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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Steelix ex

Unseen Forces


Date Reviewed: 10.21.05

Ratings & Reviews Summary
Unlimited: 2.5
Modified: 3.5
Limited: 2.4

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

R Pac~
Hey all,

Today's card is Steelix EX from EX Unseen Forces

Okay, so this isn't going to change the environment too much. He's only a stage one evolution yes, but his HP is low for a Steelix if you ask me, his power is sub-par, but his attacks are nice. 70 for a metal and a double colorless is nice, but very easily taken care of with the popular removal lines. Two fighting and a double colorless work for 100 damage to any of your opponents Poke is beautiful, but too energy intensive. His weaknesses are going to make the two prizes come right out of him being bait to Tyrogue and the plethora of fire Pokes here. Still, the metal energy will help and it will need to be backed up with some no-removal strategies if you wish to play him.

P.S. good luck with the retreat costs ;)

Unlimited Rating 1.25/5
Retreat cost of 5. Wow. That’s a lot. The biggest retreat cost in the game… It has high HP for a stage 1, in fact it is the highest HP of any stage 1 Pokémon next to Wailord EX and a handful of stage 2 EXs. Its first attack requires one Metal energy, whose effect Steelix EX benefits from due to it being metal

Combinations: Make sure you have Switch or a similar trainer, because you don’t want to pay the retreat cost and you probably won’t even be able to anyway…

Unlimited: With Rainbow Energy legal here, you shouldn’t have trouble providing metal energy for “Metal Charge.” Less than 30 Pokémon exist with metal weakness (compare that with the more than 40 with metal RESISTANCE).
Maybe metal will be a more playable type some day... 2/5

Modified: Less than 3% of the Pokémon in Modified are weak to metal. This is a good Pokémon if you like to do bench damage and “Rock-Lock” isn’t enough.
Poison is a threat in this format and “Poison Resistance” could be very helpful. 3/5

Limited: Only 6 of the Pokémon in UF can poison, so the Poké-Body won’t help much here. Only two Pokémon are weak to metal here. Warp Point is in UF; if you draft Steelix EX, draft Warp Point as well. 1.4/5

Questions/comments/corrections? E-mail: ninetales1234@hotmail.com

The newest model features tighter handing and more power.

Steelix ex (Unseen Forces #109)

Type: Metal
An unusual type. Interesting to play, and not seen much.

HP: 150
Incredible for a Stage 1 Pokemon!

Stage of Evolution: Stage 1
You need Onix to get him out.

Poison Resistance
"Steelix ex can't be Poisoned."

[M] [2x any] Metal Charge {70}
Put 1 damage counter on Steelix ex.

[Fght] [Fght][2x any] Mudslide
Discard 2 [Fght] Energy attached to Steelix ex and choose 1 of your opponent's Pokemon. This attack does 100 damage to that Pokemon. (Don't apply Weakness and Resistance for Benched Pokemon.)

Weakness: Fire & Fighter
Fire is the only real threat. Fighter types just don't have enough going for them to be used often outside of Team Magma decks.

Resistance: Grass & Lightning
You only really get to enjoy pounding on Grass Pokemon as Lightning types see little play.

Retreat Cost: 5(!)
WHAT THE @#$&*^%#$#!?!? Sorry about that, but this is rediculous! Definately use Switch and Warp Point.

Rarity: Holo Rare
Hard to get, but incredibly worth it!

The Positive:
70 damage, and 100 damage to ANY Pokemon, EVEN BENCHED POKEMON is fantastic. It would be worth draining all his energy to take out that one Pokemon the opponent is pumping up on the Bench.
Being a Stage 1 is really a boon as he's very easy to get out. The immunity to poisoning is just an added plus. Use a Special Energy to help with using Metal Charge.

The Negative:
That Fire Weakness is bad, and needs protecting against. Also, loosing half of his Energy to take out 1 Pokemon can be bad. Also, there's those
2 Prizes when he dies...

Lots of support here. I highly recommend making a deck for him.

Not so much support here, but still nice to use.

