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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day



EX Unseen Forces


Date Reviewed: 10.04.05

Ratings & Reviews Summary
Unlimited: 2.125
Modified: 4
Limited: 4.8

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

R Pac~
Today's card is Feraligatr from EX Unseen Forces

Feraligatr has nice stats for a stage 2 evolved Poke. 120 HP is very nice and topped with his Poke power of reducing 10 from attacks on him, he will be a little hard to kill in one hit. The fact that he's a stage two is really gonna hurt his rating though. Stage twos don't cut it in unlimited unless they have a Poke power that breaks the game... which is why Blastoise and Vileplume EX will be the only viable ones you'll see played. Still, the card does have an okay attack. Personally, i like the first attack much more than the second. Hurting opponents hands are always fun in unlimited. Still, they get to pick the discarded cards... so no real help. Still, could be comboed with Erika ;). This thing just wont see play here.

Unlimited Rating 1.25/5

~R Pac~
One of those atypical cards that alters damage BEFORE applying weakness (which means it could take off 20 damage). One very typical thing about Intimidating Fang is that it only kicks in when there’s damage, which means that if your opponent likes to burn and poison, this Poké-Body won’t help you. If your opponent is into bench damage, you are in luck, for Intimidating Fang protects your benched Pokémon as well.

“Pull Away” reduces your opponent’s hand size to 5. This is usually a good thing, as it reduces your opponent’s options. The disadvantage is that your opponent chooses what he/she discards. Also, your opponent may want to have a smaller hand size (about to shuffle hand into deck with a trainer or “Eeeeeek”, about to use Professor Birch, or in some other situation in which having a small hand is good.). “Pull Away” probably won’t be very helpful early game, as your opponent isn’t likely to have more than 4 cards in the first 3 turns. But it can be very helpful in the middle of the game; just make sure you Copycat your opponent’s hand before you make it smaller.

Tonnage: This is another one of those attacks that gives you the option of doing extra damage at the cost of doing damage to yourself (e.g. Meganium [UF], Manectric [DX]). It’s a good attack; just use common sense. Don’t use the optional effect if you can’t afford it.

Unlimited: 80 damage for 3 energy is okay. Disrupting your opponent’s hand is great, but you opponent could recover very quickly with a Professor Oak. If you want to play Feraligatr, consider making a “Feraligatr [N1], Parasect [N3], Trash Exchange” deck, as it will probably be more effective in this format. 3/5

Modified: This is definitely worth it if you don’t want to play Feraligatr EX. 4/5

Limited: It protects your benched Pokémon from Yanma, Steelix EX, Hitmonlee, and others that can damage the bench. 4.8/5

Questions/comments/corrections? E-mail: ninetales1234@hotmail.com

Heeya, this week we're back with gatr from Unseen Forces.

Unlimited: Gatr is a powerhouse here, it reduces 10 damage from any attack, which is always useful, and a great body if you ask me, Pull away is absolutely fantastic since people will probably have big hangs all the time, and the attack itself does just enough damage to KO a baby pokemon, however, it's strongest attack, Tonnage, does a solid 50 damage with the choice to do 80 damage with a 30 damage recoil.
50 damage is enough to KO a basic pokemon, good, 80 is enough to KO almost any basic pokemon! awesome.
The weakness of this card is not awesome though, there are usually some electabuzz or rockets zappy around to destroy gatr decks.

Modified: this card is a nice back-up for gatr ex, or otherwise, gatr ex is a nice back-up for this card, it has actually a lot of uses, it is not energy expensive, it's not an EX, so sitrus berry or DRE/scramble really boost its power.
His body is less useful here, but still it's good to have it, Pull away is pretty good here too, since people usually have large hands.
Tonnage is a nice move, and can 2 hit KO most pokemon, given that you can choose to do 80 or 50, you can adapt to the situation to your advantage.
I really like this card.

Limited: if you are able to draft a line of gatr, i highly recommend it, people stack up energy in their hands so pull away is useful, and tonnage KO's most stage 1 pokemon in one hit! it's body prevents the small basic pokemon people use to do any sirious damage, furthermore, there is almost no lightning pokemon in this set gatr cannot one-hit-KO, the only thing that stops gatr effectively should be ampharos or water-restistant pokemon.

Hey. Am I going to say 'I am back'? Nah. I am quitting. I am afraid that this maybe my last review. After Alex (Xact) I am another guy to leave Pojo.

So really...why do I leave?

School's killing me. Chemistry's killing me. Teacher's killing me.

Ah well, I'm not saying that I'll never come back like I am gone, but com'on...if you are REALLY good in chemistry, please contact me and make friends...@.@

I know I am saying rubbish all the time, but I really learnt a lot from doing reviews.

OK so today we'll have Feraligatr for review.

Feraligatr UF – 120 HP – Water

Stage 2 – Croconaw

Poké-Body: Intimidating Fang: As long as Feraligatr is your Active Pokémon, any damage done by an opponent's attack is reduced by 10 (before applying Weakness and Resistance).

[1W] Pull Away (30) If the opponent has 5 or more cards in his or her hand, your opponent discards a number of cards until your opponent has 4 cards left in his or her hand.

