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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Holon Fossil

Holon Phantoms


Date Reviewed: 04.04.06

Ratings & Reviews Summary
Unlimited: 2
Modified: 3
Limited: 2

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

Holon Fossil

Unlimited 1/5 - Flipping a coin to get a stage 1 Fossil Pokemon into play - not too hot. Strange Cave would be much more viable. Even then, I am not sure if Fossil Pokemon is worth the trouble.

Modified 2.5/5 - I am really not that certain how this will work out for a deck running powerful Fossil Pokemon, including Armaldo ex (Legend Maker). My guess is that you run 2-3, in addition to Strange Cave.

Limited 3/5 - This may be your only option in order to play other powerful Fossil Pokemon in the set. So I have to give this a thumbs up, if there are any powerful Fossil Pokemon in this set during the Prerelease. The trick is to have Anorith in your hand or that particular Fossil Pokemon in your hand, since that will make it 100% that you can get that Stage 1 into play. However, you may have to do 50/50 - it depends on your situation.

R Pac~
Today's card is Holon Fossil from Holon Species

Ahh, to be a super secret reviewer of unreleased cards... :-P

Okay, so if you're running an Aerodactyl deck in unlimited, you gotta run four of this guy. It's just the best Aerodactyl getter I can think of. You flip heads you get one from your deck AND put him on your bench. You flip tails you put one from your hand and put him on your bench. This just rocks by getting around that annoying mysterious fossil. However, who runs Aerodactyl anymore? Evolutions are just about extinct in unlimited save Blastoise, Vileplume EX and Slowking. So, he could be used to counter those decks if they are in your area (if you do play him, use him quickly so your opponent can't evolve anymore). However, I could also see him as a precaution. Run a few Aerodactyl and a Holon Fossil in your deck and the big evolutions can be taken down early if needed. With all the search in this environment, he should be no problem to get out. You just have to weigh the benifit of stopping the three evolution decks against the deck space of maybe 4ish cards that will otherwise be useless in most instances. I say it depends on what your environment looks like. Personally, I would give him a trial, but would probably stick with a more focused deck.

If you do run him (and Holon Fossil) be sure to get him out ASAP when against an evolution deck because he does no good after the evolution has been played. Also, be sure to keep in mind his weakness (Scyther = one hit slaughter) and his low HP. To take advantage of the trainer, I would put 2-3 Aerodactyls and 1-2 Holon Fossils in my deck. Computer search (or Oak or whatever) to get an Aerodactyl and a Holon Fossil into your hand. Unless your other Aerodactyls are prizes or have been discarded, you automatically get one of him out despite how bad you flip coins (because one is in your deck (for heads) and one is in your hand (tails). To save space, you could also just run one Holon Fossil and use the Item Finders that are probably already in your deck if necessary, but I dont like playing flipping decks.

Unlimited Rating 2.5/5

~R Pac~

Holon Fossil

this card is a somewhat better version of fossil egg, if you already have one of the fossil-evolution cards in you hand it's a win-win situation. If you play aerodactyl (fossil) here, the only fevolution I can think of right now that is a bit decent in unlimited along with ninjask DX, this will come in useful, because you can get a turn 1 aero to shut off any slowking/blasty that you come across. use fast ball too.
as for the Holon Fossil, I don't think it will change gameplay and decks that much here.

This card is just a great addition to any deck that uses fossils.
Strange cave was nice, but getting the Fevolutions out of your deck was still a problem. you could use elms training method or celio's network, but that is a bit too slow.
I can see some Fevolution decks around since the new ones, from delta species are again another type, so you could easily play 4 types of pokemon to counter a lot of decks. so this card will certainly help.

Nah, without mysterious fossil in this set (as far as I know), fossils won't be worth playing. you could always hope for a heads on this card, but it's all a bit too situational and this will probably result in some dead cards in your hand.
you'll need a full fossil deck (with 2 or 3 holon fossil at least) and multitiple fevolutions to make a succesful fossil deck.


If you find the review is too long, skip straight to the Ratings and Summary! 


Name   : Holon Fossil

Set       : EX Holon Phantoms

Card#   : 86/110

Rarity   : Uncommon

Type    : Trainer

Effect Text: Flip a coin.  If heads, search your deck for an Omanyte, Kabuto, Aerodactyl, Aerodactyl ex, Lileep, or Anorith and put it onto your Bench.  Shuffle your deck afterward.  If tails, put an Omanyte, Kabuto, Aerodactyl, Aerodactyl ex, Lileep, or Anorith from your hand onto your Bench.  Treat the new Benched Pokémon as a Basic Pokémon.


Attributes: Holon Fossil is a plain, normal Trainer.  This is somewhat of a surprise, and the only downside to this is… you can’t search it out with Holon Transceiver like you could if it was a Supporter.  Of course, you can draw into it with a Supporter, so that’s nothing, really. ;)


Abilities: The downside: its coin flip based.  The upside: tails doesn’t automatically fail.  If you get heads, not only can you search for one of the Stage 1 “Fossil” Pokémon, but you can then Bench it as if it were a Basic.  That’s fantastic, and more or less an update of the old Fossil Egg.  They made it one better, though: on tails, you can still bench one of the listed Pokémon from your hand as if it were a Basic.  So as long as you have one of the listed Pokémon you want to Bench in your hand and one in your deck, either way you’ll get something out of this.


Uses and

Combinations: Super speed for Fossil decks.  So long as you get the desired Stage 1 into play as a Basic, it’s obviously a benefit.  However, the simple combos are also quite nice: use this first turn, then Candy into the Stage 2.  The Kabutops we reviewed on February 6th this year can attack for a single Fighting Energy, hitting for a solid 30.  Since its Fighting, think about an opening Plusle, or any of the several Fighting Weak Pokémon.  If you do go second, you would have the option of a Supporter, and if it discarded an Energy, then the secondary effect of Kabutops’ attack would let you attach said Energy, allowing you to use the “big” attack turn four of the game: not great, but still pretty good.  Omastar, should you be using it, pester the opponent with Drag Off… and since you would still have the option of using Strange Cave or playing another Holon Fossil (allowing you to Bench a Kabuto), Drag Off that early would be quite nice.  Cradily/Dark Ampharos decks would benefit: though you’d have a hard time using Cradily’s attacks first turn, you would reduce your reliance upon Strange Cave… allowing the deck to run Desert Ruins or Cursed Stone for extra damage.




Unlimited: 3/5 – There are a few decks that use Fossil Aerodactyl, and this is nice for them as it is better Fossil Egg.  It also makes Aerodactyl ex a little less silly of TecH: it might be worth adding two of it and two of this to a deck, just to kill Focus Band.


Modified: 4/5 – This score reflects what I believe it will do for Fossil based decks, giving them much needed extra speed.  Obviously it’s a must for such decks and useless outside of them.


Limited            : 1/5 – Wait, if this seems stupid it’s because I don’t know if there are any legal targets in the set!  If there are and you pull one of this and said target, its great… but yeah if you don’t have a legal target or there aren’t any in the set, it’s junk.  One last word of warning, this might be the only way in the set to play said Fossils… making them risky indeed.



An excellent card that should see use, but may not if people develop “Fossil Evolution Phobia”.  It allows you the option of keeping Strange Cave in the deck (allowing two Fossil Evolutions to be Benched as Basics in a turn)… or running less Strange Cave or even none at all and still have great speed.


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