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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Umbreon δ

EX Delta Species


Date Reviewed: 02.02.06

Ratings & Reviews Summary
Unlimited: 1.1
Modified: 1.25
Limited: 2.8

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

2005 World

Umbreon isn't good at all, especially against a deck that uses no Special Energy.

Unlimited - NOOoo, as you probably know there are better choices. 1/5

Modified - His attack is weak, his poke-power is worse than Ampharos ex's, his HP is too low, don't use it. 1/5

Limited - It's not bad if you get a few darkness energy. Destroying benches is a pretty good strategy in limited. 3/5


Skip straight to the scores and summary for a concise overview.


Please note that while I denote δ Delta Species Pokémon by adding a δ to the end of their name, but that said symbol is not actually part of their name for gaming purposes.  For example, a “Pokémon δ” can Evolve from or into a non-Pokémon δ, so long as no other rules are being broken.  That is, I can Evolve Dratini δ into a Dark Dragonair, plain Dragonair, of the “Dragonair δ”.  I cannot, however, Evolve a Dark Dragonair into a Dragonite δ or a Dragonair δ into a Dark Dragonite.


Name: Umbreon δ

Set: EX Delta Species

Card#: 17/113

Types: Darkness, Metal

Stage: 1 (Evolves from Eevee)

HP: 70

Weakness: Fighting

Resistance: Psychic

Retreat: C

Poké-Body: Delta Moon

When your opponent attaches a Special Energy card from his or her hand to 1 of his or her Pokémon, put 1 damage counter on that Pokémon. This power can’t use more than one Delta Moon Poké-Body each turn.

Attack: (DM) Feint Attack

Choose 1 of your opponent’s Pokémon.  This attack does 30 damage to that Pokémon.  The attack’s damage can’t be affected by Weakness, Resistance, Poké-Powers, Poké-Bodies, or any other effects on their Pokémon.

Name: Eevee δ

Set: EX Delta Species

Card#: 68/113

Type: Metal

Stage: Basic

HP: 50

Weakness: Fighting

Resistance: None

Retreat: C

Attack: (C) Metal Scoop [10]

Search your discard pile for a (M) Energy card and attach it to Eevee.

Name: Eevee

Set: EX Delta Species

Card#: /113

Type: Colorless

Stage: Basic

HP: 50

Weakness: Fighting

Resistance: None

Retreat: C

Attack#1: (C) Call for Family

Search your deck for a Basic Pokémon and put it onto your Bench.  Shuffle your deck afterward.

Attack#2: (CC) Rear Kick [20]


Attributes: Umbreon δ is a Stage 1 δ Delta Species Pokémon.  It Evolves from Eevee.  This set contains two different Eevee: one normal Colorless version and one δ Delta Species version.  Both have 50 HP, a Fighting Weakness, and a Retreat Cost of one.  Of the actually Eevee δ,  Metal Scoop suffers since it is an attack, and the most likely time to use it is early game before any Metal Energy are in the discard pile, and it only affects actual Metal Energy cards.  The “plain” Eevee has two “okay” attacks.  I recommend neither, due to the superiority of EX Unseen Forces Eevee with “Energy Evolution” for Modified.  Said Poké-Power allows you to search for an Evolution matching an Energy card you attach from your hand to said Eevee.  Using Metal Energy (or any card that provides it), you may search for any Eeveelution that is part Metal (which is all five Eeveelutions that aren’t Pokémon-ex in this set).  Just be careful since this Eevee has only 40 HP.  For Unlimited use, the Blackstar Promo with Chain Reaction or Neo Discovery version with a coin flip determined Energy Evolution may be better: note that the Chain Reaction Eevee is to be run alongside either of the Energy Evolution Eevee.  The question is whether or not to risk the slightly lower HP for the better reliability of the newest version (I feel it is: Tyrogue and most Pokémon threats can OHKO both of them anyway).  You didn’t think I’d start changing this part this late in the game, did you?


Returning to Umbreon δ itself, it is a Dual-Type Pokémon: both Darkness and Metal.  This may be the ultimate Type Combination; you can get the damage bonus from Darkness Energy cards and the damage reduction from Metal Energy cards.  Darkness Weakness quite rare: only 10 cards have it (and they don’t see a whole lot of play).  What is nice is there are no Darkness Resistant Pokémon.  The Metal aspect increases the amount of vulnerable Pokémon by 17, but adds 25 Resistant Pokémon.  Additionally, there are no Dual-Resistant or Dual-Weak cards that match both types.


Umbreon δ has a mere 70 HP.  While not the lowest for a Stage 1, even in Modified, those that are lower tend to have fantastic or unique Abilities… or else are a major hindrance for the card, often making it “bad”.  Looking at the actual figures, 70 HP is the most common for a Stage 1 Pokémon that isn’t a Pokémon-ex and doesn’t Evolve.  That still doesn’t make it good, though.  This low means most serious attackers will be able to OHKO you unless you are at full health, and many even if you are.  Additionally, the effect of Metal Energy becomes more critical for defending against the weaker, early game attacks as they can more easily overwhelm you while at the same time you get less of a benefit late game since the Metal Energy will likely be superfluous.  That is, you are dependant upon Metal Energy to survive early in the game, and late game it won’t offer any real safety.


