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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Ho-oh EX

EX Unseen Forces


Date Reviewed: 10.27.05

Ratings & Reviews Summary
Unlimited: 1.6
Modified: 1.5
Limited: 2.5

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

R Pac~
Hey all,

Today's card is Ho-oh EX from EX Unseen Forces

This card is pretty crummy. His HP is alright. His weakness is terrible in this environment. His power is alright... but you really dont want an EX dying for a power to be useful. His attack is much like his predecessors' attacks, which still doesn't cut it. Even the wording on the attack hurts. It does 20 more damage for each "basic energy card" so you can't use Rainbow energy or the new Holon energy that will be seen in Delta. Let's face it - rainbow decks (especially ones that cant use Rainbow energy) can't hold their own in unlimited.

Unlimited Rating 1.25/5

Does he look more Aztec, Incan or Myan to you? I can't decide...

Ho-Oh ex (Unseen Forces #104)

Type: Fire
Hot lava! Noything like fire for popularity and usability.

HP: 110
Incredible for a Basic!

Stage of Evolution: Basic
No evolutions, so you can slap him down right away.

PokeBody/PokePower: Poke-Power:
Golden Wing
"If Ho-Oh would be Knocked Out by damage from an opponent's attack, you may move up to
2 Energy attached to Ho-Oh ex to your Pokemon in any way you like.


[3x any] Rainbow Burn {10+}
Does 10 damage plus 20 more damage for each type of basic Energy card attached to Ho-Oh ex.

Weakness: Water
Bring your waterwings, or other forms of protection.

Resistance: (none)
*Sigh* It'd be nice if he had some.

Retreat Cost: 2
A bit pricey for a Basic.

Rarity: Holo Rare
Hard to get, and only worth it if you love him.

The Positive:
Great in a multi-type deck, where having lots of different types of energy is good for him, and you get to re-use some of the energy he has once he gets axed.

The Negative:
You'll realistically only do 30 to 50 damage, which is adverage for a 3 cost attack. He just isn't special enough to see much play, IMO.

Only use him if you're a Ho-Oh fan. If not, there's many better Pokemon to use.

Even less usable here. Look for better Fire Pokemon to use.

The high HP will be the only real reason to use him. Slap him into a deck of mostly other types to really throw your opponents for a loop.



ImperialStingmon is back in the house with the legendary Ho-oh EX!

Poke-Power: Golden Wing: If Ho-Oh ex would be Knocked Out by damage from an opponent's attack, you may move up to 2 Energy attached to Ho-Oh ex to your Pokémon in any way you like.

CCC: Rainbow Burn: 10+: Does 10 damage plus 20 more damage for each type of basic Energy card attached to Ho-Oh ex.

Hp: 110

Weakness: Water



Stage: Basic

Ho-oh returns to us with an attack we've seen before. The effect of this attack has been slightly juiced for this EX version so now each basic energy card provides 20 more damage instead of the original 10. This adds up to... 130 damage with all six different basic energy cards. Yeah, like that's gonna happen. You're not gonna put six energy on this guy and if you try you deserve to lose the game. The power that Ho-oh's been given is okay. It stops you from losing two energy cards and helps if you're in the middle of a small shortage of energy.

Unlimited: 1/5: Don't even think about it.

Limited: 4/5: Alot better with the recent set restriction.

Draft: 1/5: No, definitely not.

Ho-Oh EX

Unlimited: I guess there are some ways to power Ho-Oh up quickly, but that isn't worth it, it's weakness is really bad, as blastoise is still around, and retreat cost of 2 is bad too for a basic. it's very energy intensive, ER and SER just kill it, no, it's not worth it here.

Modified: it's ok here, water weakness is ok I guess, as for now, gatr sees some play, but with the release of Delta Species gatr should disappear from the metagame. but the attack is very energy intensive, and special energy cards are pretty much a waste on Ho-Oh, that, and it's hard to get 3 different energies onto Ho-Oh. this card will slow your deck down, and take some space, and in my opinion Ho-Oh ex doesn't deserve it.

Limited: it's actually a killer here, still it's hard to get 3 different energies onto ho-oh ex fast enough, but it is possible, and
2 different energies for 50 is way nice too.
110 HP is very,very good for a basic pokemon, and in limited, that shows off.
it's poke-power is very useful too, if you stack too much energy on Ho-Oh ex, you can self-recover by using the poke-power. it's weakness hurts a little though.
Psylight Hao Today we have Ho-Oh one of the legendary Pokémon that came out with Unseen Forces. is an EX so to prize for your oponent when is K.O. It has 110Hp prettynice for a basic but this has a drawback it will be food for Desert Ruins that are still popular; its Poke-Power: Golden Wing: If Ho-Oh ex would be Knocked Out by damage from an opponent’s attack, you may move up to 2 Energy attached to Ho-Oh ex to your Pokémon in any way you like. Is interesting can save two cards for another of your Pokémon, since Ho-Oh attack use a lot of energies types you may have the right type saved when need it; The attack (CCC) Raibow Burn 10+ 20 more damage for each type of basic Energy card attached to Ho-Oh ex. This can be powered very easy just paying his normal cost Ho-Oh can do 70 damage its maximum is 130 that will Knock Out a lot of stage 1 and basic Pokémons and some stage 2, themain problem is that is pretty slow to charge for a first hit; finally a weakness to water isn't good in a format with tons of water Pokémon; No resistence no thing to say retrat cost of 2 is fine if get in to trouble. This one could possible fit in Four Corners or Eeveelution decks for the many energie types they play the major drawback is that those decks use special energy cards to pwer up their Pokémon


Unlimited: to slow for this format, also Blastoise can eat this one with a little Rain 1/5

Modified: Has I said could work in eeveelotion or Four coners but still isn't a good selection 2/5

Limited: could turn the game in your favor is you charge it fast 3/5

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