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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Holon Lake

Holon Phantoms


Date Reviewed: 05.05.06

Ratings & Reviews Summary
Unlimited: 1
Modified: 3
Limited: 5

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

2005 World
Holon Lake

Unlimited - The delta Pokemon aren't good here, so I dont think this would be good.

Modified - I would rather use Celio or PETM to get the Pokemon I need, not waste an attack. Tho very early in the game when you've got nothing better to do than 10-20 damage, it's good to use this attack to setup then. 3/5

Limited - An attack that searches out pokemon? Take it. 5/5


If the review is too long, skip straight to the Ratings and Summary! 


Name   : Holon Lake

Set       : EX Holon Phantoms

Card#   :

Rarity   :

Type    : Trainer

Sub-type: Stadium

Effect Text: This card stays in play when you play it.  Discard this card if another Stadium card comes into play.  If another card with the same name is in play, you can’t play this card.


Each player’s Pokémon has δ on its card can use attacks on this card instead of its own.


(C) Delta Call

Search your deck for a Pokémon that has δ on its card, show it to your opponent, and put it into your hand.  Shuffle your deck afterward.


Attributes         : As a Stadium, this card has the potential to be very useful, or to end up wasted with no real effect.  It all depends upon when the effect will be used: if it’s the turn you drop it into play then it’s quite nice, as it’s not wasted even if it is discarded by an opponent’s Stadium next turn.  It tends to be less useful if it’s only going to aid you on the opponent’s turn, since they can counter it at the start of their turn.  Fortunately, this is a case of the former.


Abilities           : While this is in play, Pokémon δ can use the Delta Call attack printed on it, as sort of a re-usable Technical Machine for Pokémon δ.  The attack is fair: any Pokémon δ from the deck is a good effect, especially for just one of any Energy.  The fact that only other Pokémon δ and as always works for both players keeps it from being too strong.


Uses and

Combinations  : Needless to say, you need to be running a good deal of Pokémon δ in your deck for this to be worth while.  If you are running several of them, then Holon Lake is excellent very early game.  You aren’t apt to be attacking for all that much damage anyway: in essence, every Basic Pokémon δ becomes a good Pokémon for setting up with if Holon Lake is in play.  After the first few turns, you can switch to a secondary Stadium: it’s not an uncommon practice, since we have several good supporting and disruptive Stadiums; the disruptive Stadiums often working in a variety of decks and against several popular mainstream ones.  In this case you could combine it with either of the previous Holon stadiums or something entirely different.




Unlimited         : 1/5 – Although it is nice that it can get into play and allow you to still set up despite all the disruption, there are too many fast attackers to use any Pokémon δ in Unlimited, especially since “Baby Pokémon” (those under the protection of the Baby Rule), the preferred Pokémon for early game, thankfully are no longer being made and thus aren’t compatible.


Modified          : 3/5 – Pretty nice early game for a Pokémon δ deck, but its only really helpful early game.


Limited            : 4/5 – The only downside is that it helps the opponent as well: otherwise it allows you to get out that 1-1-1 Pokémon line that would be nearly impossible otherwise, and if the opponent can’t mount a good offensive, maybe even more.



A good card with a very specific use, Holon Lake adds more to support to Pokémon δ, and many of them need it.


Holon Lake

as delta pokemon aren't really great here and we also have enough better methods to search for a delta pokemon, I have to give this card a

I really like this card, probably because I like themed decks. This will most certainly add up any delta decks consistance, and it's also a counter versus battle frontier, as many of your delta pokemon are dual type metal. Holon Lake can easily be maxed out if you play Gyarados from Holon Phantom with it, and it will make just any delta species pokemon a decent starter.
It would get a much higher rating from me when the new set rotation happens and delta decks will be common, I think.

As much as this card helps you, it also helps your opponent, I don't know the % of pokemon in the set that are delta, but as for now it seems nearly all are. If that is the case in holon phantoms, you should only pick this if you are certain you got a nice evolution line, because if you got one of the lesser ones. your opponent will use this stadium against you and he'll search for his delta pokemon.
It's awesome here but still a bit risky.

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