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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Arcanine ex

EX Delta Species


Date Reviewed: 02.09.06

Ratings & Reviews Summary
Unlimited: 1.7
Modified: 4
Limited: 4.9

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

2005 World
Arcanine ex
One of the hyped cards from Legend Maker. Fire Remedy helps against all the Special Conditions in this format. Overrun does a total of 50 damage, which is good for the cost. You can do 20 damage to a Benched Pokemon so that any Stage 2 which has 120 HP or below will be in range of a KO from Flame Swirl.
Unlimited - ER, SER, the usual stuff eats this alive. 1/5
Modified - Good against SMP (Scizor/Metagross/Pidgeot) decks, since it OHKOs all the Pokemon in it. Should do good against most other stuff too. 100 damage for 3 energy is cool. Look for it to win some tournaments. 4/5
Limited - If you get Growlithe of course take it! EXes are jawesome in this format. 5/5

RK9 ex

I'd never play any ex cards here because this format is pretty unpredictable and all.
ex's aren't safe on your bench, most of them require alot of energy and get ER'ed. this one however, has an attack for 2 energy but it doesn't do much damage, in comparison to sneasel, for example.
the second attack however, does a 100 solid damage.
very sexy.
the problem though is it will most likely get ER'ed some time and after that arcanine ex is bait.
weakness to water is ... veeery bad.
blastoise + suicune ex is a top deck in unlimited.
Overall, it is a nice card, but too bad it's an ex...

This card is awesome here! yet not broken.
alot of decks use 120 HP stage 2 pokemon.
thus 100 damage is just 20 damage short of being wow.
I really like the first attack though, 30 damage and 20 to a benched poke is awesome for only 2 energy. the body is cool too, and water decks are rarely seen nowadays.
if you get arcanine fast enough, you can do the 20 damage to your opponent's future 120HP pokemon on the bench.
A combo that comes to mind is delcatty+huntail+arcanine ex.
which will probably be good but not really outstanding.

we have a winner!
growlithe is a common card and this stage 1 has 120 HP!
also, It's pokebody keeps it from getting knocked out, and even the nasty misdreavous in this set will not be a problem.
just keep attaching energy to RK9 ex, and do it's first attack a lot.
once you have 4 energy do 100 damage for a quick kill.
or just keep doing 30 + 20 if the pokemon only has -30 HP left from previous attacks. Torkoal in this set supports arcanine ex really good, getting it most likely turn 2 for you.
it's a little bit dissappointing there is so much water pokes in this set which keeps it from being a every-game winner.
if you don't face water though, you'll probably win unless you get arcanine too late in play.

Arcanine ex (Legend Maker)

The Fire lovin Underdogg

This wil put an end to all those PMS* : P decks. Not really sure it will easily K.O. PMS*:P decks but they still will see play. And besides were I live Gator ex is quite popular so let's wait and find out.


Unlimited: Well 120 is nice being a stage two, but being an ex is not to good in this format.

But on the other hand it's attacks are nice 30 and 20 to the bench. It's second attack is nice a solid 100 for three might seem much cause ER and SER are around. Maybe you could use it togheter with Entei from Neo Revalation to power it up quick. But with all the Suicune ex/Blastoise decks being played it's still risky.

Rating : 2.5/5

Modified: Could actually work here. Sinds the pre-release I have come up with a deck it might fit in. What I mean is together with Delcatty and Huntail. For those that don't know what they do Huntail can search out a React Energy so that Delcatty can switch it to Arcanine ex to do a solid 100 each turn. But the point here is you can go on with that for four turns and run out of React.
So ill try to work on this a little but for now it's still a great card. ; ).

Rating : 4/5

Limited: Amazing card here with a power for healing will stop those annoying auto-sleep/poison pokes like Bellsprout and Tentacool (not to mention Misdreavus). Two for 30 and bench damage is sexy. 120 is hard to kill (want you don't run in to water). So wat I wanted to say is once you get it on the field you keep healing to survive, killing everything that's dangerous with Flame Swirl and with Overun you can kill benched pokemon .

!!GREAT !!

Rating : 4/5

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