Usable here, since he's a Stage 1. Grab some searchers, some Onix, and some Fighter Energy and go to town.
Psylight Hao Well. well today we a Pokémon that is like a tank some kind unstople if it gets out of control, today's POkémon is Stelix EX from UFO; Begining with it we see that is an EX so will be double prize is it K.O. Hp 150 pretty high for a stage 1 so is Ok next is a stage 1 so you must run Onix, is also a metal Pokémon so it gets the bonus from Metal Energy. Actually it has nice Poke-body it can be poisoned that's is better than nothing; Attacks we have to nice attacks (MCC) Metal charge 70 for only receiving 1damage counter is pretty cheap and usefull when you are not ready to the main hit with (FFCC) Mudslide for 100 damage and discarding 2F energies this attack is the same like volcanic ashes from BlazeEX; the sad part start at the bothom of the card two weakness a fighting and fire both are played fairily, two resistense grass and Lightining both are good tipes and with Delta Species the second one will become popular and the worst a retreat cost of 5 that you will never pay it unless you can affort it and is completely necessary it or simplely use switch.


Unlimited: Not belongs to here a lot of energy removal, just a wall.1/5

Modified: if it just have a support Pokémon like FireStarter Blaze it will be great but for know the best stage one metal Pokémon is ScizorEx 2/5

Limited: Not really a good deal here too, un less you draft 2metal you ask for around 10fighting and you pray for a miracle 3/5


Review too long?  Skip straight to the scores and summary.


Name: Steelix ex

Set: EX unseen Forces

Card#: 109

Rarity: Pokémon-ex

Pokémon-ex Rule: When Pokémon-ex has been Knocked Out, your opponent takes 2 Prize cards.

Type: Metal

Stage: 1 (Evolves from Onix)

HP: 150

Weakness: Fire, Fighting

Resistance: Grass, Electric

Retreat: CCCCC

Poké-Body: Poison Resistance

Attack#1: (MCC) Metal Charge [70]

Put 1 damage counter on Steelix ex.

Attack#2: (FFCC) Mudslide

Discard 2 Fighting Energy attached to Steelix ex and choose 1 of your opponent’s Pokémon.  This attack does 100 damage to that Pokémon.  (Don’t apply Weakness and Resistance for Benched Pokémon.)

Name: Onix

Set: EX Unseen Forces

Card#: 65/115

Rarity: Common

Type: Fighting

Stage: Basic

HP: 80

Weakness: Water

Resistance: None

Retreat: CCC

Attack#1: (C) Dig Deep

Search your discard pile for an Energy card, show it to your opponent, and put it into your hand.

Attack#2: (CC) Mud Slap [20]


Attributes: Steelix ex is a Metal-Type Pokémon.  This may be the best type in the game, and is rivaled only by Darkness-Type Pokémon.  The reason is that both types have the ability to utilize special effects from their respective Energy types.  Surprisingly damage reduction appears better than the extra damage Darkness Energy offers, but Dark-Types are the least integrated of the 9 TCG Types, with nothing Resistant, and a few things Weak.  Metal Resistance is not common, but it’s found easily enough.  The same goes for Metal Weakness.  So indeed this is a great type and definite advantage.


Steelix ex is a Stage 1 Pokémon-ex.  This means at least one other card is required to get it into play, and to get it into play fast requires three.  Being a Pokémon-ex brings about the natural problem of being worth two Prizes if Knocked Out, plus incompatibility with many supportive cards, and worse yet, many cards designed specifically to hurt you.  Having both these restrictions means that all but the most powerful abilities and best stats should be beyond this card.


The HP is a solid start: 150 HP is the second highest for a Stage 1 overall, and the highest for a currently legal Stage 1 Pokémon.  Still, since Wailord ex has 200 HP, they really should have considered another 10-20 HP.  For posterity’s sake, I’ll remind everyone that this score is high enough to trigger Desert Ruins.  Anyway, Metal Pokémon with high HP scores can lead to broken cards, so maybe that’s why they didn’t make it any higher.


