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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day



EX Unseen Forces


Date Reviewed: 10.05.05

Ratings & Reviews Summary
Unlimited: 2.33
Modified: 3.75
Limited: 4.25

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

          I'll be reviewing again as soon as my classes get caught up

R Pac~
Hey all,

Today's card is Meganium from EX Unseen Forces

Wow, what a terrible card. Maybe it's not the worst card ever, but it takes far too much to make this thing work in unlimited. You need to basically run a berry deck to get those pesky little damage counters off between turns. You could use gold berry to do 100 to the opponent (90 if he survives), 90 with sitrus berry (80 if he survives), 80 with berry (70 if he survives), or you could just do 60 (50 if he survives) without taking any damage. Perhaps with base set Alakazam you could make a healing deck by spreading out all the counters on your turn and evaporate all of them by the time it's your opponents turn... but thats just crazy talk. You dont run two evolution lines in unlimited ESPECIALLY two stage 2s. But it would be fun to see it work :). Overall, this card just doesnt cut anything. You just dont heal your opponents Pokes. period.

Unlimited Rating 1/5

~R Pac~
ImperialStingmon here with a card from my second favorite type, grass. This card is Meganium from Unseen Forces. Here's what this grassy guy does.

Poke-Body: Healing Aroma: As long as Meganium is your Active Pokemon, remove 1 damage counter from each Pokemon (excluding Pokemon-ex) (both yours and your opponent's) between turns.

GGC: Bouncy Move: 50+: You may put up to five damage counters on Meganium. If you do, this attack does 50 damage plus 10 more damage for each damage counter you put on Meganium this way.




Hp: 100

Stage 2, evolves from Bayleef

Uh huh. This version of Meganium is okay, but there are better ones. Bouncy Move is a decent attack and it's the effect that really hurts it. It's an effect you're only gonna pull off once, because if you're opponent is smart he'll use the damage that you put on Meganium as a stairstep to its death. The only way to save it would be through the use of any healing berry. The berry + the poke-body might be enough to save your butt and if you can combo it properly Meganium has a fighting chance.

Unlimited: 3/5 Way too much fire here however, with the berries available in past sets it could be much worse.

Limited: 4/5 A little better here, but again fire poses a problem especially with the self damage.

Draft: 4/5 Hard to get the whole line but if you can Meganium can squash the competition flat.

Meganium UF

Unlimited: this card is pretty good here, with gold berry it can do 100 damage, and on your opponent's turn it doesn't have damage! the body heals both your and your opponent's active pokemon, but the good thing is meganium is made to OHKO pokemon, and therefore your opponent will not really benefit from this power, unless he flips heads on focus band, in that case, meganium's poke-body is bad.
The tools from Neo Genesis seem really good to play with this card.
meganium is also pretty vulnerable to ER since it has only 1 attack.

Modified: I think this card is awesome here, you can attach sitrus berry to it, so when you max up the attack damage, you can heal up to 40 damage it did to itself.
Meganium is also a grass type, which is useful because nidoqueen is played a lot (at least in my area), but you dont want to run into scizor ex decks if you play this card. Meganium doesn't one hit KO most of the other pokemon, and thats not too good, since meganium is pretty vulnerable with only a 100 HP.
Use DRE to speed things up, and this card will be a pretty decent attacker.

Limited: if you can draft a meganium line, you really should go for it, you might be able to draft one or two sitrus berry too, that would be awesome.
the great thing about meganium is that you can choose how much damage you need to do to one hit KO your opponents pokemon, thats really, really useful, and everytime your opponent stalls or cant attack, meganium heals itself again!
meganium also resists water, which is a good thing of course, but I dont like its fire weakness, since there are pretty much fire pokemon in this set =(

Laughs at self. I sent in a brief version of this same review for my application for the CotD Reviewer's position.

Ahh, such a lethal little pet. *Rubs hands manically*

Meganium (Unseen Forces #9)

Type: Grass
Not bad, but Fire is their natural enemy, and Fire appears often...

HP: 100
Adverage for his Stage of evolution.

Stage of Evolution: Stage 2
Can be hard to get out, but not as much so in a well-built deck. Rare candy is a real plus for him.

PokeBody/PokePower: Healing Aroma
"As long as Meganium is your Active Pokemon, remove 1 damage counter from each Pokemon (Excluding Pokemon-ex) (both yours and your
opponent's) between turns."

