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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Tyranitar EX

EX Unseen Forces


Date Reviewed: 10.14.05

Ratings & Reviews Summary
Unlimited: 2.36
Modified: 3.36
Limited: 3.83

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

R Pac~
Hey all,

Today's card is Tyranitar EX from EX Unseen Forces

Wow, what an interesting card. 4 attacks with 2 energy types involved and 30-120 (30-160 with dark energy accounted for) damage between them. 160 HP is nice and the 2 retreat cost is nothing less than expected. His 4 attacks give a variety of options of what is needed in certain situations from discarding stadiums to discarding special energy cards to discarding cards off either players deck. I would love to play this guy if he wouldn't die so quickly. His weakness to grass and fighting means he's got about no chance of survival here being both prey to Scyther and Tyrogue. His energy requirements for his hard hitting attacks will set his fate in being energy removed. And the fact that to get to this guy you need to somehow have a surviving Larvitar when it comes around to your turn is being a little more than optimistic. I like the guy, but he's just way to hard to support in this environment.

Unlimited Rating 1.25/5

~R Pac~
“Shatter” could be helpful against Hariyama EX decks that benefit from stadiums. However, Tyranitar EX is weak to fighting, as are half of the Pokémon in Modified that discard stadiums. Magcargo [DX] has an attack that discards stadiums for one energy. If you’re going against Hariyama EX, you’re probably better off with Magcargo.

If the defending Pokémon has a Scramble Energy or Double Rainbow Energy, “Derail” might be worth the two energy required for the attack- but this is an EX- and a stage 2. If a stage 2 Pokémon EX has an attack that requires two energy and does 30 damage, the effect should be better, especially considering the fact that Tyranitar EX’s first attack does 30 damage for one fighting energy.

“Mix-up” is one of those rare attacks in the game that allow you to discard the top card of your opponent’s deck. It usually does 80 damage for 3 energy, which is okay, when you consider Tyranitar EX’s high HP (and disproportionately low retreat cost).

Unlimited: Easy to get it out first turn and do 30 damage with all the draw power here. If a high HP Pokémon with a low retreat cost is what you’re looking for, use Chansey [BS] (it is also weak to fighting, so be careful). 1.7/5

Modified: Highest HP in Modified. An attack that requires one energy, one that requires two, and one that requires three. This attack variety should keep it busy. If you are able to get this out turn one and get a fighting energy on it that’s first turn 30 damage. This card could be used for an FTK or for stalling. Can’t say that about many cards, can you? But I really wouldn’t expect to win a game with this card. Put this in a “fun” deck. If you want a good stall or FTK Pokémon, there are better choices. If you want a good dark Pokémon, there are better choices. 3.4/5

Limited: If you are able to get the entire evolution line, use it. Take advantage of its high HP and “Mix-up” to deck your opponent out. There are no stadiums in Unseen Forces, so shatter won’t help much. The special energies in this set all lose their effects once the opponent’s turn start (except dark and metal), so don’t expect “Derail” to help you. This is not the best card in the set, but I would play it. 4/5

Questions/comments/corrections? E-mail: ninetales1234@hotmail.com

Tyranitar EX

Unlimited: again a fighting weak pokemon :( that's pretty much the worst weakness since a lot of players still play tyrogue from neo discovery.
grass isn't that bad, but however, Tyranitar is a beast, it has a nice variety of attacks, pretty cheap for their effects too, but unlimited, with babies and focus bands is just not the right format to play this card.

Modified: here this card should work, again, it's weaknesses are TERRIBLE, but it's attacks and damage are just AWESOME, all are situational, so you can choose which to use in which situation. I like this card alot, it actually has a decent retreat cost for a 160 HP ex.
As long as you don't have to play versus fighting or grass, ttar will give your opponent a hard time.

Limited: pupitar is a common, yay, that means this line could be drafted 2-2-1 without any trouble, but you wil have to draft darkness energy with it or you won't be able to use his strong attacks. if you get a darkness on ttar ex, you probably won.
however, it's weaknesses are terrible here too.

One of the evil Dragonball GT dragons?

Tyranitar ex (UF#111)

Type: Darkness
Darkness is an interesting type, but it can be hard to get out those Darkness Energy cards when you're only allowed 4 of them in your deck. uinless you're playing Unlimited...