[2W] Tonnage (50+) You may do 50 damage plus 30 damage. If you do, Feraligatr does 30 damage to itself.

Weakness: Lightning

Retreat Cost: 2

Ah it should be the first few UF cards that I've got. Not bad, not good. Its Poke Body's nothing. Before applying resistance? Where's its resistance?

Pull away sounds good, it greatly reduce your opponent's hand size in some situations. But VS ZRE (Zapdos Rayquaza ex Electrode ex), your opponent may get a great advantage to discard energies + Zapdos OHKO Feraligatr. With Tonnage, you can do 80 damage for free with Sitrus Berry (check out the review of it), and it kills a lot of thing in the format like Typhlosion (ex) / Charizard ex. Intimidating Fang isn't anything special since reducing the damage by 10 is nothing. Lanturn OHKOs it, Zapdos ex OHKOs it, and a lot more thing can destroy it.


Unlimited: 3/5 not too bad.

Modified: 4.5/5 ok why I'll say that? It the metagame, a lot of people will play Steven's Advice early. In this case they can get a big hand for like 10 cards, so we can use this chance to reduce their hand size and made them fear to play draws. ;x

Limited: 3/5 nothing special. Tonnage used to be a good attack in drafts, and intimidating fang can stall for a long while, but it's so hard to run stage 2 in drafts.

Overall: 3.5/5

Thanks a lot of reading my reviews for such a long time.

I hope I can have the chance to help you guys later.

Where's Ash going? (Training.) (Improve my English. My English sux. x_x) (Get a trip for Worlds 06.)


Always welcome to e-mail / IM me for strategy discussions or Apprentice Games!!

[Contact me! Any suggestions, or comments, or even corrections, please contact me ash.van.je@gmail.com, AIM AshVanJe, or MSN ash_cheng@hotmail.com Skype: ash_van_je]
Tom Today we’re looking at Feraligatr from Unseen Forces. I do my actual Pokemon Reviews a little different, so bear with me. I’m going to break down each part of the card, and do my best to be as informative on each one as possible.

HP: Feraligatr has a pretty basic HP of 120 for 2nd Stage Pokmon. He wont be knocked out any time soon (provided he doesn’t go up against his weakness).

Poke-Body: Intimidating Fang isn’t that great of a Body, but it can be slightly useful. I won’t certainly argue if my opponent’s attacks are reduced by 10 Damage on Feraligatr.

Pull Away (WC): Doing 30 damage for two energy isn’t that bad of an attack, but also add in the fact that it can help keep your opponent’s hand in check, and in a format where draw power is key, Pull Away can be very useful.

Tonnage (WCC): We’ve all seen Tonnage before on other Pokemon, and it can be a nasty attack, doing 50 base, and increasing it by 30 more damage if do 30 damage to Feraligatr itself. I admit that can hurt Feraligatr in the long run, but you might want to try out Sitrus Berry to at least null the 30 damage for one turn.

Weakness: Standard for Water Pokemon, Lightning types will own Feraligatr if you aren’t prepared.

Resistance: None.

Retreat Cost: (CC) isn’t that bad of a cost for a Stage 2, where you might see 3 colorless.

Overall Feraligatr is a nice Pokemon to put in your Water deck for sheer power, and you might be able to make a deck on him with other support Pokemon and Trainers (such as Sitrus Berry mention earlier).

Unlimited: 2/5 Better Water Pokemon

Modified: 3.5/5 Again, he can be useful in Water decks, or in his own deck

Limited: 2/5 I personally don’t like Stage 2 Pokemon in a Limited Format. Too slow.

Johnny Blaze
Feraligatr #4 ? Intimidating Fang ? Sorry I?ve missed reviews for a while but I?m back with this one as this is one of my fav. cards from the Unseen Forces set.   Gatr has always been popular dating back from the ol Riptide version.  Now we get 2 new Gatrs ? Feraligatr-ex and this Feraligatr with the Intimidating Fang Poke-Body. Also this Gatr has a beefy 120 Hp as a non-ex.
Intimidating Fang is a mini Defender that whenever Gatr is active any damage done by your opponents attacks is reduced by 10.  Now notice that it doesn?t state that damage done to Feraligatr is reduced by 10 it states that any damage done by an opponents attack is reduced by 10.  So this means that any bench damaging attacks is also reduced by 10.  Just remember though that those attacks that place damage counters will still get through Intimidating Fang.
Now lets take a look at Gatr?s 1st attack -  Pull Away.  Pull Away does an average amount of damage 2 for 30 but why it really shines is that it kills your opponent?s hand size. Your opponent discards down to 4 cards if their hand size is 5 or more.  This is perfect to use if they just used CopyCat to Copy your huge hand then just use Pull Away next turn.
Gatr?s 2nd attack Tonnage, is really the powerhouse here.  For 1W and 2C  it does a nice 50 damage,  but wait there?s more.  If you want to do 80 damage to your opponent then Gatr will damage itself by 30.  Combo this with Sitrus Berry and you just dished out 80 without doing damage to yourself.
Unlimited: 2/5 ? I cant really see it staying powered up long enough.  But with a DCE it could work.  Also with all the draw power hand sizes are usually large so Pull Away may help.
Modified: 4/5 ? I really like this card.  Of course there are obvious weakness such to Lightning or Water resistance to Meg-ex, but Fire will be popular with the new set and so will Feraligatr.  Also with 2 great attacks and a nice Poke-Body expect to see Feraligatr played.
Limited: 3/5 ? Hand size usually isn?t an issue in this format but if you can draw the evo line then its attacks and HP are well worth it.
Psylight Hao
Well for today we have Feraligartr in its holo versionm from UFO, here is the spoiler
Feraligatr  120 HP 
Stage 2 Pokémon   Water  
Illustrator: Masakazu Fukuda 

