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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Holon Lass

ex Delta Species


Date Reviewed: 11.22.05

Ratings & Reviews Summary
Unlimited: 4
Modified: --
Limited: --

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

R Pac~
Gobble Gobble Gobble All :)

Today's card is Holon Lass from Delta Species

I don't know about you guys, but it's the new trainers in a set that always get me wound up. The new Pokes are almost always unable to stand against their predessors, but the new trainers always seem to have a viable chance. That is, unless it's a supporter (in most cases) or an energy searching trainer. This, unfortunatly, is both. Supporters are too slow to run more than just a few and its definitely not worth it to use a energy searching trainer as your supporter for the turn. Add on the discard and the situational/variable effects, this card just ends up getting a low grade. However, there is one big thing about this card - it says "Energy cards" - in other words, you can get special energy cards too! That my friend, is a big deal in this environment. Getting thoose Darkness, Metal, Boost, Double Rainbow, Double Colorless, etc, etc is killer. Not only that, but used early game, this could net you up to 12 energy (probably much less, but you still get to search that much of your deck for energy). I'm sorry, but that just rocks. I'd say this thing could be used with 90% of decks in unlimited, including raindance and Sneasle. It's not going to blow away the environment (most likely) but it definitely has the potential to rock some peoples' worlds.

Unlimited Rating 4/5

Holon Lass - supporter

Discard a card from your hand. If you can't discard a card from your hand, you can't play this card. Count the number of Prize cards left (both yours and your opponent's). Look at that many cards from the top of your deck, choose as many Energy cards as you like, show them to your opponent, and put

them into your hand. Put the other cards back on top of your deck. Shuffle your deck afterward.

Now This card is an amazing addition to Eeveelution decks and Blastoise variants. I would strongly suggest in many decks using multiple type of basic energy!

For Modified play I would most likely prefer to abuse this with Blastoise ex

from FRLG. You can Lass up turn two and do the throw down with all those succulent pretty water energies… =) Evvelution decks work similarly, but do not benefit from the eeveelution-ex’s powers but that’s ok. No worries, You can still use Flareon ex’s sexy first attack… =)

Modified – 3.5 / 5 As I have stated, the card could be broken, I do not recommend playing it in a normal deck… only specific decks that can benefit from quick energy refill.

Unlimited – 1 / 5 You are kidding right? There is no need to throw down holon lass when you have infinite draw in Modified >_<

Limited – 4 / 5 Highly recommended! In drafts if this passes your way, grab it up like a monkey on a cupcake!!! You can play it and grab the certain color needed for whatever basic pokemon you are using… =)

Thanks, Hope you enjoyed my CotD!


Review is too long? Skip straight to the Ratings and Summary! 


Name   : Holon Lass

Set       : EX Delta Species

Card#   : 92/113

Rarity   : Uncommon

Type    : Trainer

Sub-type: Supporter

Effect Text: You can play only one Supporter card each turn.  When you play this card, put it next to your Active Pokémon.  When your turn ends, discard this card.


Discard a card from your hand.  If you can’t discard a card from your hand, you can’t play this card.


Count the total number of Prize cards left (both yours and your opponent’s).  Look at that many cards from the top of your deck, choose as many Energy cards as you like, show them to your opponent, and put them into your hand.  Put the other cards back on top of your deck.  Shuffle your deck afterward.



Attributes: Alright, we have a Trainer today, specifically a Holon Supporter.  What does that mean?  Well, all the normal Supporter rules apply: you can only use one on your turn, can’t use any first turn, and after you use it, you set it beside your Pokémon as a visual reminder you played one this turn.  Being a Holon Supporter is not an official designation, but it shares common rules with the other Holon Supporters, so it seemed appropriate to lump them all together as one.  What do I mean?  All Holon Supporters have Holon in their name (and thus can be searched out via Holon Transceiver) and require you discard a card from your hand.  I have not yet ascertained whether or not the discard cost outweighs, balances with, or is outweighed by the ability of a normal Trainer being able to search for said Supporters.


