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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day



EX Unseen Forces


Date Reviewed: 10.25.05

Ratings & Reviews Summary
Unlimited: 2.5
Modified: 3
Limited: 4

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

R Pac~
Hey all,

Today's card is Houndoom from EX Unseen Forces

Wow, another card that might be viable in the unlimited world. It's power is similar to the popular Vileplume EX, but with one draw back - the opponent has to have less Pokes in play than you. Seeing as big benches are very popular here, this wont be too difficult, you just need to keep your bench size in check and be ready for the opponent to surprise you with a Mr. Brinney's Compassion or a supporter that can potenially negate Houndoom's body. As far as the attacks go, Houndoom doesn't live up to Vileplume EX... but isn't too far off. His first attack is wimpy, but can paralyze. His second attack does 70 for 3 energy, which is good. The two major drawbacks of this card are his HP (waaaaay too low for a good stage 1) and his weakness (Mr. Blastoise will have fun stomping this deck). Protective Orb might be one card to throw in this deck, but if the opponent has Blastoise running, the weakness isn't going to be your biggest threat. Now compared to Vileplume EX is he better? Well, it kinda goes both ways. Vileplume EX has to be active for his power to work where as Houndoom can be benched with an attacker doing the damage. His HP is lower... but he is only a stage one evolution rather than a stage two, which makes him much more easy to get out and don't have to support his evolution in a deck as much as Vileplume EX. One MAJOR thing about this card is that it ISNT an EX - which means that your opponent only gets one prize for the knockout. In my opinion, this little guy could about equally match a Vileplume EX deck which is amazing. Just tie in a little extra support and be wary of your bench and this guy has some major potential.

Unlimited Rating 4/5


Unlimited: since unlimited is a lot about pokemon with nasty powers sitting on the bench, houndoom would do pretty well here, also, in unlimited, supporters are not as common and people play a lot of normal trainer cards. when houndoom's poke-body is working, your opponent cannot gust houndoom and KO it, you can also stadium lock with houndoom, nice.
houndoom is not really a good attacker though...
I don't think it has any combo's since it's a back-up card, but still, it's a good card.

Modified: For some reasons I don't really like it here, although it's great versus scizor ex and other metal or grass decks, you can't play too many pokemon because if you do, houndoom's poke-body will not work. and that's what houndoom is all about, there are better fire pokemon than houndoom. that, and the format is about supporters.
although at this time a lot of decks use jirachi + swoop. this will certainly slow them down. also, houndoom + battle frontier is a lock versus a lot of rocket and delta pokemon, and of course pidgeot.

Limited: it's pretty good here as all the drafted tools can't be played if you have less pokemon than your opponent in play. and here it is a pretty good attacker too.

Bad to the bone doggie!

Houndoom (Unseen Forces #7)

Type: Fire
Popular and somewhat versatile. Only real threat comes from Water.

HP: 70
Adverage for Stage 1s.

Stage of Evolution: Stage 1
Houndour is needed to bring him out. Very usable.

PokeBody/PokePower: Poke-Body:
"As long as you have less Pokemon in Play than your opponent, your opponent can't play any Trainer cards (Except for Supporter cards) from his or her hand."


[2x any] Tight Jaw {20}
Flip a coin. If heads, the Defending Pokemon is now Paralyzed.

[F][F][any] Flamethrower {70}
Discard a [F] Energy card attached to Houndoom.

Weakness: Water
Water is popular, so pack some protection.

Resistance: (none)
What is it with Resistance lacking on all of the cards we're reviewing lately?

Retreat Cost: 1

Rarity: Holo Rare
A bit hard to get, but his Poke-Body is worth it.

The Positive:
Cheap to get out, and 3 energy for his stronger attack isn't too bad. 70 damage from a Stage 1 isn't too shabby, and the ability to shut down those Switchs, Potions/Life Herbs and Rare Candys is a real plus.

The Negative:
Loosing a [F] energy for his stronger attack can set you back, and his ability to Paralize is a 50/50 shot. His Poke-Body won't stop searchers or card drawing effects.

He's ok here. Nothing too special, but not too aweful, either.

Slightly better here, but just lacks charisma, IMO.

Better here. 70 damage is good, and as a Stage 1, he's easy enough to get out to be usable.

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