Poké-BODY: Intimidating Fang
As long as Feraligatr is your Active Pokémon, any damage done to your Pokémon by an opponent's attack is reduced by 10 (before applying Weakness and Resistance). 

(WC)-Pull Away      30  
 If your opponent has 5 or more cards in his or her hand, your opponent discards a number of cards until your opponent has 4 cards left in his or her hand. 
(WCC)-Tonnage      50+  
You may do 50 damage plus 30 more damage. If you do, Feraligatr does 30 damage to itself. 
Weakness: L
Retreat Cost: C C
4/115  Rarity: Rare Holo

Look from the top we see a nice 120Hp for a stage2 is actually the maximun in a non-EX has well is water type Pokémon, the illustration is pretty cool, and seems to concordate with the attacks. Now the Poké-Body: Intimidating fang, is not great but still isn't a total lose since this can't proctect also your benched Pokémon from attacks like Sppinig Tail of T-Tar nad has well proctect itself a little. Attacks: Pull Away could be a very useful against some decks since reducing your ooponent's hand to just 4 is kinda borken in the other side and against decks that have a lot of control over the discrad pile like Firestarter or Magma Spirit this could be a grat help for them has well leaving with only for cards your opponent's doesn't look that great if your ooponent's them use steven's advice. Tonnage: Is an attack kind desesperate you can always do the plus damage but it will also cost you, but since there is nice sitrus berry you can used a couple of time adding some sitrus in the down part weaks to lighting no a surprise but since the new set Delta Spieceis is coming-up with a lot of Lithinig Pokémon be were but You can always attach a protective or or play an Ancient tomb, resistence: none so nothing to say; Retreat cost of two is easy to pay but if you can avoid it do it

UnLimited: Could work in Sloking mind games decks has a discarding tool but since it is a stage2 may cause problem to play it- 2/5

Modiefied: Nice if you play it with his EX counter part you can make a deck to play with those buddies but has I said early Lightinig type Pokemon can easily handled and has well decks based in a lot of discard pile 3/5

Limited: If you manage to pull out this big guy and some its preevolutions play it discarding does a lot of work here since there isn't a right engine and a form to return from discard pile in every deck to play you can always count on discarding your opoonent's hand and has well you may play to take something with you with Tonnage 3/5

The biggest and baddest fighter in the sea...

Feraligatr (Unseen Forces #4)

Type: Water
Water has a fair deal going for it, and not many weaknesses.
Feraligatr is a welcome heavy-hitter for them.

HP: 120
Very nice for a Stage 2; normally you'd only get endurance like this from an ex Pokemon.

Stage of Evolution: Stage 2
Hard to get out, but he can well be worth the effort. You'll need Croconaw and Totodile to bring him into play. Rare Candy does wonders, as well.

PokeBody/PokePower: Intimidating Fang
'As long as Feraligatr is your Active Pokemon, any damage done by an opponent's attack is reduced by 10 (before applying Weakness and Resistance)."

[W] [any] Pull Away {30}
If your opponent has 5 or more cards in his or her hand, your opponent discards a number of cards until your opponent has 4 cards left in his or her hand.

[W] [any x2] Tonnage {50+}
You may do 50 damage plus 30 more damage. If you do, Feraligatr does 30 damage to itself.

Weakness: Lightning
There aren't many Lightning Pokemon that see alot of play to my knowledge, so his weakness isn't anything to worry about much.

Resistance: (none)
Sad, but most really good Stage 2s in Unseen Forces have any resistance.

Retreat Cost: 2
A little hefty, put some Switchs or Warp Points in your deck.

Rarity: Rare
Hard to get, but If you like water, then go for it.

The Positive:
Being able to decimate your opponent's hand (esspecially if they're playing conservatively, or using lots of draw effects. Tonnage provides that big bash that's sometimes needed to finish off a Pokemon. There's plenty of healing effects out there, so you can revive him if he gets too weak. Sitrus Berry seems to be made for him.
He is well worth building a deck around, or can be emergency muscle.

The Negative:
I'm just not a fan of the Intimidating Fang Poke-Body. It just provides too little of an effect to be really outstanding. Also, he needs to hurt himself to deliver those big blows. He needs serious healing effects to be usable for long periods of time.

Lots of healing effects here, and well worth using in a Water, heavy-hitters or Feraligatr deck.

There's still enough support to make him work well here.

Hard to get the cards to bring him out here, so look elsewhere.

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