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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Desert Ruins

Hidden Legends


Date Reviewed: 08.02.05

Ratings & Reviews Summary
Unlimited: 2.6
Modified: 4.3
Limited: 2.6

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

Bullados Desert Ruins

Advantages: This is quite possibly the most versitle Stadium card in existence. It can be thrown in any quantity into any deck that doesn?t rely on Pokemon-ex, and severely hampers the ability of the opponent to use their own Pokemon-ex. Also, because it?s a Stadium, it?s difficult to get out of play. The only 2 ways to get it out is either to replace it, or to use an attack that discards it.

Disadvantages: Very few, unless you run Pokemon-ex in your deck. In that case, you should not be running Desert Ruins anyway.

Unlimited: No advantage, no disadvantage. Use it as a general Gymbreaker, and nothing else.

Modified: Spectacular card, excellent gymbreaker, also excellent at making your opponent think twice about that big ex he just played. This should be in every deck that doesn?t run Pokemon-ex.

Limited: Gymbreakers are always good, and for this format, if it doesn?t help you, it hurts you. Get rid of your opponent?s Gym before they can use it right. Also, there are a lot of Basic ex?s in this set, meaning lots of targets for Ruins.
X-Act Desert Ruins

Desert Ruins is a Stadium card that counters ex Pokemon having 100HP or more. Specifically, when Desert Ruins is in play, each player must put one damage counter on each of his or her ex Pokemon having 100HP or more at any time between turns.

I can see this card being very good in HL-on, since ex Pokemon should be very much played in this format. The few non-ex decks that will be in HL-on will surely tuck a few copies of this card in their decks. jermy actually played 4 copies of this card in his Worlds-winning deck, to ensure that he always counters the gym that his opponent plays against him (notably Battle Frontier), and, at the same time, to aid Nidoqueen to kill the various ex Pokemon that it could meet.

Unlimited: This is a great card in Unlimited as well. Wigglytuff ex, Suicune ex and Vileplume ex are all cards that are played in Unlimited, and all of them have 100HP or more. So if you’re one of those Unlimited players who still plays things like Slowking or Snichu or whatever (anything that doesn’t have a 100HP+ ex Pokemon, basically), consider putting a few copies of this card in your deck to counter three of the best Unlimited decks. 3.5/5

Modified: Thank god the format is HL-on and not FRLG-on. Desert Ruins will certainly be played in HL-on… the ex Pokemon are simply too powerful not to be directly countered by this card. 4.5/5

Limited: Very few people will have an ex Pokemon that Desert Ruins can counter in HL. Only Kyogre ex, Groudon ex, Vileplume ex, Metagross ex and Wigglytuff ex are countered by Desert Ruins in this set, and a player would have really fantastic luck to be able to draft one of these cards AND them find a way to evolve them. Kyogre ex and Groudon ex might be exceptions, but I think that they are actually not very good in Limited (for ex’s), and can be countered in other ways. Because of this, I believe Desert Ruins to be next to useless in Limited. 1.5/5
Pidgeot5 Desert ruins

Desert ruins is a stadium that is played a lot because it punishes those big ex pokemon and helps level the playing field when using the non ex pokemon.
It makes a good gym to have in a non ex deck, especially when running Pidgeot and you need a counter to battle frontier, and ex decks that are prone to ruins tend to play more gyms to counteract it. Some decks that run 90HP exs can also get away with running ruins and sometimes the effects can be devastating.

Unlimited: It is a good gym because the ex pokemon are everywhere. Vileplume ex, Suicune ex, Wiggly ex. The thing is though that these dominate the format so much that even if ruins is in play, they just comp search or oak and counter ruins and are able to win before the continued stream of ruins is able to do too much damage. In addition if Vile ex is active, ruins cannot be played anyway.

Modified: Better here, there are tons of solid non ex choices for you to play desert ruins with. There are strong looking exs on the horizon so this gym may be a good choice in a lot of decks, who knows, it may appear more commonly now.

Limited: Well your opponent needs to have an ex for this to work that is over 100HP, and unfortunately 3 out of the 9 ex pokemon in this set evade ruins and in addition there are 3 other gyms in this set. Of course if your opponent is hoping to go romping away with their Wigglytuff ex or something, this will give them an unpleasant surprise. Whether it will stop the target before it takes 4 prizes is questionable but it gives you a better hope at least. I would have rather pulled a steven’s advice or maybe even life herb as it has a better chance of actually doing something for you.

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