist with retreat cost of less than one (at least not in Modified).

Conclusion: There are better Pokémon for setting up your strategy, like Jirachi [DX], Plusle [DX] and Paras [RG]. The only reason to play Sentet, IMO, is if you intend to evolve it; There are four Furret in existence; one from RR allows you to get any 3 cards out of your deck for one energy and one from LM that has “Do the Wave” (simlar to Wigglytuff’s [JU] attack). The other two Furret are insignificant.

Unlimited: Plenty of trainers to help you get Pokémon out of your deck here. 1.1/5

Modified: See conclusion. 2.6/5

Limited: No Plusle or Paras to help you; “Friend Search” could be helpful. 3/5

Questions/comments/corrections? E-mail: ninetales1234@hotmail.com



Sentret (Ex Rocket Returns)

What I really want to say about this card is : poepkaart . Sorry it’s a dutch word meaning crapcard. Any way my review.

Unlimited: Don’t bother here I mean can someone name me one good Furret? And besides that there are better pokemon to start with like Cleffa ;-).

Rating : 1/5

Modified: NO use Plusle for basic setup or if you want to get evolutions out you can even use Jirachi from Hidden-Legends. But he , I can be fair to for people with a low budget for Pokemon you can use Sentret and Furret as replace for Pidgeot or Magcargo.

Rating : 1/5

Limited: Could be good here as you can get basic or evolutions out. And if you have Furret to you could search for others things for your setup.

Rating : 2/5

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