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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Politoed EX

EX Unseen Forces


Date Reviewed: 10.24.05

Ratings & Reviews Summary
Unlimited: 2.25
Modified: 2.25
Limited: 2.25

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

R Pac~
Hey all,

Today's card is Politoed EX from EX Unseen Forces

Okay, so this card has some major potential. The 150 HP is beautiful and the weakness to grass isn't overly bad (Scyther might pose a problem - but can't one hit kill this beast). The first attack is a bench baby killer by doing 30 to any Poke or does 50 to any Poke if they are stage 2 - so very nice for sniping. The second attack does 40 and allows you to switch Politoed EX with a benched Poke which is nice when you don't want to pay that hefty 3 retreat cost (which should be 98% of the time). Swallow up is amazing doing 70 damage or 120 if the Poke has fewer HP left compared to Politoed EX (which should be most of the time seeing as he has 150 HP). The only possible hindrances to this Poke are set up time and energy removal. Seeing as he doesn't have an incredible Poke power his attacks need to cover some great ground... which they kinda do. 120 damage is almost always gonna be a one hit killer and the sniper attack is beautiful in situations. Raindance could combo with this... but running 2 evolutions isn't usually a very good idea. Boost energy could give this guy some help getting to his 40 damaging attack and double colorlesses should definitely be used to help power his two last attacks. Still, raindance will probably stomp all over this deck.... but its even hard to get a Suicune EX do do 150 damage in one turn, and 120 by this monster will crush anything found in this deck. So, I could see this guy working in some decent decks.

Unlimited Rating 2.25/5

Q: How many licks does it take to reach the stomache of a Politoed?
A: Just one!

Politoed ex (Unseen Forces #107)

Type: Water
Versatile and highly usable.

HP: 150
Quite good for a Stage 2 Pokemon.

Stage of Evolution: Stage 2
You'll need to evolve a Polywag into a Polywhirl into him.

PokeBody/PokePower: (None)
Sad, but true.


[W][any] Upward Lick
Choose i of your opponent's Pokemon. This attack does 30 damage to that Pokemon. If that Pokemon is a Stage 2 Evolved Pokemon, this attack does 50 damage instead. (Don't apply Weakness and Resistance for Benched Pokemon.)

[3x any] Punch and Run {40}
Switch Politoed ex with 1 of your Benched Pokemon.

[W][W][2x any] Swallow Up {70}
Before doing damage, count the remaining HP of the Defending Pokemon and Politoed ex. If the Defending Pokemon has fewer remaining HP than Politoed ex's, this attack does 120 damage instead.

Weakness: Grass
Only fear Meganium and his ilk.

Resistance: (none)
Same as last week. It would be nice if he did have some Resistance, though...

Retreat Cost: 3
Use Switch or Warp Point, or pay the price!

Rarity: Holo Rare
Hard to get, but sooo worth it!

The Positive:
He really hates weaker or Stage 2 Pokemon. Politoed ex can really do some major damage!

The Negative:
As a Stage 2, he can be hard to get out. Also, loosing 2 Prizes when he dies is a bummer.

Very usable here, and worth using. There's plenty of ways to do damage to the opponent's Pokemon to soften them up for Swallow Up fully powered.

Still usable here, but there's less ways to cause damage to specific Pokemon in this format.

Very Powerful, but as a Stage 2 Pokemon, he's hust too hard to get out.

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