Attacks: GGC Bouncy Move 50+
"You may put up to 5 damage counters on
Meganium. If you do, this attack does 50 damage plus 10 more damage for each damage counter you put on Meganium in this way."

Weakness: Fire
This hurts... alot. fire is a very popular type to use, and you're sure to face several fire decks in competative play.
Use weakness prevention effects, or suffer.

Resistance: Water
I haven't seen alot of Water decks in my area, but there's always a Water fan out there to swamp with your Grass-types.

Retreat Cost: CCC
Heavy, use Swith or another free-retreat effect...

Rarity: Rare
A bit hard to get. (Unless you like theme decks)

The Positive: Meganium is the mass-damage player's new best friend. He can topple most other Stage 2 Pokemon out there,as well as most Stage 1s, and outright destroy any Basic Pokemon out there that lacks protection from evolved Pokemon. With proper healing effects, you can keep him around for several turns. Meganium is well worth building a deck around, and may very well become the new favorite among the tournament-oriented crowd. I admit to being biased as He's my personal favorite Pokemon, and My main deck focuses on him along with Parasect (FireRedLeafGreen) and Bellossom (Hidden Legends).

The Negative: He can be a real heavy-hitter; but with a weakness to Fire types, he can be knocked out rather easily. Add in the fact that he hurts himself to do that extra damage, and that Fire is a favorite type of Pokemon, and they'll BBQ him in no time. Cards to protect against weakness can be a big help.
Healing is almost a necessity for keeping Meganium in play, and while it is possible to keep him going, he can still be wiped out by a careful opponent. The more he uses his extra damage, the weaker he gets.
Lastly, since his heal all pokemon of 1 damage effect is mandatory while he's active, your opponent can switch off a really weakened Pokemon, and just let Meganium slowly heal them up for a renewed assault. Effects that remove evoled Pokemon from the stack can be devastating.
Meganium should be used a an emergency powerhouse when needed, or heavily supported to keep him alive.

Modified: He's Legal here, and well worth using, IMO. Ok, I'm biased...
He's my personal favorite, dispite his drawbacks. Use him for emergency power, or as a worthy centerpiece to your deck.

Unlimited: Free to use here as well, and there's lots more support available for him in this format. All the same applies here as in Modified, but there's more to work with here, so he fairs even better.

Limited: It can be difficult to use him here, and you need both Chikorita, and either Bayleef or Rare Candy to even get him into play. This really hurts his usability. Grab him only if you are very lucky and manage to get the other cards needed to get him out. If you can use him though... I think you'll place rather high in the final rankings, if your luck holds out, that is...
Tom Today we got Meganium, number 2 of the 3 "Starting" Pokemon we are
looking at this week. Let's break him down and see how good of a card he is.
shall we?

HP: 100 isn't too bad for a Stage 2 Pokemon, so he can last a little bit.

Poke-Body: Healing Aroma is an interesting body as it removes 1 damage
counter from each Pokemon between turns, including your opponent's. while
this can be helpful (especially with the Bouncy Move attack), it can come
back and harm you a little considering it can also heal your opponent's
Pokemon. Be wary when using Meganium in that regard.

Bouncy Move (GGC): While I like a bit of diversity on the attacks of the
Pokemon I use, Bouncy Move isn't a bad attack at all. In fact if you can
pull it off, you can pull off a OTKO with this attack. Basicly you can put
up to 5 damage counters on Meganium to increase his attack by 10 for each
damage counter you put on him in this way. The bad part is that unless you
have ways to remove the counters quickly from Meganium, this is a one time
use attack. You can't use the counters from the previous time to increase
his attack this time. You have to place fresh counters on him to do it
again. As mentioned above, Healing Aroma can help soften the blow, and using
something like Sitrus Berry can also help too. Unfortunatly there is a great
risk of having Meganium KO'ed right after the attack if you decide to
increase it, so use caution if you do.

Weakness: Fire. Standard for most Grass type Pokemon

Resitance: Water. Again, fairly standard.

Retreat Cost: (CCC). The retreat cost is something to be desired for, but
again, standard for most Stage 2 Pokemon

Overall: Meganium can be a useful Pokemon to have, unfortunatly his Bouncy
Move can come back and haunt you quickly. As such, I wouldn't recomend him
in most Grass type decks unless you plan on making a deck specificly for

Unlimited: 1/5 Not too good here

Modified: 3/5 Decent Pokemon, but his attack can potentialy do more harm
than good.

Limted: 3.5/5 Slightly better here.

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