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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Energy Recycle System

EX Unseen Forces


Date Reviewed: 09.27.05

Ratings & Reviews Summary
Unlimited: 1.75
Modified: 2.41
Limited: 3.25

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

R Pac~
Hey all,

Today's card is Energy Recycle System from EX Unseen Forces

Energy Recycle System is basically a Pokemon Retriever but for energy. I like the fact that it has two possible effects depending on the situation that you are in during the game. You can put a basic energy from your discard to your hand if you're in need of that particular energy or you can get up to three basic energies and shuffle them back into your deck if your energy supply needs to be replenished or if you're in fear of decking yourself.

Overall, this isn't going to effect the unlimited world. Decks that run more than one basic energy type in this arena will get crushed, so the first use of the card is just a wasted deck slot. The second use has at least some potential though. In decks that run primarly Pokes and trainers this could be used to get those needed energies back into a retrievable place, but its probably safer to just run more draw power.

Unlimited Rating 1.5/5

~R Pac~
Energy Recycle System: the “Pokémon Retriever” of basic energy. The big difference is, however, that Pokémon Retriever is a very playable card because of the fact that you can get a card from your discard pile that you can’t have more than 4 of. Energy Recycle System revolves around basic energy, and you can have as many basic energy as you want in your deck. So before you put this card in your deck, ask yourself “Do I really need this? Is energy so important to this deck that I want this in my deck?” Now, I know that energy is important to EVERY deck (except a few very “rogue” decks). I ask you to consider this because of the disadvantages…

Disadvantages: This card is restricted to only being able to get basic energy, so it may not belong in a Dark or Metal deck.

The more important disadvantage is that is only lets you put one energy in your hand. There are other non-supporter trainers that can get energy in your hand, with Energy Search being the most important one. Energy Search gets you a basic energy from your deck. You thin out your deck. I used to think that there was no point in using one card to search your deck for only one card, until I understood the concept of deck-thinning. Unless you are in danger of decking out, the smaller your deck is the better. This also explains why the second effect (shuffling energy into your deck) isn’t very helpful. The larger your deck, the less chance you have of drawing the cards you want at the beginning of your turn.

Advantages: Energy Recycle System provides an excuse to put less basic energy in your deck (because you can just recycle them). And the less energy in your deck, the more room you have for other stuff. I’ve played plenty of games in which a player uses Energy Search, only to discover there are no basic energy in his deck; if you’re unfortunate enough to be in this situation, ERS could help.

Energy Recycle System can make your deck larger, which is very convenient for a stall deck. If you’re playing AGAINST a stall deck, ERS lets you stall for 3 turns (and hopefully you can change the game before your deck is gone).

Unlimited: Lots of energy denial (i.e. Energy Removal, Super Energy Removal). In most games, there should be plenty of energy in your discard pile. But I’ve always found Energy Stadium to be more effective, and a lot more fun. 3/5

Modified: If your deck revolves around Pokémon that have to discard energy, or if your deck is low-energy, this could be very useful 3.75/5

Limited: This could prove especially helpful in an un-tested deck, as you may end up having not enough of a specific type of energy, and not realize that until it’s too late. Don’t take this card over Energy Search, however. 4.75/5


Questions/comments/corrections? E-mail: ninetales1234@hotmail.com

Today we look at Energy Recycle System. At first glance this card would seem like a good choice to put in your deck. I mean, who wouldn’t want an energy card back, or to put three energy cards back in the deck? But the problem is that it can only bring back basic energy, so it wouldn’t really work in any decks that run Dark or Metal energies, such as Rock Lock, DragTrode, or any deck that run Steel Pokemon.

   It can be of a service to you in decks that isn’t Special Energy heavy, but usually there is better ways of achieving the goal of energy speed than this card. It is nice to be able to bring those energies back from the discard pile, but really you shouldn’t be hurting to use this card. It’s useful…but not useful enough to warrant a spot in most decks.

