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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day



EX Unseen Forces


Date Reviewed: 11.01.05

Ratings & Reviews Summary
Unlimited: 1.6
Modified: 2
Limited: 2.2

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

2005 World

If you get an early Bellossom and start using Green Dance, you can setup your bench more easily so you can do 100 damage with Full Bloom. 90 HP for a stage 2 hurts though, and so does the weakness to fire, and so many Pokemon resist Grass these days.

Unlimited - I don't think it's very good here. True you can attach Boost Energy to use Full Bloom, but there are easier and better ways to do 100 damage, like Rain Dance with Suicune ex. 1/5

Modified - It's alright here. It combos with HL Bellossom, letting you remove 2 damage counters a turn so you can survive longer. But its HP is too low and its weaknesses are too high. Getting 3 Bellossom in play could take forever. 2/5

Limited - If you're lucky enough to get Oddish and Gloom take it. Its first attack helps tons with the lack of search-your-deck cards in this format. And since Full Bloom takes 3 colorless energy, it can be splashed into any deck. 3/5

R Pac~
Hey all,

Today's card is Bellossom from EX Unseen Forces

I dont know how to say this any better than - NO. This is a pathetic card and a waste of space. He has no Poke power, low HP, bad weakness, horrible attacks... it's just utterly sad that he looks so happy in the card. If you wanna run an Oddish line, stick with the ever popular Vileplume EX deck. If you terribly wanna lose, then have fun with Bellossom and best of luck getting those three Bellossoms out so that your second attack is decent.

Unlimited Rating 1/5
Bellossom’s 2nd attack does 50 damage for 3 Energy. This is not very good for a stage 2 Pokémon with only 90 HP. The attack does 100 damage if you have more than 2 Bellossom in play. NEVER expect to be able to do this. If you have 4 Oddish in your deck, chances are at least one of them will be KOed before you can evolve all of them into Bellossom. Even if they’re on the bench, there’s always Warp Point and Pokémon Reversal to worry about (and don’t forget about Rock-Lock and other bench damage decks). If you’re playing Unlimited, there’s enough draw power (Bill, Oak, etc.) for 3 Bellossom at once to be a realistic goal. You can do it in Modified, and the first attack helps, but don’t expect to win any tournaments with it.

The first attack is practical. “Green Dance” lets you search for 2 grass Pokémon and put them in your hand, and then put Bellossom on your bench. It has the advantage of not being a Poké-Power/Body and therefore making your opponent not as likely to prevent you from not using it. It has the disadvantage of restricting you to Grass Pokémon (But if you have Bellossom in your deck, you probably have other grass Pokémon in your deck, anyway). It has the advantage of only requiring one energy. Some other attacks for searching for Pokémon are: Nidorina [RG]- Its “Fast Evolution” lets you search your deck for 2 evolution cards for 2 energy of any type. Dark Dragonair [RR]- Its “Evolutionary Light” lets you search your deck for an evolution card and since it’s a power, it doesn’t require energy. Sentret [RR]- Its “Friend Search” lets you take a basic or evolution card from your deck into your hand for one energy; However, you’re restricted to only searching the top five cards of your deck. My opinion: “Green Dance” gives you a good effect for a low cost.

Speaking of low costs, Bellossom’s retreat cost is low for a stage 2 Pokémon. However this is balanced out by its low HP and by the fact that its attacks don’t do much damage.

Combinations: If you do want to do “Full Bloom” make sure you have 4 Bellossom in your deck. It would be sad to see one of your Bellossom end up in your prizes and you not being able to do extra damage.

Unlimited: 2.8/5

Modified: This could be very fun to use. Search for other grass Pokémon early in the game and try to do 100 damage for 3 energy after getting all 3 of your Bellossom. I think that would be pretty fun. But I won’t know, because I won’t ever use this card. 2/5

Limited: There are some good grass Pokémon in this set. “Green Dance” can help you. As for “Full Bloom,” you will only be doing 50 damage with this attack; if you do more, Congratulations! You were lucky enough to draft 3 holo rares and their corresponding basic/stage 1. Go buy yourself a lottery ticket. 1.4/5

Questions/comments/corrections? E-mail: ninetales1234@hotmail.com

Sorry folks, I have two exams this afternoon back to back, so no real review today. However, this card is a bit tricky in its use, so I felt I should expound in case it was underemphasized or missed by others.

In Unlimited, you should strongly consider running the Heal Dance Bellossom with Vileplume ex, since you will want a large line (at least 3-2-2) of it, so the extra Gloom might as well see some use. Well, between Double Colorless Energy and/or Boost Energy, this can lead to an early unexpected "whack" that OHKOs most Pokemon in this format. You also can use it with Surprise! Time Machine, which is the best way. Your benched Heal Dance Bellossom should hopefully let you heal down enough to safely Swoop, then change into this Bellossom for an easy 100 damage, ideally to go for the kill (so the fact that they can use Trainers will be meaningless). Yes, its a small use, but it is an interesting idea, especially given that Vileplume ex can normally only hit for 50.


In Modified, it just means one can strongly consider running a fuller Heal Dance line with one or two of these spliced in.


In Limited, it can help set up but isn't so great since you probably can't get more than 50 damage out of it.


Yes, this card has a Weakness that (historically) is horrid. No one denies that. Its HP is pretty low at 90. But its not a main attacker. Its basically a single card piece of TecH when you already have a Bellossom or Bellossom/Vileplume line. It made this weeks theme (Deja Vu courtesy of EX Unseen Forces) because a similar attack exists on an older Bellossom.


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