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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Gyarados ex

Fire Red Leaf Green


Date Reviewed: 08.09.06

Ratings & Reviews Summary
Unlimited: 2.2
Modified: 1.8
Limited: 2

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

My reviews are ratings are for Modified only.

Gyarados ex

Modified 2/5 - I think this card is decent too. Both attacks are at least above average - with Twister getting rid of energies and Dragon Rage dealing 100 damage, potentially with Water, Water, Boost. Nevertheless, starting with Magikarp is bad, and Desert Ruins eats this ex-Pokemon alive. Not competitive enough - sorry.

Joker Boi
Gyarados Ex~

Every so often, well almost all the time they decide to print crappy ex's many people may like not like this "Like me" and others will play any crappy ex say if it is "Their Favorite pokemon" or some other lame excuse. Gyarados ex for example is one of those pokemon. First of all Gyarados has 130 Hp which is nice for a stage 1 ex and since he came from the set FR-LG he will be rated in the current modified format. So the 130 Hp will subject it to desert ruins which can really hurt. He is a water type which isnt to bad of a type to be now and he is weak to electric which is a pretty popular type right about now. Gyarados has two attacks The first being Twister 2 for 40 is nice but if you roll two tails (which can happen) you are pretty much screwed in having a unsucessful attack and giving your opponent a attack. His second is Dragon rage, Good Luck pulling this off you need 5 energies! I know you are thinking well, you can boost him but I would rather do that with Flygon ex from Legend Maker. He has absoulutely NO body or power which is pretty much bad in my opinion. And a 3 retreat cost so if you manage to get the maximum 5 energies on him you might not want to be retreating any time soon or you might end up trying to win with a Twister. Overall dont play this card it has no chemistry with any other cards that well and is not T2 material I dont see a point. And just because Gyarados is your favorite pokemon does not give you an excuse for playing this card in tournament play.

Modified: 1/5 Limited 4/5 Unlimited 1/5

Computer Guy Today's COTD Review is Gyrados ex from Fire Red/Leaf Green.

Gyrados ex has some potential if used correctly. Good HP and good attacks if you use Boost Energy with it. The only real problem is Magikarp with its low HP.


Unlimited: 3.5/5
Modified: 3/5
Limited: 2/5

Muk Man
Today's Card Of The Day is...Gyarados EX from Fire Red Leaf Green.

This is an overlooked card, that still has potential. the only draw back is having to play with magikarp. Turn 2 40 damage plus a chance to discard up to 2 energy is an attack that I would risk (if you get 2 tails it does nothing). Dragon Rage lets you do 100 damage with no drawbacks, and because it is a Stage 1. its very fast...but not faster than Electrode ex, which is why it is so overlooked. Modified 3/5...I remember a T2 version winning a states, or something last season. Limited 4/5...Once Powered up Hard to Kill. Current Ebay Value $12 (plus or minus $2 dollars)

DarkJake Gyrados ex

Looks good on paper, but in reality... 130 HP, that's excellent for a Stage 1 ex, no complaints here. Let's look at the first attack: 40 damage for [W][C] is pretty good, there is a 25% chance this attack will fail, but two built in mini-Energy Removals makes up for it.
Now, the 2nd attack looks REALLY good, 100 damage for [W][W][C][C][C], you only need 2 colored energies, therefore the attack could be powered by boost…but then what? First off, a weakness to electric means Dark Amphy and Zapdos can OHKO this guy, which is bad… also, after doing his ultimate attack, Gyra ex is left extremely susceptible to a comeback attack from another Pokémon with scramble attached, and even if you do have a Gyrados benched, you already wasted all of your energy attachments, so that one will be shortly knocked out as well.
A retreat cost of 3 is also rather heavy for a flying type Pokémon.
Limited: It needs 5 energies to do anything useful… I doubt it will ever have more than 2 attached in this format. There are much better choices out there. 1/5

Modified: There is no simple way to power this guy up, relying on boost energy isn't the best idea, because if your active is knocked out, you pretty much lose because there's no way you could have anything else powered up on the bench. Magikarp is also a terrible Pokémon, so any deck that can utilize bench damage will just do 30 to all of your Gyrados ex and use ATM:Rock to win the game. 1.5/5

Limited: Pretty good here…if your Magikarp doesn't die before you can fetch out the Gyrados and evolve. Also a lot of electric Pokémon in this set. 2/5

My name is Gyarados
I’m Magikarps second stage
I deal 100 damage to you
With my Dragon Rage

Unlimited: Nope Magikarp could get OHKO.

Rating : 1/5

Modified: Not even considerable it’s just weak. I mean it’s weakness is bad (Mewtricks and MetaNite) and starting with Magikarp is like Auch.

Rating : 1/5

Limited: As Second attacker maybe you still don’t want to start with Magikarp. If you can set it up sure but I rather leave it out.

Rating : 1/5

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