Unlimited: 1/5 Waaaaaaay better things here

Modified: 2/5 Can help, but better options

Limited: 3/5 Slightly better here.


If you got questions or comments about any of my reviews, or just want to shoot the breeze, you can contact me at war_jedi@hotmail.com and I’m TomM on the forums.

Psylight Hao Energy Recycle System:

The card for today is Energy Recycle System (ERS) here is the text: "Search your discard pile for basic Energy cards. You may either show 1 basic Energy card to your opponent and put it into your hand, or show 3 basic Energy cards to your opponent and shuffle them into your deck."

English: This card was used in decks that lose a lot of basic energies in thier discard pile and don't have any form of returning it to their deck, has well this card is kinda a substitute for Magneton since most of the time you will return the energy you want to your hand and fullfil the requeriment for an attack or has well to buy some turns adding cards to the deck like Pokémon Retriver does. This card may be useful in the new LugiaEX deck since you will be discarding 3 energies per turn if Lugia is your main hitter has well deks like that use camerupts EX may work and also TyranitarEX

Spanish: El viejo Sistema de reciclado de Energias solia funcionar muy bien en Modified RS-On en el deck de Gardy y alguno que otro Blaze incluia uno, esta carta tiene potencial al ser un sustituto directo del Magneton de Dragon en el Formato ademas de seguir la larga tradicion de cartas como pescador y recuperacion de energias, servira bastante en un deck que descarte bastantes energias por turno como lo es el de LugiaEX
o en decks q no lo hacen tanto como Camerupt EX o inclusive Tyranitar en el caso q las descartes involutariamente


Unlimited: The only the I think may used is turboBlastoise since if you don't have the Blastoise in the first turn have to Oak with a lot of energy it may work but has well the Fisherman and Town Volunters is the format so they will help more the ERS, the only think that helps here is that ERS isn't supporter so it could work. 2/5

Modified: Since Magneton and Blaze are gone You may try this has substitute and well the deck can really take this in handy is Lugia EX other more will take has help to buy turns but Pokemon retriver is kinda the same and sometimes more useful: 3/5

Limited: Could work here there isn't a lot of things to avoid deking and is you draft LugiaEX and a couple of this, You may have something to supporter your attacks.3/5

Energy Recycle System,
The non-supporter retriever of basic energy.

Unlimited: we have energy stadium, (super) energy retriever here, I don't think it will be of any use here.

Modified: Not very useable too, getting a energy back is great, but it shouldn't be necessary, 3 energy back in your deck is pretty good, but I think there are better cards to use in your deck.
Unless you're playing a deck with 6 types of basic energy in it, this just won't work :(.

Limited: since you won't be playing mono-type decks often, and there isn't as much draw as in the other formats, it could actually be useful here.

Reduce, Recycle, Reuse... Well, maybe just two out of the three.

Energy Recyling Program (available in various booster series)

Type: Trainer

"Search your discard pile for basic
Energy cards. You may either show 1
basic Energy card to your opponent
and put it into your hand, or show 3
basic Energy cards to your opponent
and shuffle them into your deck.

Rarity: Uncommon
Not too hard to snag a copy from a pack.

The Positive:
Being able to reuse cards is always a good thing, and getting back some of what you invested in a Pokemon who got axed is nice.

The Negative:
The effect, while good, isn't that desirable. I haven't seen this card used in any serious decks out there.
If you were able to return 3 Energy cards back to your hand instead of your deck, it would see more play.

Well... there's better cards to use, such as Delcatty from Ruby&Saphire or Blaziken (Firestarter power) is a slower, but more useful version of this effect as you can attach the single Energy directly to a Pokemon in play, and the effect works repeatedly. ERP is a one-shot deal, and not worth the deck-space.

Not any better here. This card just isn't powerful or spectacular enough to see play.

This card might see a little bit of play here, but it just doesn't 'do enough' to be used much. Players who can't get enough energy search effects might use this, but still not much.

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