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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Umbreon EX

EX Unseen Forces


Date Reviewed: 10.13.05

Ratings & Reviews Summary
Unlimited: 2.46
Modified: 3.87
Limited: 3.25

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

R Pac~
Hey all,

Today's card is Umbreon EX from EX Unseen Forces

Umbreon EX ehh? So is this little darker Eevee worth 2 prizes? Well, in short - not really. His power is stinky. Basically just a watered down gust of wind in this format. His HP is up there above the hundreds and his attacks are okay. Overall, he could be a quick evolved hitter. Have an Eevee out on turn one, attach a dark energy (getting Umbreon EX out there) and you're doing 30 damage and locking that Poke in without being able to retreat or use his Poke Power. Attach a double colorless turn two and your fisting out 70 damage. Not too shabby. Still, though quick he is, this format will eat those two prizes right out of him (or one out of his younger self). Being weak to fighting is Tyrogue bait and that retreat cost isnt fun when playing a dark energy based deck. Still, I see some potential in his dark eyes. Mostly as a Blastoise stopper. Gust out that Blastoise, freeze him with black cry and finish him off with darkness fang next turn. If it weren't for that evil two prizes drawback, this guy would be a beauty in Sneasle decks. However, we just need more from a card in this format to start playing a new evolution line here.

Unlimited Rating 2/5

~R Pac~
Playability: Umbreon EX’s power only works when you play it from your hand (not from your deck, unfortunately, if you’re using Eevee [UF]). Umbreon EX’s type is dark. There aren’t a lot of Pokémon out there with weakness to dark, but Umbreon EX's resistance to psychic should compensate for that.

Attacks: Umbreon EX’s first attack does 20 damage for one energy of any type. If you’re using the Unseen Forces Eevee, you could be doing 20 damage first turn, because Eevee [UF] allows you to evolve it whenever you attach an energy to it. Its second attack does 60 damage for 3 energy, one of which is a special energy that it benefits from (darkness energy increases damage by 10 before applying weakness and resistance- so it really does 70 damage).

It’s first attack can protect you from Pokemon whose powers only work while in active position (Dark Houndoom, Jirachi [DX], Crobat EX, and Dark Dragonair [RR], Team Magma's Mightyena, Snorlax [SK], Delcatty [RS], Lt. Surge's Magneton, and too many to list here)

Unlimited: Umbreon EX’s fighting weakness could be a problem with big fighting Pokémon like Hitmonchan [BS] taking out more than one-third of its HP first turn. Umbreon EX’s Poké-Power has one of those “switch your opponent’s active Pokémon, but your opponent gets to choose” effects. There are enough cards out there that let you switch the defending Pokémon with one of your opponent’s benched Pokémon (and you get to choose which one). Dark weakness is rare in Unlimited. 1.3/5

Modified: Being able to evolve first turn and do 20 damage is great! Of course, there are ways to do more on the first turn, but those require a lot of luck. Doing 20 damage first turn with an Eevee [UF] as your active and attaching an energy to it is not unlikely. With Umbreon EX, it’s actually 30 with Darkness Energy. This card is playable and is worth the EX-rule. 4/5

Limited: Got to be careful- the “Hitmon” Pokémon are in this set. But other than that, fighting weakness is not a problem. In a format without Rare Candy or Wally’s Training, being able to evolve first turn is good, very good. No one has weakness to dark in UF. I don’t think “Black Cry” can really stop Poké-Powers here, as all the ones from UF can be used from the bench. 3/5

Questions/comments/corrections? E-mail: ninetales1234@hotmail.com

Umbreon ex

Unlimited: first thing I notice it has fighting weakness, thats pretty much unacceptable as tyrogue is still played in a lot of decks. The power is nice, but gust of wind is better, it's attacks aren't special too.

Modified: It's ok here, still, being weak to fighting is horrible, but umbreon's pokemon-power is nice. I've seen some decks combo'ing around Umbreon, like Octillery+Umbreon, the main goal is to charge octillery for a full 120 damage next turn. then, during your next turn, drop umbreon and do 120 damage to the pokemon of your choice.
It's first attack is nice versus anyone who uses low retreat pokemon as a shield (pidgeot/gorebyss etc), but doesn't do enough damage, his second attack however does.
Umbreon is an ecellent card and fits in a lot of decks. it can even replace rocket's sneasel eX in dragtrode, even though its not as versatile, it has the ability to gust and KO a useful pokemon to your opponent.

Limited: not too great as darkness is needed to make umbreon work. if you can draft them both, then go for it, it has excellent HP for a stage 1 pokemon, and even without darkness, 20+ denial is pretty good

Riddle me this: What's darker than darkness?

Umbreon ex (UF#112)

Type: Darkness
Darkness isn't played much, but I feel akin to it (must be my inner Goth). It has some interesting Pokemon, and deserves a once-over.

HP: 110
Very good for a Stage 1, and it makes him rather usable.

