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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Suicune Star

EX Unseen Forces


Date Reviewed: 10.10.05

Ratings & Reviews Summary
Unlimited: 2
Modified: 2
Limited: 2

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

R Pac~
Hey all,

Today's card is Suicune (star) from EX Unseen Forces

This card is a joke. You're only allowed to have one in your deck, but who would even want one? Two energy for 20 damage is sad, and 3 for 70 is okay... except for the whole discarding all the energy on all your Pokes if you have less prize cards. I wouldn't even splash this thing in a Raindance deck because it's a waste of a water energy slot. The fact that it's a basic with 80 HP helps, but it's not a hard enough hitter and has little reliability. Just stick with Suicune EX here.

Unlimited Rating 1.1/5

~R Pac~
Tom Today we are looking at the first of the 3 elusive Star Pokemon, Suicune Star.

HP: 80 is not bad for a basic Pokemon.

Splashing Turn (WC): 20 damage plus you can switch Suicune Star with a benched Pokemon. Can be fairly useful if Suicune is about to get KO’ed.

Cross Wind (WWW): Now we get the attack that makes Suicune worthless to play. With all of the new Star Pokemon from Unseen Forces each one gives a major drawback if you have less prizes than your opponent. For Suicune you have to discard all energy cards attached to ALL of your Pokemon in play. Personally this is a huge drawback. You work hard to put all the energy you have on your Pokemon, only to have this attack take it away. Basically this attack, and the other Star second attacks, punishes you for winning. Now if you are losing, then the attack could help.

Weakness: Lightning, standard for Water Pokemon.

Retreat Cost: © Standard retreat cost for a Basic Pokemon.

Overall: Suicune Star is quite honestly a terrible Pokemon to play. He doesn’t help when you are winning, and when you are loosing; you want a Pokemon that can help pull you through, which Suicune Star does not do.

Unlimited: 1/5 Terrible here

Modified: 1/5 Terrible here too.

Limited: 2/5 Terrible here too, but should you play something like a draft, then you would take this only because it’s hard to find. Otherwise, better Pokemon in the set.


Unlimited: this one takes way too much energy and effort for a basic, use it's ex form instead.

Modified: I can't imagine this being useful in any deck, 70 is pretty good, but if you're ahead on prizes you'll lose all energy and probably the match too.

Limited: pretty useful here, although the loss of all your energy could be the match loss.
but when behind on prizes it can do 70 twice, which will kill their main attacker.
very rare though

All UF cards
I think this set is just amazing, it's almost like hidden legends but this time with better EX's, most EX cards deserve their own deck, and most holofoil cards are pretty useable, I also like the fact that this set comes with some back-up attackers like HL did, and excellent adds for already existing decks (slowking), also, this set brings us the return of unown, which I didnt like at first, but then I noticed all Unowns are holofoil!
thats nice.
I'm dissappointed with the trainers though, a lot reprints again, and most of the new tools are just stronger versions of other tools.
(solid rage - strength charm, fluffy berry - balloon berry, protective orb - weakness guard, etc) but the 2 ( :( ) supporters are very nice though.
Excellent set.

Unlimited: 2/5
Modified: 5/5
Limited... N/A

Don't hate him for his hair...

Suicune [star] (UF#115)

Type: Water
Water has lots to work with, and as long as you're not up against a Lightning deck (Small chance of that), He 'could' work well.

HP: 80
High for a Basic, and able to stick around for more than a single turn.

Stage of Evolution: Basic
Usable right away, without needed to Evolve into him.

PokeBody/PokePower: (none)

[W] [any] Splashing Turn {20}
Switch Suicune [star] with 1 of your Benched Pokemon.

[W][W][W] Cross Wind {70}
If you have less Prize cards left than your opponent, discard all Energy cards attached to all of your Pokemon.

Weakness: Lightning
Not really a problem as I haven't seen that many Lightning decks out there. The only real trouble comes from Magneton (SS#17 Magnetic Field) or Manectric.

Resistance: (None)
Apparently Nintendo didn't want him to be too good.

Retreat Cost: 1
Good low cost to retreat, which you'll want to do.

Rarity: Holo Rare
Quite hard to get, but the high level of damage deserves it (I guess)...

The Positive:
70 damage from a Basic is rather impressive, and Water decks work rather well...

The Negative:
Ouch, that negative cost for his Cross Wind can be devastating, esspecially if you're loosing the match. The cost should've only been for him, rather than for all of your Pokemon in play. Being able to only have one of him in your deck can make him difficult to bring out without some good searching effects in your deck.

Lots of support, but why use him when you could be running Team Aqua's Kyogre, or better yet, Suicune ex?

Less support here, but If you can get to use him for that critical hit, he may prove useful.

A heavy hitting Basic can prove to be a really good thing, so he may prove to be more valuable here. Be ready for that nasty payback if you're behind, though.
TR Brian Hey guys
 Another day another card. Today we look at one of the 3 "shiny" that come in this set.
 Todays shiny is suicune. This set has the worst "shiny" in my opinion for the simple fact that if you are winning the match the second attack from each of these will affect you horribly. This card states that if u are winning prize wise u have to discard all energies attached to all your pokemon. That is not good lol the good part about these babies is their value. If u are just a person that plays the game then you can trade this off very nice ^_^ if you collect then you have one of the three shiny in the set and thats good.
 Unlimited:No need with all the crazy decks in this format plus the huge downfall on this cards attack 1/5 -_-
 Modified:Like I said before you have a nice valued card in your hands thats about it.1/5 -_-
 Limited:Now here u can actually use it some. The first attack is ok for this
 format and the HP
 is ok for a basic. But if u are winning do not use the second attack cause its hard to get those energies back on him. So here this guys is 3/5.
 If anyone wants to lemme know anything about pokemon lemme know TRhideout@hotmail.com
Psylight Hao For today we have Suicune Star a card rarely seen and most rarely used in play since it isn't what most player wanted for a star Pokémon, first and import you can only have one of this class of Pokémon so choice the one that fits with your deck, second is a basic that's is both good and bad you can call it using attacks like call for family, etc. has well you can use traniers like lanette or Celio's, is bad because there is lot of cards that affect's basic T-Tar(Sand Damage), Ursaring, etc. HP: 80 actually for a basic is good; attacks Splashing Turn(WC) ok for two energies you could wait at least 20 so is ok the effect is hit and run to the sometimes safety bench so it can K.O. so easily you can combo it with a free retreat wall Pokémon, the second attack here is with sad part appears Cross Wind(WWW) three energy all of then water hit with 70 is you are losing without worries, but is you are winnig cry this would cost you the game you will discard all energies in your Pokémon and a lot of things more. Weakness Lightining not a big surprise for water Pokémon but could be intead Metal for it's Ice part in the actual videogame No resistence, retreat of one is cheap but you can retret it attacking.

In my very personal opinion this card and has well all other star belongs to the collection binder.

Unlimited: Is kinda odd but here could work in Blastoise deck but Suicune EX works better here just play a easy and quick form of returning your energies to your hand so you can continue hiting for 70 each turn 2/5

Modified Colud work in the blatoise EX deck you will need a form to remove all tha damege before you can control it besides there isn't a lot of ways to return the energies to your hand or deck 2/5

Limited: Could be risky but if you draft it feel happy and play it just using splashing until you will win use Cross wind or incase you wont lose anything 3/5

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