Even without taking that into account, as a Supporter this card has to be potent: any adequate draw power in Modified is Supporter based, and its even catching on in Unlimited (Professor Oak is still tops, but that “discarding your hand” thing is no longer as negligible as it was in the past).  There are also non-draw Supporters that were useful the instant they came out in this format (like Pokémon Nurse and Mr. Briney’s Compassion.


Abilities: Holon Lass is definitely a “supporter”, unlike a predecessor with a similar name: the original Lass hurt both yourself and your opponent by sending all Trainers in both players’ hands to their respective deck.  Holon Lass is a good girl who let’s you get up to 12 Energy cards (Basic and/or Special) from your deck.  As such, this is pretty amazing second turn.  Yes, it won’t help you build up much, but it will make it hard for your opponent to keep track of how much of your hand is “doing nothing”.  After all, they see you get, say, six Energy cards from Holon Lass, but they don’t know what future draws are bringing to your hand.  Ideally, this card will nab you a huge chunk of your Energy… making it hard to use Steven’s Advice… but thinning your deck so much that TV Reporter and those more or less “straight” draw cards like it will almost constantly be hitting “gold”; that is, needed Pokémon or Trainers.


Mid-game, its okay: you’ll probably only get 2-3 Energy, but if that’s what you need, it’s what you need.


Late game can be bad: you barely get to look, so you naturally are less likely to get the Energy.


Of course, I am defining this in terms of prizes: early game being after first turn, but otherwise referring to when neither player has taken more than a prize each, late game being when each player is down to about two prizes, and mid game being anything in between.  Of course, that’s only half the story: if your deck is such that you’ll draw all your prizes in a rush mid-to-late game after setting up, that skews things making this a much better card.


Another factor that greatly improves this cards return is that while getting basic Energy from the deck is easy, Special Energy cards tend to only be searchable via Poké-Powers.  This also greatly boosts its playability, and puts this just over the top: it’s not just acceptable, it’s actually fairly good.


Uses and

Combinations: For Modified, it will probably best serve decks that need to dig deep for Special Energy cards ASAP.  Of course, that is curbed by the fact that one could just set up Pidgeot from EX Fire Red/Leaf Green or EX Deoxys Magcargo with Smooth Over.  However, that’s a single Special Energy, and while it’s guaranteed, one might better use that search for something else.  It is a careful balance.  If you just need to nab one Energy card at an important time, you’d be better off with those searchers.  If you need to grab a lot of Special Energy all at once, like for Dark Steelix, then Holon Lass shouldn’t disappoint.


In Unlimited, draw power is available in non-Supporter form.  So a deck like Raindance, which still may enjoy use of Supporters like Pokémon Nurse or Mr. Briney’s Compassion (less wasteful than Pokémon Center and Scoop-Up, respectively) shouldn’t need them that soon in the game, so I would think this an excellent way to get the Energy needed.  Likewise, in a deck that uses little Energy, it still can be worthwhile since it can get the Energy “out of the way”.




Unlimited: 4/5-I do believe this will benefit certain decks so greatly: particularly Raindance: repeated Holon Lass might risk you decking out, but it will also provide a fairly painless way to get copious amounts of Energy in play within the first few turns.


Modified: 3.75/5-Less impressive here, but still good.  It’s just that most decks won’t be able to get rid of all that Energy as quickly as Raindance (or in the case of Blastoise ex, as carefree).


Limited            : 4/5-As usual, draw/search power is precious in this format.  This makes the [often necessary] multiple Energy type decks easier to use, makes getting those few Special Energy cards easier, and thins your deck so you can draw into more Pokémon and precious Trainers.



Holon Lass appears to be a well made card: since both players Prize counts matter, it avoids the trap of many other Prize counting cards.  This shouldn’t unfairly turn the game around nor be useless if you are winning.  The only time it won’t be so hot is if it shows up late in a very, very close match.


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