The HP will seem pretty puny against Fire and Fighting Pokémon.  Both are known for solid damage.  Fire Pokémon tend to get even more damage out of attacks via discards, so without several Metal Energy cards, that 80 damage required to OHKO Steelix ex is pretty reasonable to achieve.  At least they don’t see that much play in Unlimited.  Fighting Pokémon tend to have “dependant” attacks that require some other condition be fulfilled to get a damage boost.  Sometimes coin flips (which are common to most types, I know), and lately either having damage already on the Defending Pokémon… or that Pokémon being a Pokémon-ex.  Hidden Legends Machamp may not be heavily played, but it is a very solid Stage 2 and really should see some more play.  There are still plenty of Turn 2 Control decks, and two of the choices for those decks foci are Fighting-Types.  There are also many fast, Stage 1 decks that went by a variety of names that were popular before the advent of T2C, and which usually had a Stage 1 Fighting line in them.  Those decks are still pretty good.  The last two World Championships have gone to decks which had at least one main attacker being a Fighting-Type, and of course in Unlimited there is always Tyrogue to harass the Fighting-Weak.


Thankfully, this card gets a double Resistance.  This evens things out somewhat against Lightning-Type (Electric) Pokémon who are the chief type to be Metal Resistant.  The traditional Grass Resistance common to Metal Pokémon means that Grass Pokémon will probably be unable to damage Steelix ex once it has a full compliment of Metal Energy attached; Grass Pokémon don’t do a whole lot of damage.  Of course, they tend to have other effects which Steelix ex will have to guard against like Special Conditions.


Steelix ex has a retreat cost of five Energy, the highest in the game.  This is so high that you’ll often be unable to pay it.  Fortunately, you shouldn’t have to a whole lot, unless you are forced to play Steelix ex before it’s ready.


Now, as stated, you’ll need an Onix in order to get Steelix ex into play.  For Unlimited, you’ve got quite a few choices, though I’d recommend the Onix from EX Sandstorm, as it has a nice HP score and can use Rage… which means a Memory Berry would allow Steelix ex to use it as well, say the turn after its Focus Band goes off.  As for Modified, I think the EX Unseen Forces Onix would be best: it shares the same stats as the others, but has a no-nonsense "20-for-two" attack, and for a single Energy of any type can reclaim one Energy of any type from your discard and add it to your hand.  With 80 HP, that means you can probably sacrifice one to reclaim two lost Metal Energy cards.


Abilities: Poison Resistance isn’t great, but it’s not horrid.  Special Conditions tend to be the bane of Metal Type Pokémon.  Paralysis and Sleep slow them down, and they aren’t that fast to begin with.  Burn and Poison can bypass their damage-reducing effects.  Confusion has a 50% chance of doing both or neither.  So getting rid of one isn’t overly impressive, but it’s nice.  Poison is probably the most effective of the commonly seen Special Conditions, and it is perfectly inline with the Poison/Steel relationship seen in the TCGs.  Unfortunately, you are now vulnerable to certain attacks thanks to having a Poké-Body, the Poké-Body probably accounts for some of the downside on this card (used to balance it out), and since most cards that heal Special Conditions affect them all at once, it makes them somewhat redundant.  Still, it does have its upsides: Poison is the only Special Condition with multiple variants (“double” and “triple” Poison) and is also the only one guaranteed to go off before any active use cards can get rid of it.  Steelix ex only has to worry about the possibility of Burned scoring its damage before it can be treated.


Metal Charge is a solid, straightforward attack with one exception: it places a damage counter on you.  The good news is that it hits for 70 damage and needs only (MCC) to be used.  Before factoring in this things Stage and such, you’d have gotten roughly 25 extra points of damage, equal to another (MC) of cost (or changing the whole thing’s cost to MMMM).  As is, its cost opens up some nice options.  Still, for a Stage 1 Pokémon-ex, it’s really just breaking even.


