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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Holon Adventurer

EX Legend Maker


Date Reviewed: 03.03.06

Ratings & Reviews Summary
Unlimited: 1
Modified: 2.83
Limited: 5

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

2005 World
Holon Adventurer

I never really liked cards that make you discard before drawing. It gives you less choices on what to discard, which is why I like TV Reporter better.

Unlimited - There are better draw cards. 1/5

Modified - What tournament deck uses delta pokemon? Only one I can think of is Metanite, but I dont think you want to discard your own Pokemon just to get 1 extra card do you? I'd rather use TVR or Copycat. 2/5

Limited - Take any draw you can get in this drawless format!! 5/5


Review is too long? Skip straight to the Ratings and Summary! 


Name   : Holon Adventurer

Set       : EX Holon Phantoms

Card#   : 85/110

Rarity   : Uncommon

Type    : Trainer

Sub-type: Supporter

Effect Text: You can play only one Supporter card each turn.  When you play this card, put it next to your Active Pokémon.  When your turn ends, discard this card.


Discard a card from your hand.  If you can’t discard a card from your hand, you can’t play this card.


Draw 3 cards.  If you discarded a Pokémon that has δ on its card, draw 4 cards instead.


Attributes: This is a Supporter, specifically a Holon Supporter.  This means it works with Holon Transceiver.  So while it requires a discard, it can be searched out from the deck or retrieved from the discard.  So even if it is similar to or slightly inferior to another Supporter, this means it still may be of use.


Abilities: As I just hinted at, this is similar to several other cards we already have.  It lets you draw three cards at the cost of a discard.  The main downside is that it’s a discard before use, so you have to have at least one other card in hand to use it.  Not too difficult, but it matters.  Like Rocket’s Mission it rewards you for a specific discard.  Not surprising, Holon Adventurer rewards you with an extra draw (so four instead of three) if you discarded at Pokémon that has δ on its card.


Uses and

Combinations: Another solid draw card, but obviously not for every deck.  Consider it if you’re relying heavily on Pokémon δ or using Holon Transceiver and related Supporters (the infamous Holon Engine), and definitely use it if you’re running both.  After all, getting a Pokémon back from the discard is pretty easy, and cards that due it usually get multiples at the same time.  Thus, with a proper Trainer blend you can make the cost roughly a third of the normal.




Unlimited: 1/5 – Even if you are using the related cards that I mentioned above, here there are just too many better choices.


Modified: 3/5 – That’s a general rating: as a whole, decks can take it or leave it.  If you are using related cards as above, the score is half a point to full point higher.


Limited: 5/5 – Draw power is incredibly important in Limited, and this set should have quite a few Pokémon δ.



A well made card that won’t hurt most decks, but most decks have better options.  It is well suited to two classes of deck as described in Uses and Combinations: those using the Holon Engine or just many Pokémon δ.



Holon Adventurer

Unlimited - 1/5 Professor Oak or Elm are much better options.

Modified - 3.5/5 I think this is a new Rocket's Mission, for decks running delta Pokemon. I think the fact you can use Holon Transceiver for them (both to search for and re-use) makes this better than Rocket's Mission.

Limited - 5/5 Just about anyone getting this in Prerelease or Draft will run it. Pretty much a guranteed 3-4 card advantage.

Modified: I like this card. Similar to Rocket's Mission, Holon Adventurer will work best in a Metagross (d) / Electrode ex deck, giving you the option to discard energy for Electrode ex's Poke-Power, or when in need of cards, discarding a Metang d or Metagross d will work, too.

However, like Rocket's Mission, it is important not to ignore the downsides of 1) discarding a Pokemon, and 2) discarding, THEN drawing (unlike TV Reporter.) Discarding Pokemon is not going to be your best option most of the time (especially in decks that play delta Pokemon), so in order to get 4 cards, you'll pay a price.

Modified 4/5.

Unlimited: 1/5. Oracle,Rocket's Admin.,Copycat are your choice of supporter, and you don't play too many since cards like Professor Oak are not only better, but not supporters.

Limited: 5/5 Take any draw you can get, not too mention this card will be sick in prereleases, because such a high percentage of the Pokemon will be delta Pokemon.



My name is Holon Adventurer
I’m the only draw in the set
If you discarded a Delta Species
You draw four cards instead

Unlimited: Let’s spell it O-A-K yeah that’s right OAK ;-)

Rating : 1/5

Modified: Don’t like it here it’s just like Rocket’s Mission and I didn’t like that card either.

Ok sure you can search/refresh it with Holon Tranceiver but still not word it.

Rating : 1.5/5

Limited: Duuuh I’ts draw you always take draw is this format.

Rating: 5/5

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