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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day



Team Rocket Returns


Date Reviewed: 09.06.05

Ratings & Reviews Summary
Unlimited: 3
Modified: 4.5
Limited: 5

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

Pidgeot5 Copycat

Yet another popular card that appears in a lot of decks and even unlimited gets to see this card from time to time. Its popularity is well deserved; it shuffles your hand into your deck and draws the same amount of cards in your opponent’s hand. It can be used right after your opponent plays say a Steven’s advice or uses Eeeek to draw 6 or 7 cards. Alternatively it could also be used to shuffle cards from your hand into your deck provided the opponents hand size is smaller then yours. Potentially it is the biggest card drawing tool in the game but its all dependant on the opponent. Even with a poor draw like say 3 or 4, you may still get one of the things you needed in your hand, it is a card that has multiple uses and some of these uses can give you a huge advantage over your opponent.

Unlimited: A decent choice, but not to be depended on like you would depend on Professor Oak. It’s generally good because it can do a good draw after your opponent eeeks while it can also be used to get cards back into your deck to avoid decking out.

Modified Hl-on: It’s still a top candidate for drawing, however keep in mind that unlike Steven, Bill’s maintenance and Mary’s request you shuffle your entire hand into your deck and don’t just draw cards. Be mindful of this when you decide how many Copycat to run in your deck. Of course it can be also used to combo with hidden legends Shiftry to deal extra damage by matching hand sizes although the problem is that unless you do something that lets you put one or more back into hand, you can’t play anything if you hope to do the extra damage. It’s a fantastic drawing tool and as long as you can work around its drawbacks playing it is likely to make the difference between winning and losing.

Limited: Hand sizes can vary greatly in this format, but any draw is good, you can shuffle those worthless cards in and get some new ones that may change the flow of play. It’s an excellent card to have and consider yourself lucky if you get it in a Team Rocket Returns pre-release.
Bullados Copycat TRR

This is probably one of the most potent draw cards in the format. It can get you a new hand of an indefinite amount, but will normally be 5 or more, given that hand sizes are, on average, fairly large these days. A larger hand will normally mean more options for the current turn or the next couple of turns.
It can also save you from decking if your opponent has a smaller hand size than you have. Actually, Copycat saved me at least 2 games over the past year because I was able to put a large hand back into my deck and deck my opponent in the next couple of turns.

Supporter rule. This is probably the biggest disadvantage for this card, as it prevents you from using other cards such as Brindy, Steven, TV Reporter, or Mary's Request, all of which are potentially better than CC in the card drawing category. I normally run no more than 3 CC in my decks, because of this limitation.
It could end up making you deck. This can be prevented by a diligent player keeping tabs on what his or her opponent's hand size is and the number of cards left in the deck to draw. Really, this is something that only those who are not paying attention should really worry about.


Unlimited: I love this card here. It replaces the niche that Prof Elm once took, that of deck replenishing while getting a new hand. Also, there are almost no Supporters that are very good here, so CC can find a good spot in many decks. Hand sizes are generally pretty decent here, generally exceeding 5, so you'll have no problems getting a good hand size out of a CC. However, it does have its limitations, most notably that deck space is incredibly tight here, given that draw is so abundant with Oak, Comp Search, and many other cards. This card is not quite "OMG, I have to put this thing in my deck or I lose", but better than "I don't need this" or "situational".

Modified: Again, it gets bettered by more straight draw cards such as Steven, Mary, and TV Reporter. Also, Admin is better at reducing hand size dramatically and replenishing the deck. However, it can also be a very potent card drawing machine, given that hand sizes in Modified are larger than in Unlimited, 7 being about average, but escalating upwards of 12, 14, even 18 cards (yes, I did manage a 18 card CC before).

Limited: It's card drawing, grab it. The only thing that you'd pass this thing up for in a TRR draft would be... would be. Nothing really. Maybe a BBP or something like that, but card drawing is more valuable than any BBP ever could be. However, there are 2 other draw cards in this format, both of which have their advantages and disadvantages. One discards a card from your hand, while the other is incredibly situational and could potentially leave you with a smaller hand size. This is about as good as it gets here.


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