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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Cacturne ex

EX Emerald


Date Reviewed: 08.08.06

Ratings & Reviews Summary
Unlimited: 1.7
Modified: 2.55
Limited: 3.2

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

My reviews are ratings are for Modified only.

Cacturne ex

Modified 2/5 - It's decent, but not powerful enough. Its attacks are average, and its Poke-Body doesn't shut down any important decks, besides DragTrode, which isn't very popular at all.



Cacturne EX has retreat of 1, weakness to fire, and 110 HP. This is all acceptable for a stage 1 EX grass Pokémon. It Poké-Body can stop your opponent from playing DCE, Rainbow Energy, R Energy, React Energy, DRE, and plenty of other special energy cards including the Holon’s Pokémon. If you confuse the defending Pokémon with “Psybeam” they can’t get rid of confusion with Warp Energy or Heal Energy.


Its first attack does 20 damage for one energy and confuses the defending Pokémon. That’s good. The second attack is average. Just make sure you get Cacturne EX out early, because doing only 70 damage late game is often not enough.


Unlimited: Good for stopping DCE. 3/5


Modified: What decks don’t play special energy cards? Cacturne EX is one of the most underplayed cards in the format. 3.2/5

DX-on: More playable here. You could confuse your opponent’s Pokémon with “Psybeam” and keep your opponent’s active Pokémon locked in place with Wobbuffet [LM]. 3.5/5


Limited: Multi Energy and DRE are in this format. You can stop them. 4.5/5


My name is Cacturne
I’m spiky so be aware
You can’t attach special energy
Because of my Cursed Glare

Unlimited: Could be nice since they can’t attach anything like Recycle, Double Colorless or Rainbow but they will find a way to gust it or something.

Rating : 1/5

Modified: Nice no Double Rainbow Energy, Scramble Energy, Heal, Holon variations.

But too bad it’s not applied for Benched Pokemon. So they just attach to Benched let active get killed and kill it right away. It somehow could be a nasty T2 Deck just ER2 the Bench energy away and annoy your opponent with Admin and Reversal. But that won’t be BIG so for Modified not to good not to bad.

Rating : 2.3/5

Limited : Well could work cause there is a Double Rainbow Energy in the set and it’s attacks are quite cheap so sure take it.

Rating : 2/5

Muk Man
Today's Card Of The Day is...Cacturne EX from Emerald. This card has very limited use, especially for an EX. Cursed Glare, prevents your opponent from attaching special energy to the active pokemon. Which means that your biggest threat will come from the bench. Psybeam is a nice attack for the cost, 20 damage and confusion (My Favorite Status) but with a maximum of 70 damage, the most you can do with this pokemon is slow your opponent down. You force them to power up a benched pokemon, and since they are attaching to the bench, the active will most likely sit there and take damage. Modified 3/5 don't underestimate how much damage confusion can cause. Limited 4/5...Stage 1 with high HP, and Psybeam with confusion will pile damage up quickly Current Ebay Value $12 (plus or minus $2 dollars)
DarkJake Cacturne ex

Cacturne ex is an excellent type, with just a Strength Charm attached, it can OHKO Dark Tyranitar and Nidoqueen (and others). Cac ex's first attack is very easy to pull off, for [G] you get to do 20 damage AND auto-confuse, that's very nice for just the price of one basic energy. The second attack, priced at [G][C][C], does 50 damage, and if the defending Pokémon already has damage counters, from a previous attack or otherwise, the base damage is bumped up to 70, as mentioned earlier, coupled with a Strength Charm, Cacturne ex can OHKO any 120 HP'd grass-weak Pokémon, that is pretty nice. 110 HP is pretty nice, next format where Desert Ruins doesn't exist makes it just that much sweeter, and a low retreat cost is nice too. Weakness to fire isn't too terrible, but sadly pretty much any fully evolved fire Pokémon can OHKO Cac ex. Saving the best for last, Cacturne ex's body is very good, no special energy (other than Dark and Metal) may be attached during your opponent's next turn, as long as Cac ex is active. Having to be active is somewhat annoying, although Cac ex is a pretty good attacker, he is still just too easy to kill, even though he does prevent the scramble/DRE/holon/etc attachment, it only applies to active, and so many decks can just retreat and get around him.

Unlimited: I suppose no DCE is somewhat hurtful, but having Cleffa out and powering up the bench = win. 1/5

Modified: This deck can somewhat stop Exegguctor δ / Raichu δ, although they can still play their metal energy, zap a few times, and power up on the bench, Nidoqueen, Rock-Lock, and pretty much anyone can do the same. 2.5/5

Limited: Very good in this format, have him active and he stops the attachment of Multi and DRE. Watch out for the many fire Pokémon. 4/5
Computer Guy Today's COTD Review is Cacturne ex from EX: Emerald.

The HP is okay, the attacks are decent, the 1 retreat cost is great. However this is a pokemon ex and its weak to fire so that can pose some trouble. The power is somewhat disruptive if used in the right deck.



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