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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Energy Switch

EX Unseen Forces


Date Reviewed: 09.29.05

Ratings & Reviews Summary
Unlimited: 1.66
Modified: 2.33
Limited: 2.83

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

Hey, it's ImperialStingmon and I'm back with Energy Switch. Let's see what this does.

Move a basic energy card attached to 1 of your Pokemon to another of your Pokemon.

Huh. Simple enough. Energy Switch is a card we've seen before and it's actually gotten more useless over time. There's so many ways to move energy cards now that, even though Energy Switch is not limited by type, it is limited by number something that can't be said for Venusaur EX's Energy Trans. The other problem with Energy Switch is it's a one time thing which means you have to be very careful when moving that energy cause if you're not you could end up with nothing but energyless walls that will get trampled before you can do anything about it.

Unlimited: 1/5 It can be used, but I'll take Venusaur or Blastoise over it anyday.

Modified: 3/5 It's a little more useful here, but again Venusaur EX looks a tad more pleasing.

Limited: 4/5 Easy to pull, but if you can get all of the Venusaur EX line use it instead.


Hey! Gimmie!

Energy Switch (Available in a few different Booster series)

Type: Trainer

"Move a basic Energy card attached to
1 of your Pokemon to another of your

Rarity: Uncommon
Your chances of getting this card aren't too bad.

The Positive:
Let's face it. there are times when you run short of Energy, and start looking longingly at that Pokemon sitting on your bench with an Energy attached, and either regret wasting the energy on them, or wishing you could get that energy back to use on a Pokemon that's more useful to you now.
ES cures that particular dilemma by allowing you to swap energy from that once (But now) useless Pokemon to a more useful Pokemon so you can get more use of the Energy card.

The Negative:
This card isn't always useful, so you may not want to incude it in your deck. It's not much of a down-side, but should be noted.

Useful here, but not a popular card, so it doesn't see much play.
It is useful though, so including a copy or 2 may be a wise move.

Legal in this format. It is useful, but lacks the punch most players want. If you use it, only use 1 or 2 copies.

Not as useful here. Most players will pass it by.
TR Brian


Well I would like to say thanks to pojo for letting me do this and to everyone that reads these reviews. Keep reading! ;-)

So now that's said and done we move to the actual review. Today we look at another reprinted card but unfortunately it isn't like yesterdays which is really really good.
Energy switch can be used as a tactic to surprise the opponent but I think its not worth the trouble.

Unlimited:There is no need for it here.Too many good cards here. 1/5

Modified: Again it isn't really a good card. 1/5

Limited:Although i gave this a horrible score in the others. It is an ok card here because u might actually need to switch those energies. In limited you usually run two or more types so it can be of some use. 3/5 ^_^

Thanks for reading. B E Z readers. TR Brian

Energy Switch:

Unlimited: not much use here, you cant move darkness energy, and unlimited attackers should have low-costed energy attacks anyway. you could use it however to switch the energy on your cleffa onto an attacker.

Modified: I think this card is a waste of space in your deck, again you can't move special energy, and moving 1 energy in general isn't worth one card in your deck. There are a lot of better trainers out there.

Limited: at a prerelease, i combo'ed energy switch to gligar, so I could attack, and when gligar received too much damage, move the energy to a new attacker, and retreat for free. energy attachment is important here, such is keeping your energy in play. This card is very useful in general here, move energy that you don't need anymore is nice.
Ok, Energy switch I dont likr this card too much it dosen't really have many uses with all of the other energy moving cards that are poke powers and just is isn't good I give it low marks.



limited-2 its slightly better because you need trainer cards in your deck

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