With such a low HP, the Fighting Weakness of Umbreon δ becomes a serious concern: most Fighting types will be able to OHKO you, except for some Basics.  Some will be able to do so very, very quickly, even if they are small, only-played-to-Evolve Basics like Mahukita.


The low HP also makes the Resistance all the more important.  It doesn’t suffer as badly as Metal Energy since it’s a flat -30 all the time (well, against the specified type).  Psychic Pokémon seem to almost randomly hit it big, being feared one minute then forgotten the next (Gardevoir ex, Dark Hypno, etc.).  With Resistance having become such a rarity, this is very good to have; with a few real Metal Energy cards, you should be able to fend off several Psychic Pokémon.


Finally, we come to a Retreat Cost of one.  This is the second best retreat cost in the game; even if a “naked” Umbreon δ is forced active, you should be able to bench it with ease.  Of course, given the HP score and Pokémon, a free retreat cost really was needed.  Just be careful, since you’re more apt to have Special Energy cards attached to it.


Abilities: Umbreon δ has a Poké-Body and an Attack.  The Poké-Body, Delta Moon, is so close to being quite good.  As is, it is “okay”: when your opponent attaches a Special Energy card to a Pokémon, that Pokémon gets damaged.  It places a damage counter, so it can’t be blocked with things like Metal Energy, though it is only for an attachment from hand.  Given the heavy, heavy use of Special Energy, I think they could have let it apply to any attachment of it (not many cards can attach Special Energy cards aside from the normal once-per-turn attachment from hand anyway),.  The real problem is the power doesn’t stack.  It’s worded so that only one Delta Moon can be used.  If it stacked, it could have been its own deck type.


The attack is similarly disappointing.  Feint attack is a great attack… when it does fair damage for Energy into it.  The attack allows you to target any of your opponent’s Pokémon, and ignore any effects that would alter damage on that Pokémon.  Choosing a target is good, and is usually worth losing 5 to 10 points of damage.  The ability to bypass most damage reducing effects is also worth 5 to 10 points (not more since you lose out on Weakness, which will occasionally matter).  Well, you need to meet two different colored Energy requirements on a Stage 1.  Simply put, that’s worth about 40-50 points of damage.  So once again, the attack meets only the minimum projections.  A minimum that I have nearly abandoned since Pokémon that follow it tend to be underpowered.  Additionally, Feint Attack has a hard time making use of Darkness Energy cards, since the damage bonus from that card won’t apply to Benched Pokémon.


All in all, these two abilities are “okay”, but they really needed a stronger ability to go with them.


Uses and

Combinations: Well, it’d be a lot better if the Poké-Body stacked.  Why?  Well, as is, of course you’d want 1 copy for an Eeveelution δ deck, but that’s it.  Now, if the body stacked, it still wouldn’t heavily be played in an Eeveelution δ deck, because you just don’t have that many Eevee available.  It would have just meant that Umbreon δ could have seen play as a back-up Stage 1 line in some other decks… which really could have used it.  I mean, these are decks that either won’t exist or will be very, very obscure because they are not really worth it with this card as is.




Unlimited: 1/5-Even if you want to do a Pokémon δ deck, you’re better off backing it with Neo Genesis Slowking.  Run a single copy for an Eeveelution δ deck.  Don’t run an Eeveelution δ here.  Get the message?


Modified: 2/5-This is a general score: other decks that can use the card exist, and technically any deck can get a little benefit out of it.  Just not enough benefit to justify running it, for the most part.  The exception being, of course, an Eeveelution δ deck; such a deck would want one copy.


Limited: 3.5/5-Assuming you get the needed Energy to attack, it’s pretty sweet: this set is lousy with Special Energy, and a bench hitting attack that can ignore damage reducing effects is great.  Even without the Energy, it’s tempting since so many other players will end up triggering the power a few times.



Simply put, this card feels underpowered, but is still important to an Eeveelution δ, and if you have a deck that places a lot of damage counters from other effects… it might be worth it.





Umbreon Delta: 2.5/5 I like its Poke-Body Delta Moon, and if there are a lot of decks in your metagame that plays Special Energies, this Pokemon is golden. The attack is fine, but you should use it for its Poke-Body, not as a primary attacker.


R Pac~
Today's card is Umbreon from Delta Species

Card 4 of 5 in Eeveelution week. Sorry, but this card isn't going to work in the unlimited world. His HP is too low, his Power is crummy, and his attack is subpar requiring 2 different special energies. The only plus I can really see on this card is the advantages of both dark and metal energies being applied. Still, putting him against a Sneasle or a Raindance deck is almost laughable.

Unlimited Rating 1.1/5

~R Pac~



Day Four in the Eeveelution week

Umbreon (delta species)

Unlimited: Terrible here it needs two special energy or something replacing it.

It’s power doesn’t do much damage here sinds there aren’t much special energy played, except DC, Recycle and Rainbow. It’s Aquapolis version is a lot beter : P.

Rating : 1.5

Modified: Not to good here, al though it’s power will work better cause there are many special energies. Fighting weakness just sucks here and 30 isn’t enough. Psychic resistance helps a little here. I just keep saying this use it’s ex version ; ) .

Rating : 1/5

Limited: Even though the delta eeveelutions seem a little more versatile. But this one needs two special energies just won’t work here.

Rating : 1/5

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