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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day



Hidden Legends


Date Reviewed: 09.01.05

Ratings & Reviews Summary
Unlimited: 1.25
Modified: 3.63
Limited: 3.3

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

I choose to simply review Nidoqueen, and Milotic, because they provide a 1-2 combo to win Worlds 2005.

I will stick to Modified only. Milotic works best with high HP, non-ex attackers, that is hard to one-hit KO, so you can swarm with them. The idea of Milotic and Dark Steelix is pretty old, because Dark Steelix fits that theme perfectly. Sceptile ex as well to an extent, because they use the Slowbro (Ruby and Sapphire) to keep Sceptile ex healthy. So Milotic can take off all the damage from Slowbros.

But what a brilliant idea to use Milotic with Nidoqueen. Because Nidoqueen is much easier to set-up and does a lot of damage, while Dark Steelix has limited attack capability.

Overall, Milotic is a good card, but needs to be used in the right decks.

Modified - 4/5

Bullados Milotic HL

Attributes: Awesome HP for a stage 1. 100 is equal to many stage 2s, which is very nice. Terrible weakness, pretty much any Lightning card can easily OHKO this guy, and Lightning is a pretty popular type. Retreat of 2 is decent, but not great.

Poke-POWER: ?Healing Shower?

A very big upside coupled with a very big downside. I?m not sure how to rate this thing because of that. It can either win you the game, or cost you it, just because of that power.

Attack #1: ?Wave Splash?

A fair attack, nothing more. A backup attack, nothing more.

Attack #2: ?Distorted Wave?

Massive damage, but a nasty effect. That effect effectively makes this a 60 damage attack for 4 energy, which is still pretty decent. However, 80 is enough to OHKO many Pokemon around.

Unlimited: Really nothing that it can do here, as the entire format is OHKOs, except for Blastoise.

Modified: Pretty good here. Removing all those 20 damage counters across your Pokemon is always a nice thing. Also, the attack OHKOs almost all Basics in the format. It?s a nice backup attack, and a nice effect for certain situations.

Limited: You get this out and it?s GG. Few evolutions, few Electric types, and a lot of Water weakness make this thing virtually unstoppable, even if it DOES help your opponent one time.
X-Act Milotic HL

We now consider the Hidden Legends version of Feebas’ evolution.

It has 100HP, pretty cool for a Stage 1 evolution card, and a retreat cost of 2. The first attack is nothing to shout about, and the second one is a bit expensive but does 80, only after healing the Defending Pokemon of 3 damage counters.

Milotic, however, has a pretty interesting Poke-Power. Whenever you play it from your hand to evolve a Feebas, you may heal every non-ex Pokemon in play, including your opponent’s. jermy did not use Milotic for its attacks, but rather to use this Poke-Power to heal his multiple Nidos and Pidgeots after they have accumulated damage. It is especially good when your main hitter does a lot of damage at once, since then your opponent doesn’t benefit that much from being healed by Milotic. And, of course, it also works great when your opponent plays a lot of ex Pokemon.

Unlimited: There are better ways to heal all of your Pokemon here, which don’t have to resort to play a Stage 1 line having a 30HP basic in it. 1.5/5

Modified: In HL-on, I think Milotic has potential, especially since I see the metagame slowly turn to ex-oriented decks. If you are one that doesn’t play any ex Pokemon, Milotic will act as a great healer for your Pokemon. 3/5

Limited: I think it’s not that cool in Limited, seeing as its Basic form has only 30HP, and Milotic is a holo. Healing each and every Pokemon in play isn’t that good when that includes also your opponent’s Pokemon, and its attacks are nonsplashable and a bit expensive. 1.5/5


Phew, back at school now. Getting my classroom ready for my new class of year 6 (10/11yo’s) children on Monday! Busy, busy, busy… Anyway, on with the COTD.

Now, due to fossil aerodactyl becoming popular in some regions, and energy removal always being popular this might get hurt some what. However, regardless of this… it’s power is very good as it is basically a pokemon centre for both players. Use it at the right time to maximize healing benefits on your side.

Wow. Great here. What a powerful errr… power. Being able to heal ALL of your pokemon is great. Even though its power heals your opponents too, you still have the control of when it is activated giving you the edge. Additionally, now that we have scramble energy, boost energy and double rainbow energy it is very easy to lose all energy and still make fast comebacks. Milotic’s main drawback is it evolving from the weak and pathetic 30HP feebas making it ATMR bait. However, there is a feebas that with a heads lets you auto evolve it to milotic which is OK (however, this does not activate it’s power). Milotic also has a decent second attack. Even though you must remove 3 damage counters before doing 80, it does mean your first attack to a non-damged pokemon does a solid 80 for 4 energy which is nice. Hmmmm, kinda wish I’d used this cards at worlds too!

Fantastic. I remember those dreaded hidden legends prerelease events. Everyone dreaded pinsir… and MILOTIC! Healing in limited is very rare, and the ability to do 80 damage was insane. Awesome.
Pidgeot5 Milotic HL

Milotic was played quite a bit at first, prior to the errata of Feebas even though its power did not activate this way, getting out so soon was really good. Then it’s play tended to fall of a bit, either way its still quite a decent card. It’s mostly used for its power which heals all non ex pokémon in play and when used correctly it can cause a lot of pain for the opponent as you choose whether to use it or not, and above all when you want to use it by evolving Feebas, just as long as it comes from the hand. It’s a solid attacker though doing 80 damage for 2 water and 2 colourless, which is nothing to sneeze at, although it does remove 30 damage prior to attacking the attack is still undercosted most of the time.

Unlimited: Nah, not too good here, damaged pokémon usually don’t last long anyway, they just get gusted and ko’ed and it needs too much energy to be seriously considered as an attacker.

Modified: If used correctly, it can very easily turn the game around by keeping you in control in a situation that would usually require a Briney which wastes time. It would be devastating if it just came into play by someone building damage counters with spinning tail Dark Tyranitar, but it usually saves 1 or 2 of your pokemon from near a knockout. Usually not used as an attacker but it could fit this role in a pinch. With the increase of overwhelming ex pokemon this may become more useful in the non exs decks.

Limited: Excellent here, doing 80 for 4 energy is devastating. In addition Feebas searches for this (on heads). Should you play it from your hand however healing all damage could also be helpful. Playing Feebas is well worth the risk for this card, especially in this format.

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