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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Rare Candy



Date Reviewed: 09.07.05

Ratings & Reviews Summary
Unlimited: 4.75
Modified: 5
Limited: 3

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

Bullados Rare Candy EM

Allows you to skip a stage of evolution. This is the same as the old Pokemon Breeder, the only card in the old Unlimited that made Stage 2 decks playable, especially the old Raindance, which ran 4 of those things. Candy has more than made up for the loss of Breeder in stage 2 decks.
Can be used for stage 1s. This by itself is not gamebreaking. However, combined with the next ability, helped to make the Turn 2 Beatdown deck popular before Turn 2 Control was invented, and still is now.
Allows you to break the evolution rule. This is the part that makes Candy so much better than Breeder in every way imaginable. You can have a Blastoise out on turn 1, with the Suicune ex smacking the opponent for almost unlimited damage. 3 stage 2s out on turn 2, as the original version of RocLoc made so famous. The possibilities are almost endless with this card.

None. This card should be played in every single Stage 2 deck conceived, and in about 50% of stage 1 decks. This is also the only card that has no disadvantages that I can see.


Unlimited: This card replaced the much-vaunted Breeder in stage 2 decks. Unfortunately, there are only 2 different stage 2 decks in the format: Raindance and Hay Fever. Those are the only two that can really stand up in the format. However, Rare Candy makes it so that these two are powerhouses in a Basic dominated format.

Modified: This one card breaks the format. Period. End of story. If you are not running this card in Modified, your deck is not as good as it could be. Basic decks really don't work here, aside from the old ZapTurnDos deck, which is pretty much dead now. If you are running evolutions as your main strategy, you pretty much HAVE to be running this card. No stage 2 decks can survive without this card, and no Basic focused deck can survive WITH this card in the format.
5/5 (This is the first card that I've ever given a 5 to, so it MUST be good)

Limited: Not as good here. It can help in getting out a stage 2 that you don't have any stage 1s for, but really, it's just a little too situational to be a good help here. If you get it and some evolutions, you should play it, but it really won't help out much in a Basic dominated format where stage 2s even being pulled from packs are rare.
Pidgeot5 Rare Candy.

Rare candy is downright broken in any format, especially after Celio gets you exactly what you want and then it is immediately played. It’s not a supporter and games can end very early on because a player was able to get their stage 2 into play and defeat one or two 50HP basics for the cheap win.
Many games I have seen end turn 2 or on very rare occasions turn 1 because a player played rare candy got their big pokémon into play and crushed the poor defenceless basic. Rare Candy however has allowed a lot more stage 2 based decks to pop up simply because it gives a better chance to keep up or even outspeed its competition.

Unlimited: Blastoise turn 1? Vileplume ex turn 1? Either of those cards played on the first turn are very unfair unless the opponent plays Muk and even then gusting those Grimers with your early advantage is just too easy.
It is a must play if using any stage 2 cards, especially Blastoise or Vileplume ex.

Modified Hl on: Just as broken here, turn 1 Pidgeot can be game winning as the advantage you get out of the early quick searches is mind blowing, even more so if your opponent does not play battle frontier. Playing 2 stage 2 lines is much more realistic with rare candy around because unlike before such decks don’t lag behind in the development race. However don’t be cocky when you place your stage 2 through rare candy, be wary of Ancient TM rock and maybe play one more candy then you need should you get ‘rocked’ and need to come back

Limited: It’s actually not that good here, it’s still usable of course but more often then not it will just sit in your hand as you will either have your single stage 2 out already or it will be in your deck and you have no way of searching for it. While it can effectively give you an extra stage 1 card you need to have the basic, candy and the stage 2 and it’s unlikely you will have more then 1 of the stage 2 and rare candy. Still it is worth playing but not as useful as say Wally’s training.

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