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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Super Scoop Up

EX Delta Species


Date Reviewed: 11.30.05

Ratings & Reviews Summary
Unlimited: 1.7
Modified: 2.5
Limited: 3.25

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.


Well, class is back in full swing, and since yours truly is supposed to be graduating from Iowa State University this December, I once again find myself with next to no time to review.  So here’s a quickie review: sorry it won’t be my “full” treatment.


Super Scoop Up is a normal Trainer card.  This is fairly nice, as it means *gasp* you can play it and as many other normal Trainers as you have in hand (provided you can meet the requirements for them-no using Switch without a Bench).


Now, Super Scoop Up is the “upgrade” of the original Scoop Up first seen in the Base Set.  The original only returned the Basic Pokémon to your hand: any Evolutions, Energy cards or attached Trainers were discarded.  Super Scoop Up tops that by nailing the Pokémon and all cards attached to it.  You can get an entire Stage 2 line, all the Energy attached to it, and its Pokémon Tool back into your hand.  The downside is that it all resides on a flip.  This means you will need to either run multiples and save them up for a critical moment or just accept a 50% failure rate where the card gives you nothing.


Super Scoop Up is often used as a “healing” card since a Pokémon naturally sheds all Special Conditions and damage counters when it returns to the hand.  As such, you will most often see this card in a Pokémon-ex deck, since that makes it one of the few “healing” cards available to them.  If you aren’t using a Pokémon-ex, then you can get the same effect with Mr. Briney’s Compassion, but at the cost of your Supporter for the turn. It also can act as a Switch if you are really desperate.


All in all, it’s a good card, but not one that you should rely on.  If you can make room for it, it will usually be helpful.  There are more helpful cards though, even one’s that rely on flips (like Pokémon Reversal) itching to be used in your deck.




Unlimited: 1.75/5-Most decks can get away with just using an old Scoop Up or Mr. Briney’s Compassion.


Modified: 3.5/5-A very nice option for a lot of Pokémon-ex decks, where it is very worth relying on a coin-flip to “rob” your opponent of two Prize cards they had nearly earned.  Defensive Pokémon-ex decks really should be running it.


Limited: 3.5/5-In Limited, Healing is very good.  Even though it may be setting you back several turns, Prize cards just are more valuable here since you only start with four of them.  After all, here the two Prize cards you get for Knocking Out a Pokémon-ex would be half your Prize cards!


R Pac~
Today's card is Super Scoop Up from Delta Species

Well, this is just a reprint of a past card, so its not a surprise for unlimited players. Basically, this is a Scoop Up that allows you to get all of those precious energy/tools/attached trainers back. Very handy indeed. The only problem is the flip part. Flippy cards just aren't reliable enough (save focus band). The cards that Super Scoop Up are fighting a spot against are Scoop Up and Mr. Brinney's Compassion. I personally like to use Mr. Brinney's Compassion because its basically a Super Scoop Up without the flip. It is a supporter, yes, but a very useful one. When Mr. Brinney's isnt usable because of too many supporters or a deck focused on a Poke Ex, then I would probably drop the line altogether or use regular Scoop Up. Super Scoop Up just doesn't make the cut in my book.

Also, a few people have been emailing me and IM me about Poke stuff. If you would like to, feel free to contact me at Zennium66@aol.com I love to answer questions and just chat.

Unlimited Rating 1.3/5
Super Scoop Up… What is it? It’s a Mr. Briney's Compassion, you can use on Pokémon-EX. It also has the benefit of not using up your supporter for that turn. I don’t really think this card is worth putting in most decks. This doesn’t ever show up in winning decklists. Not with Briney still around. Super Scoop Up could fit in some rogue decks. In my opinion, SSU doesn’t contribute to the metagame much.

Scoop Up, Super Scoop Up, Mr. Briney’s Compassion: What makes these cards good? They’re trainers that instead of removing two damage counters (like Potion or Berry), they eliminate all the damage on a Pokémon. Of course, the cost is, all energy that was attached to that Pokémon is no longer attached, which means you have to start over again. However, it may be worth it if you want to stop your opponent from getting a prize for knocking out your Pokémon. Sometimes, when you don’t have a Switch, these cards can be just as good: just use it on your active Pokémon and you get to send a benched Pokémon as your active. This info is probably very obvious to many of you, but just in case someone out there doesn’t understand that everything (even damage counters and special conditions) is removed from that Pokémon… Anyway…

If you’re considering building a deck with a lot of Pokémon-EX, perhaps SSU is worth a try. SSU only works half the time, so if you use it on a Pokémon-EX, you are statistically preventing your opponent from getting one prize (because two prizes are drawn when a Pokémon-EX is knocked out)

Unlimited: If you’re not playing Pokémon-EX (which is very likely if you’re playing Unlimited), Mr. Briney’s Compassion is the card you want to use. If you’re building a Chansey [BS] deck, use Scoop Up (It has the advantage of not being a tails-fails card and not using up your supporter for the turn.) 2.8/5

Modified: If your deck is centered around Pokémon-EX, and you don’t want to use Poke-powers/bodies to heal them, SSU is the card for you. But remember, Briney is still more widely used and there’s a reason for it (There are plenty of decks that require no Pokémon-EX and Briney isn’t a tails-fails trainer.). The usefulness of SSU is really dependent on what deck you’re using. 3/5

Limited: The number of healing cards in Delta Species is really low. I can’t really think of any good combos for this card in DS. 4/5

Super scoop up

well, not much to say about this card as it's usability should be clear to everybody.
A rather situational and flippy though...

I don't like flippy cards, try to stick with mr.briney or scoop up.

A pretty good card as you don't want your ex-tank to get knocked out.
It requires a coin flip, but in some cases, it is worth it.

Actually really good here if you also play a hitter with high HP, if you flip heads, your opponent will have to damage your hitter all over again.
that really helps here, though rather situational.
Dallas Dalton Super Scoop Up
Trainer Use:
Flip a coin. If heads, return 1 of your Pokémon and all cards attached to it to your hand.
100/114 Rarity: Uncommon

I was and still am a huge fan of Scoop up. Scoop up from Base Set 1 and 2 has won me a lot of games from being able to get my pokmeon out of a bad situation and being able to thwart my opponent's chance of taking another prize.

At first glance, super scoop up looks like it could be better than the regular scoop up. Looking at the card closer however there's the dreaded coin flip.
Coin flips unfortunately make or break the game and it should be the goal of each player to do either one of two things:
- Rely on the least amount of coin flips possible OR
- Manipulate the coin flip issue to your favor (I.E.
using attacks that have more than 1 flip involved...
Neo Genesis Sneasel is a perfect example, the more flips the better).

Having 1 flip being the deciding factor of this card is not good.

Unlimited: 1.5 - Scoop up is so much better, use that instead.

Modified: 2.0 - I'm not certain on how to grade this card in modified. Super Scoop Up can be so good, but it can ruin all your chances if you need to rely on it to win.

Limited: 2.5 - It can really save you in a game if it works, but don't expect to rely heavily on this card.

LAst Ditch efforts and a surprise on your opponent's face, okay I'll take it for now.

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