Mudslide is a bit of a flashback: its effects are more or less identical to that of Blaziken ex’s Volcanic Ash attack.  The difference would be the cost: (FFCC) instead of (RRCC).  The attack itself is not what made Blaziken ex so broken, so we can relax there.  On average, you’ll be able to sue this attack every other turn.  You are paying for 50 points of damage base, then another 30 from the discard, so being a Stage 1 Pokémon-ex is paying for another 20 points of damage and the ability to choose your intended target.  What this means is that if you set up first or just manage to get ahead of your opponent, it will be hard for them to safely build another attacker back up unless they have some sort of defensive ability (like Safeguard or Submerge).


The two attacks have high Synergy: you get a very solid attack while “reloading” Mudslide, enough that you may not even notice that one turn wait.  Both attacks can also use Boost Energy for a quick hit as well, provided the other requirements are being met.  The Poké-Body does help or hurt the attacks, though it does mesh slightly with being a Metal-Type Pokémon, as mentioned above.


Uses and

Combinations: This thing will definitely not become the new “Blaziken ex”.  Why?  Blaziken ex was broken only due to Firestarter Blaziken.  Without that ability to reload it quickly (more accurately to reload it while still building other attackers up), Steelix ex will be hard pressed to be that one-sided a match up.  However, Steelix ex has the advantage of being just a Stage 1, unlike Blaziken ex, and can soak up quite a bit of damage thanks to those Metal Energy.  To set up for Steelix ex, I think one should strongly consider running it with Dark Steelix.  Imagine the look on your opponent’s face when that Dark Steelix with 70 damage gets hit with Surprise! Time Machine and becomes a Steelix ex with 50 HP and hopefully a cache of Fighting Energy attached that seemed stupid before this move.  They also enjoy perks from having a Pokémon like Bellossom from EX Hidden Legends or Gardevoir from EX Emerald: each of which has Heal Dance, a Poké-Power that lets you remove 20 damage a turn.  When combined with a Metal Pokémon’s hardiness, it’s a fearsome site indeed.


This may actually be the best way to use Steelix ex, as an add-on for a good Dark Steelix deck.  They need much the same set-up, only differing in what Stadiums to run (I would do a split between Rocket’s Hideout and another you find useful for the metagame) and that much of the Energy that is good for Dark Steelix is useless or will be discarded when you switch to Steelix ex.  Still, this does seem the best way: Dark Steelix is so much faster, while Steelix ex is able to be a bit more strategic (hitting the bench), and both have Pokémon they can’t damage (due to Holy Barrier and Safeguard, respectively).  Both are even vulnerable to different tactics of Liability decks.  Desert Ruins is meaningless to Dark Steelix, and Dark Crobat can’t Poison Steelix ex.  Don’t get me wrong though; Liability decks are still a huge threat since they usually score a KO between turns via Liability having reduced the Defending Pokémon’s HP to 10 and another effect then finishing it off.




Unlimited: 3.5/5-Strangely enough, I can see this working at least as well as the generic Slowking backed Evolution-cause-I-wanna deck.  In fact, perhaps a bit better:  Tyrogues will be a pain, but you’ll have access to things like Healing Fields and Focus Band here.  There are actually some common support Pokémon that are Grass or Lighting-Types, and sometimes they are even deck foci.  All in all, a wall that even Suicune ex/Blastoise will have a hard time OHKOing is impressive.  Don’t get me wrong though: Muk just makes this deck cry, especially if it’s partnered with Banette.


Modified: 3.5/5-As stated, I believe this will become ­über-TecH for Dark Steelix decks.


Limited: 4/5-Much of this score is due to Onix, who was quite popular and effective as a wall at the event I attended.  As a common, Onix wasn’t too hard to pull, so if you get a Dark Steelix, you can probably score a KO while your opponent pecks at it, and then you might get away with dropping a Steelix ex and Mudsliding something being built on the bench for another.  Or maybe getting off two Mudslides.  Just use your head and avoid dropping it if a Fighting (very popular this set) or Fire (fairly popular this set) Pokémon seems likely.  It’s great if they have Grass or Lightning, or were relying heavily on Poison.  Of course, if you get a Metal Energy as well, aside from people looking at you suspiciously, then the game is likely yours.



A well-built card that will probably be over-shadowed by Scizor ex.  So all your budget gamers take note and see what you can do. ;)


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