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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Holon Research Tower

ex Delta Species


Date Reviewed: 11.23.05

Ratings & Reviews Summary
Unlimited: 2
Modified: 2.25
Limited: 1.3

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

R Pac~
Happy Thanksgiving All :)

Today's card is Holon Research Tower from Delta Species

I know everyone wants to be around their family right now, so this will be a short review. Well, I can blame it on that, or the fact that this card stinks. Could any Delta Poke be used in unlimited? Not to my knowledge. Which makes this card utterly pointless in just about every conceiveable deck. Hope everyone has a great Thanxgiving! Eat lots of Turkey :).

Unlimited Rating 4/5
DragonSol  Today we look at Holon Research Tower. I believe this card has a lot of potential in many decks. Basically, all your Basic Energy cards attached to your Delta Species Pokemon are both (M) and their original types. Pretty nice, huh? While I like this card, I don't see it belonging in most Delta Species deck. All Delta Species benefit from Island Cave, which edges out Holon Research Tower a bit. If you are in desperate need of a (M) Energy to pull off an attack, then this card belongs in your deck. I give it a 2/5 for the Modified format.
Tenchi-bmx'n monkey HOLON RESEARCH TOWER

Todays card is a new trainer/stadium card from Delta Species called "Holon Research Tower". First off this card this card is very restrictive, by only helping out "Delta" pokemon but with the impact that this set is starting to have I can't help but give it the thumbs up. The card reads "Each players basic energy cards attached to pokemon that has the Delta symbol on its card are both their usual energy type and Metal energy type but provide only 1 energy at a time. (has no effect other than proviing energy.). The first card to come to mind that this stadium card will benefit is the Delta Mewtwo, and a couple others. The card is cool but not quite beneficial yet, its just not enough to replace my desert ruins but would be a great compliment to it. Delta Species is quickly becoming the set to build decks with, and will definately effect the tourney metagame for the months to come. Now for the rankings you have all been waiting for:

Unlimited: no use at all, only with DS--1
Limited: again same as above 1
Modified: 3 and growing in the future.

Keep an eye on this card in the future. Tenchi the bmx-n monkey out.

Holon research tower

... My own computer is still not fixed ... (which is why I don't write reviews daily) =(

I don't really know what to say as this card has no uses that I know of.
Delta pokemon are pretty powerless in unlimited, and a real metal energy at least reduces damage, no, this card is pretty useless here.

I guess this card is meant to make it easier to attack with delta pokemon with metal energy in their attack costs.. It's already easy to get a metal energy onto a pokemon, and at least the metal energy card reduces some damage.

Limited: I guess it is ok here, since you won't get metal energy in your packs easily, and it's even harder to topdeck one. most of the holo-rare pokemon have metal-energy cards in their attack costs, so this card definitly helps here, as you don't have metal energy often.

Holon research Tower – stadium
Each Player's basic Energy cards attached to Pokemon that has Delta Species symbol on its card are both their usual Energy type and M type but provide only 1 Energy at a time. (Has no effect other than providing Energy.)

Depending on the deck you are playing this can bring you to a solid win. I recommend it in two specefic decks, MetaDrag (metagross and dragonite from
DS) and SallyDee (salamence from DS and metagross from DX) Basically you play this in a time of need where you can load up a pokemon on basics and flop out loads of damage on the defending pogeyman.

Modified – 3.5 / 5 Be careful not to play this early if you now you could need it later. Always, always play stadium last… so you have a stadium advantage over your opponent.

Unlimited – 1 / 5 If your playing Delta pokemon in unlimited, quit. Just stop. Play Dark slowking and sneasel and maybe you might win something! =D

Limited – 3 / 5 Only play this if you know you can get a solid full line of something in need of this. I repeat only grab it if you know for a fact you will get a ful line.

Thanks, Hope you enjoyed my CotD!


If the review is too long, skip straight to the Ratings and Summary! 


Name   : Holon Research Tower

Set       : EX Delta Species

Card#   : /113

Rarity   : Uncommon

Type    : Trainer

Sub-type: Stadium

Effect Text: This card stays in play when you play it.  Discard this card if another Stadium card comes into play.  If another card with the same name is in play, you can’t play this card.


Each player’s basic Energy cards attached to Pokémon that has δ on its card are both their usual Energy type and (M) type but provide only 1 Energy at a time. (Has no effect other than providing Energy.)


Attributes         : Stadium cards are an interesting Trainer: the only type to stay in play until forced out by another card effect (well, some Pokémon Tools last until another effect discards them or the Pokémon they are attached to is KO’d).


Abilities           : Stadium’s have a “global effect”, that is, they affect both players equally (occasionally a slight preference to the controller, but that usually involves terms of resolving overlapping effects).  So you generally like it when a Stadium has a pretty specific effect.  In this case, Holon Research Tower is useless unless you use Pokémon δ, and even then, if you already have your Metal Energy requirements met, this card isn’t too useful.  For dedicated Pokémon δ decks, it’s pretty nice.  Most promising Pokémon δ I have seen need a Metal Energy for an attack cost, and this allows any basic Energy to provide Metal or its normal type.  Keep in mind, if you have a Holon Energy and a Basic Energy type it references, you won’t lose that effect: the wording is just means that if you had a Lightning Energy on a Dragonite δ, you could treat it as a Metal Energy or treat it as a Lightning Energy when checking to see if you met attack requirements, but not both at the exact same time.


Uses and

Combinations  : Perhaps one of the best default Stadiums for Pokémon δ decks.  There’s not much to combo with it due to its basic nature: if you need to fill a Metal Energy requirement, it’s an easy way to fill it.  Just remember that it only affects Basic Energy cards, and that you’re not getting the damage reduction effect of the actual card, Metal Energy.  So if you need to get Metal for that reason, use more search cards, not this.


One could risk using this with EX Hidden Legends Metagross, as then one could move Basic Energy around as well, but it seems to delicate a combo, especially since any basic Energy on Metagross would be unaffected.




Unlimited         : 1.5/5-Not a lot of Basic Energy played here outside of select decks (e.g. Raindance).  Besides, most of the Pokémon δ aren’t well suited to this format.


Modified          : 3.75/5-Note that this score reflects its use in Pokémon δ centered decks that could use a little help “making” Metal Energy.


Limited                        : 4/5-So many of the new Pokémon have a Metal requirement for at least one attack, this may actually be more important than draw power for those decks.



A nice way of supporting these new Pokémon δ.  It’s no Rocket’s Hideout, but it does seem on par with Rocket’s Tricky Gym or Team Magma’s Hideout.


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