Stage of Evolution: Stage 1
Eevee is needed, and Stage 1s aren't really that hard to get out.

PokeBody/PokePower: Darker Ring
"Once during your turn (before you attack), when you play Umbreon ex from your hand to evolve 1 of your Pokemon, switch 1 of your opponent's Benched Pokemon with 1 of the Defending Pokemon. Your opponent chooses the Defending Pokemon to switch."

[any] Black Cry {20}
The Defending Pokemon can't retreat or use any Poke- Powers during your opponent's next turn.

[D][any][any] Darkness Fang {60}
(no effect)

Weakness: Fighter
fighters aren't very popular, or even played much, so you shouldn't have much to worry about.

Resistance: Psychic
Psychic is a type that sees some play, so this resistance can be rather useful.

Retreat Cost: 1
Very reasonable, esspecially once he gets weak for damage.

Rarity: Holo Rare
The high damage from his Darkness Fang is what makes him so desirable, as well as the high HP.

The Positive:
Interesting, you can weaken an opponent's Pokemon and keep them active until you can clobber them with a really strong attack on your next turn.

The Negative:
The only downsides are that you need a Darkness Energy to use his Darkness Fang attack, which can be difficult to get that energy for; and the fact that his switch opponent's Pokemon effect is mandatory, and if your opponent has a strong Pokemon in reserve, that can be real trouble.

Works well here with Eevee (SS#63), and a Darkness or Eevee deck can really benefit from Umbreon ex's inclusion. The only drawbacks are the need for a Darkness Energy (Hard to get as it's hard to search out), and that manditory switch for the opponent's Pokemon.

Very useful here with Eevee (UF#55) and with Dark Metal Energy (TRR#94), you can get him out more easily.

If you can get enough Darkness Energy (or special energy) and both Eevee and Umbreon ex, he can be very powerful. However, that's just too much needed to get him out in this format. Look elsewhere.
Tenchi-bmx'n monkey Umbreon EX

Darkness Pokemon are probably the coolest pokemon in the game today. The EX cards are one of the reasons that I came back to the game and when you mix an EX card with darkness you have a winner. Umbreon EX brings back those fond memories of the old evee decks that could go so many ways along with just being plain fun to play. Our pokemon today starts off with 110 hp and has a pretty cool poke-power that just plain messes with your opponent. The power "Darker Ring" reads-once during your turn (before you attack), when you play umbreon ex from your hand to evolve one of your pokemon, switch one of your opponents benched pokemon with the defending pokemon. Your opponent chooses the defending pokemon to switch. Talk about my favorite way to play, bounce your opponent. But another cool thing about this card is the possible ease of this card to attack, out of the two attacks you need only one dark energy to find while you can use any color energy to finish the attack off. What I mean is that since dark energy is special its harder to get a hold of and Umbreon EX's attacks cost 1 of any color energy for "Black Cry" which does 20 damage and does not allow the defending pokemon to retreat or use poke-powers during your opponents next turn (a definite control attack for one energy), then we go to its second attack called "Darkness Fang" which costs 2 of any color energy and 1 dark energy and does 60 damage. This card sets your opponent up and then knocks them down.
Pretty cool in my book. Here is how I rank Umbreon:

Unlimited 3/5-You know how many people actually unlimited now. But I can see some cool combos with double colorless and rainbow energy.
Modified 4/5-I can see some really cool possibilities to build the
ultimate bounce and control deck.
Limited 4/5-same as above.

Darkness is just plain cool and this card helps bring it up a notch. Til next time-Tenchi
Tom Today we are looking at Umbreon EX. Lets go ahead and dissect him, shall we?

HP: 110 isn’t too bad at all for a Stage 1 Pokemon, though I can name a couple that can beat it in terms of HP at being Stage 1 (Scizor ex and Steelix ex come to mind).

Poke-Power: Darker Ring: Not a bad Power at all. Basically when you evolve a Pokemon into Umbreon ex, you get a built in Gust of Wind effect. Can be quite useful in the right situation when you need to hit a certain Pokemon on the bench.

Black Cry©: Now this is a good attack. Not only does it cost only one colorless, and does 20 damage but it also keeps the Pokemon you attacked from using its Poke-Power, and it can’t retreat. Essentially this attack makes sure that the Pokemon you brought out with Darker Ring stays out, with the added bonus of restricting it’s Poke-Power.

Darkness Fang (DCC): Vanilla attack but does a decent amount of damage for only 3 energy.

Weakness: Fighting. A popular type, meaning keeping Umbreon ex out can be tricky.

Resistance: Psychic.

Retreat Cost: © Good cost here.

Overall: Umbreon ex isn’t a bad ex at all, and if you are running a Darkness deck, or an Eevee-lution deck, Umbreon can be a very useful addition.

Unlimited: 2/4 Got Gust of Wind here, so not as useful.

Modified: 4/5 Especially if you are running Eevee-lution.

Limited: 4/5 Good card here too.

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