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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day



EX Unseen Forces


Date Reviewed: 10.07.05

Ratings & Reviews Summary
Unlimited: 2.73
Modified: 3.37
Limited: 4.07

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

R Pac~
Hey all,

Today's card is Ariados from EX Unseen Forces

Okay a low energy hitter is a good start for this guy. He only takes one energy for both is attacks and one energy to retreat, so energy removal wont stop this guy which is beautiful in unlimited. The second attack is basically a mini gust (they get to choose the Poke) and then it makes them both asleep and poisoned. This is good because you get to choose whether or not to switch Poke during the attack, but imagine how much better this would be if it were confused and poisoned :-\. With just being asleep he has a 50% chance of waking up and hitting you hard next turn and a 75% chance that he'll be awake before your next turn. And this is just based on flipping to awake him. Imagine all the countless trainers and even energy that could be used on this guy to end the effect. So basically, if you do this attack first and then reactive poison second (like it's set up) you'll be hitting for about 40 assuming he's still poisoned maybe even 70 if the guy is still asleep by randomness - which is very good for one energy.

Could this work in unlimited? well, its kinda both ways. He has low HP and he is a stage 1 evolution, so that's gonna hurt him. His low energy costs is what kinda balances this guy out. He could kill a Sneasle in two turns by poisoning him with spider trap and then finishing him off with reactive poison the next turn (or posion damage between turns). Still, this guy just doesnt seem to be the next big hitter. His attacks dont damage enough and his low HP will get this guy killed if his crummy basic doesnt get killed first. Still, if you want to run a deck with virtually no energy, give this guy a second look along with the Jumpluff line.

Unlimited Rating 1.75/5

~R Pac~
Ever since the special condition “Burn” was introduced, it has been possible for one Pokémon to have 3 special conditions on it at once (as Confused, Paralyzed, and Asleep are the only ones that erase each other). How do you get multiple special conditions on the defending Pokémon? Well, you could use Pokémon like Bellossom [HL] or Skiploom [RR] that can put a special condition of your choice on your opponent’s Pokémon, but that combo is a little too slow (their attacks are tails-fails) ; you’re probably better off just using Ariados with itself. Though it’s very unlikely, you could do 100 damage for one energy by having three special conditions on the defending Pokémon.

Unlimited: Could be fun using this with Sceptile [RS] with Lizard poison, which can inflict 3 special conditions at once. Another fun thing you could do is use Sleep! and Rare Candy to get out this Pokémon on turn one for a FTKO. Ariados’ energy requirements make it resistant to Energy Removal/Super Energy Removal and allow you to put it in decks of all energy types. 3.4/5

Modified: Even if the defending Pokémon has only one special condition on it, 40 damage for 1 energy is great. The “Warp Point” effect in its second attack could be very helpful. 4/5

Limited: A lot of Pokémon in this set have powers that still work even if they have a special condition. Don’t expect special conditions to be very powerful. This is a good card; just don’t expect the attacks to be exceptional in this format. Weakness to psychic is not a problem as there are only a few psychic Pokémon in Unseen Forces. The most important thing to remember is that it combos with itself well (which is invaluable in a draft). 4.8/5

Questions/comments/corrections? E-mail: ninetales1234@hotmail.com

Ariados (Unseen Forces #2)

A creepy bug that gives a sickly slumber.

(I submitted my earlyer cards from Tuesday and Wednesday, so go back and cheek them out.)

Ariados (Unseen Forces #2)

(Sleeping pills are kicking in while I write this, so sorry if bits may be a little jumbled or have odd wording... Zzzzz)

Type: Grass
It's an ok type, and you could certainly do worse.

HP: 70
Typical for a Stage 1.

Stage of Evolution: Stage 1
You'll need Spinarak to get him out, but Stage 1s are fairly easy to bring into play.

PokeBody/PokePower: (none)
Zip, nada, nothing. Nothing to say, either, if there's nothing to talk about.

[any] Reactive Poison {10+}
Does 10 damage plus 30 more damage for each Special Condition affecting the Defending Pokemon.

[G] Spider Trap {none}
The Defending Pokemon is now Asleep and Poisoned.
Before applying this effect, you may switch 1 of your opponent's Benched Pokemon with 1 of the Defending Pokemon. If you do, the new Defending Pokemon is now Asleep and Poisoned. Your opponent chooses the Defending Pokemon to switch.

Weakness: Psychic
An interesting weakness. Psychic remain a good choice, so you'll most likely face against some of them. If playing in Unlimited, he'll have plenty to fear from Gardevoir (Ruby & Sapphire).

Resistance: (none)
A bit sad, but that's the way it goes sometimes.

Retreat Cost: 1
Nice and cheap; you can use his effect, then get him back to the Bench when he gets weak.

Rarity: Rare
Hard to get, but well worth it.

The Positive:
Poison and sleep can really reek havoc, esspecially if your opponent has few Pokemon in play. since he does a double effect, his Reactive poison can do 70 damage, which is very good. He's fairly easy to get out, which helps his playability.

The Negative:
If your opponent likes to switch Pokemon often, Ariados won't be very helpful, as his effects wear off when the Pokemon goes back to the Bench. Also, Psychic Pokemon have a field day with him.

There's alot of support here, and he deserves inclusion in a Grass or Poison deck.

Useful here as well, but should be in either a Grass or Poison deck.

Stage 1 Pokemon aren't too difficult to get out, so if you see the chance, go for him. There's not alot of switching available in this format, so you stand a good chance of using him to good effect here.
TR Brian Hey guys i know i''ve been away for a while but i'm back. ^_^

Today we look at another UFO card its not as good as the rest this week but still a good card when used right. This card can b used with venusaur to bad they took ruby and sapphirre out of play cause then u would b able to play with sceptile from it. First u attack with venusaur and then switch and this guy pumps heavy damage cause of all the special conditions that venusaur puts on the defending poke with its first attack.^_^

Unlimited: No need for this at all here much better cards here. 1/5 >_<

Modified:In this format this card can be good but still isn't worth playin with at a tourney. 2/5

Limited:Now in this format you got yourself a winner here it shines. because no one has that many good cards to defend against special conditions so slap him in if u draft his line. 4/5
Tenchi-bmx'n monkey ARIADOS:

Hmm a spider pokemon... First off I am not green or a spider (man they freak me out, you know the fuzzy, hairy ones. Sorry, wrong topic.) person but this one might just change my mind. Again I love control and bounce cards but this Ariados is just a fun card. Our card here has 70 hp (about average for a stage 1) and has two attacks.
The first: REACTIVE POISON-Costs 1 any color energy and does 10 damage plus 30 more damage for each special condition affecting the defending pokemon.
The second: SPIDER TRAP-Costs 1 green energy and puts the defending pokemon

asleep plus poisons it. also you can choose to switch the defending pokemon with a benched one before you do the effects even though your opponent chooses which pokemon to switch with.
Both attacks cost 1 energy, if you run a mono green deck it just adds to the

fun. This card just screams fun especially if you like messing with your opponent like I do. It almost gets me giddy like James from Team Rocket just thinking about it. This pokemon is really cool way of getting to your opponents bench and holding off your opponent while you build up and set him

up for your big hitters---CONTROL....

Unlimited 3/5--You can get use out this card in unlimited.
Modified 4/5--I can see this card being very effective in the modified meta.

With the EX's in today's game this evolution could be a definite equalizer.
Limited 4/5--Read above.

Even though Spiders can be creepy (don't get me started), you might want to catch this one --Tenchi

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