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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Delta Rainbow Energy


Date Reviewed: 04.06.06

Ratings & Reviews Summary
Unlimited: 1.66
Modified: 3.66
Limited: 4.66

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

2005 World
Delta Rainbow Energy

If you're playing a deck based on Delta Pokemon, then you'd probably want 4 of these in your deck.

Unlimited - Delta Pokemon aren't good here, so no use for Delta Rainbow Energy. 1/5

Modified - The only deck based on Delta Pokemon that I can think of is Metanite, but that needs L Energy so Dragonite can recover it. I'm not sure what kind of deck this card would help out. 3/5

Limited - Since there's not a lot of draw in this format, you often draw the wrong energy and hit yourself for it. Well this energy will help that problem, letting it act as any energy. Seems very good in this format. 4/5


Delta Rainbow Energy

Unlimited 2.5/5 - I give this rating because I am not sure if I can find a broken combination yet between some Delta Pokemon and a huge variety of Pokemon out there. But one thing's for sure, if there is such a combination, running some Delta Rainbow Energy is not a bad idea.

Modified 4/5 - This should be very helpful. Although you wouldn't run 4 in every Delta Pokemon deck, 2-3 should be quite helpful.

Limited 5/5 - Easy choice. A must play as long as your deck run any Delta Pokemon. It's a great Energy-fixer - making your Limited decks (sealed or draft) more consistent.



δ Rainbow Energy provides one energy and can be any type. This is very helpful, when you consider that there are plenty of δ Pokémon that have Metal energy requirements for their attacks. δ Rainbow Energy is one of those cards, that, like the Magma/Aqua trainers, (like Team Magma Ball or Archie) has a really good effect and would be overpowered if it weren’t for its being restricted to use with a fixed set of Pokémon; in this case, δ Pokémon.


What advantages does this card have? It has an advantage over Multi Energy, in that it does not change to colorless when a special energy card is attached to your Pokémon. It also has the advantage of not putting any damage on your Pokémon (Rainbow Energy) or reducing damage done by your Pokémon (Double Rainbow Energy). You do not have to wait for your Pokémon to already have an energy on it, in order to attach δ Rainbow Energy, as you would with Holon’s Electrode/Magneton.


Unlimited: Not many playable δ Pokémon here. 1.5/5


Modified: With the release of Holon Phantoms there will be more δ Pokémon with Metal energy requirements. I see this card being very playable. If you are making a δ deck anytime soon, wait until the release of Holon Phantoms, so you can put this card in your deck. 4/5


Limited: This appears to be the only special energy card in the set. This is a necessity if your Pokémon have special energy requirements. 5/5


Questions/comments/corrections? E-mail: ninetales1234@hotmail.com


Delta Rainbow Energy

as delta pokemon are still not good here, this card won't be either..

I think this card is awesome, because the delta pokemon are all different types and such this is really useful. Delta rainbow is practically a rainbow energy without any drawbacks for delta pokemon.

maybe even better here, because a lot of pokemon in this set are delta species pokemon, and a lot of evolution pokemon need a metal energy for their best attacks. This card provides a metal energy to delta pokemon so that's just excellent.


Review too long?  Skip straight to the Ratings and Summary!


Name: δ Rainbow Energy

Set: EX Holon Phantoms

Rarity: Uncommon

Card#: 98/110

Type: Energy

Subtype: Special Energy

Text: δ Rainbow Energy provides (C) Energy.  While attached to a Pokémon that has δ on its card, δ Rainbow Energy provides every type of Energy but provides only 1 Energy at a time.  (Has no effect other than providing Energy.)


Attributes: For the extremely new players, a Special Energy card is limited to four copies in a deck like (nearly all) Pokémon or Trainers.  Something even some experienced players may miss is the Colorless Energy Symbol in the corner.  It matters because on all recent cards this denotes the card’s default Energy type and amount of Energy provided.  So unless the effect says otherwise, δ Rainbow Energy is a Colorless Energy card that provides a single Energy.  So far, no effect has clashed with this while the Special Energy card is in the deck, so its only in play where it may count as something else, and then only if the text explicitly states otherwise.


Abilities: δ Rainbow Energy is the latest in the “provides all Energy types” cards.  Previous examples would be Rainbow Energy, Miracle Energy, Multi Energy, Double Rainbow Energy, and Scramble Energyδ Rainbow Energy is most like Rainbow Energy (not a surprise, given the name), though it’s also a lot like Multi Energy as well.  You see, δ Rainbow Energy will provide every type of Energy (but only can fulfill a single Energy requirement at a time) but only when attached to a Pokémon δ!  So to a Pokémon δ it’s like a Rainbow Energy with no damage counter placement.  Its actual effect seems more similar to Multi Energy, though: Multi Energy works in the same manner except the “provides every Type of Energy” effect works if there are no other Special Energy attached to the Pokémon Multi Energy is attached to.


The card can be attached to any Pokémon that doesn’t itself prevent the Energy attachment, but it it’s not a Pokémon δ, it will just provide (C).  This is much better than being totally exclusive (like R Energy) since this means you can use it on a less than desirable target if you must.


As a whole, the effect seems great.


Uses and

Combinations: Needless to say, this is for Pokémon δ heavy decks.  The deck can have some non-Pokémon δ, or even many so long as the main Energy using line is a Pokémon δ.  A second, more important guideline is that the deck requires more than one Energy type.  Note that just being a Dual Type Pokémon δ, which is “part Metal”, is not enough: δ Rainbow Energy won’t provide the damage reducing effects of the actual card, Metal Energy.  So if there are just Colorless or Metal requirements, you’d be better off using Metal Energy.  If there is just a single other Energy requirement, you still probably are better off using that Energy type and then real Metal Energy cards.  Once you hit two different types of Energy requirement, excluding Metal Energy (or at least three including it), then you need this card for your Pokémon δ deck.  If you do need just another way of meeting a Metal Energy requirement for a Pokémon δ and you already have four Metal Energy cards, then it is still handy to add.


Just a reminder, the whole “all Energy types but only provides one Energy at a time” means that the card can fill any one Energy requirement.  You do not designate a specific Energy requirement when you play it, either.  If one attack (on a Pokémon δ) needs a Fighting Energy and the second needs a Fighting and a Metal Energy, I can attach δ Rainbow Energy, use the first attack, then next turn attach a Metal Energy card and use the second attack.  If a Pokémon δ has an attack or effect that says “discard all attached (L) Energy” then this card gets discarded whether it was used to pay for the attack: as long as the effect is active, it counts as a Colorless, Darkness, Fighting, Fire, Grass, Lightning, Metal, Psychic, and Water Energy.


It won’t ever provide any effects of a Special Energy card which also provides one of those Types no will it every count as a Basic Energy of those types.




Unlimited: 1/5 – Note, I don’t know that there’s a Pokémon δ that is good here.  If there is (or if one is released) and it needs multiple Energy types as described in Uses and Combinations, adjust this score accordingly as this card would then be a staple for such a deck.


Modified: 4.5/5 – A deck specific rating, or rather deck class specific rating.  As mentioned above, if you use a Pokémon δ significantly and it’s not the main Energy type of the deck, you should be using this card.


Limited: 3.5/5 – If that seems low, it’s because I am assuming you pull a single copy and have reason to use it: one lone δ Rainbow Energy would be a clutch card if you need to provide Metal or Darkness or some off-deck type of Energy for one or two Pokémon in your deck.  Each copy you pull boosts the rating by half a point, unless you have a mono-Energy deck type.



A great card that’s sure to strengthen Pokémon δ decks and give you a reason to pick through you EX Delta Species cards.


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