HP: 160
Wow! That's a pretty healthy Pokemon you've got there.

Stage of Evolution: Stage 2
Hard to get out, and you need both Pupitar and Larvitar to get him out (not counting Rare Candy), so it'll be work to get this guy going.

PokeBody/PokePower: (none)

[F] Shatter {30}
Discard any Stadium card in play.

[any][any] Derail {30}
Discard a Special Energy card, if any, attached to the Defending Pokemon.

[F][D][any] Mix-Up {70}
Your opponent discards the top card of his or her deck.

[F][D][D][any] Losing Control {120}
Discard the top 3 cards of your deck.

Weakness: Grass, Fighter
Grass has a new deadly weapon form UF in Meganium, but Fighters still aren't desirable. So you only have one or two major threats to worry about.

Resistance: Psychic
Psychic still sees play, so feel free to smile to yourself if you go up against one of them.

Retreat Cost: 2
For a Pokemon this powerful, it's not surprising. Rely on Switch or Warp Point to avoid losing those hard-to-get Darkness Energys.

Rarity: Holo Rare
With stats and attacks like these, it's no wonder. Well worth getting, though.

The Positive:
If you can get him out, and get those 2 Darkness Energys and/or Rainbow /Multi Energys attached to him, then Tyranitar ex can be a devastating creature. Even if the opponent uses Meganium (UF), then he'll still be a force to recon with. Having 4 different attacks with useful effects makes him quite versatile. That 160 HP will also allow him to stick around for quite awhile. Destroying hurtful Stadium cards and Special Energy cards can be rather helpful.

The Negative:
He's an ex, and most cards HATE ex Pokemon (i.e. search effects), so getting him out can be very hard [Pidgeot (FRLG) can be a real boon for searching him and those Special Energys out]. Also, since Darkness Energy is a Special Energy, you can only have 4 copies of it in your deck. You'll need to include cards like Rainbow Energy, Multi Energy, Magma Energy or Dark Metal Energy to be able to use that super-powerful Losing Control effect. Also, if you've drained your deck to get him out, then those 3 cards you have to discard from your deck can cost you the game.

Tons to work with here, such as Magma Energy and Dark Metal Energy to help you get enough to use the Losing Control attack.
Very hard work to get him out, so build a deck specifically around him.

Much harder to use here, but with Pideot (FRLG#10) still legal, you have a chance.

Don't even try to use him here. It's just impossible to get all of the needed cards, and virtually impossible to search them all out and get him up and running. If you take him, plan on taking him home to build a deck around. He'll just be dead space in your Limited deck.
TR Brian Hey all,

Today we have for you another card from Unseen Forces. The BIG BAD BOY HIMSELF T-TAR EX.

Yes he's back ex style. Now personally I love this guy 160HP 4 awesome attacks if you don't look at his weakness he's the best. First attack 1 fighting energy for 30 damage and discard that annoying stadium in play nice ^_^. Next attack two of any energy which could be an attack bonus with a dark energy discard a special energy from your opponent's active nice again ^_^.

Now the third attack and I think the best one he has is Mix-up for one dark, one fighting, and any type of energy for a base damage of 70 now thats very nice also your opponent discards the top card of his/her deck.

Now the last attack one fighting, two darks (ouch difficult to do sometimes), and any energy for a base damage of 120 WOW OVERKILL pretty much anything O_O. Well as you can tell I like this card but again BEWARE OF THE WEAKNESS theres too many over played decks out there

Queen dome, Rock-lock, soon meganium, pure T-tar, and some others....But great against psychic -_- lol.

Unlimited:This would get abused here vileplume runs this format if you ask me and again the weakness is grass.2/5

Modified:Now here you can run this card with either the dragtrode fromat or with pidgeot or maybe with kingdra from rocket returns to stop weakness. 3/5

Limited: Now here if u get this guy's whole line in the draft you are the man lol. Also you will win the tourney if you are able to pull him out every game nothing would stop you. 5/5

If anyone has any questions, comments, deck help maybe, feel free to email me at TRhideout@hotmail.com I will respond so don't hesitate ^_^.

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