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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Regice ex

ex Emerald


Date Reviewed: 05.30.05

Ratings & Reviews Summary
Unlimited: 1
Modified: 1.65
Limited: 3.25

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.


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Name: Regice ex

Set: EX Emerald

Card#: 98/106

Rarity: Pokémon-ex

Pokémon-ex Rule: When Pokémon-ex has been Knocked Out, your opponent takes 2 Prize cards.

Type: Water

Stage: Basic

HP: 100

Weakness: Metal

Resistance: None

Retreat: CCC

Attack#1: Ice Beam [10]

Flip a coin.  If heads, the Defending Pokémon is now Paralyzed.

Attack#2: Iceberg Crush [40]

If Regirock ex is in play, flip a coin.  If heads, discard 1 Energy attached to the Defending Pokémon.


Attributes: Regice ex is a Basic Pokémon ex.  This means we really want to be as close to 120 HP as we can be since a) that is the maximum we have seen so far for Basic Pokémon-ex and b) it is worth two Prizes when it is Knocked Out, so its almost like it has about half to two-thirds of its actual LP.  There is an exception though, and that is 100 HP.  Sadly, that is what this card has.  The problem with 100 HP on a Pokémon ex is Desert Ruins, a Stadium card that places a damage counter between turns on all Pokémon ex with a maximum HP of 100 in play.  Due to it, 100 HP acts more like 80 or 90.  If the HP was 110 or 120, it wouldn’t be so bad to getting hurt by that card.  Why is 100 worse than 80 or 90?  Because it seems like TPC considers it two be so when designing the cards, thus in terms of total card balance, it seems like the HP is considered more of an advantage than it really is, and ends up costing the card in other places.  Otherwise, being a Basic is great since it means this card is easy to drop into play.  Sadly, it has no pre-Evolved forms or Evolved forms, so it has to rely on just itself.


Regice ex is a Water Pokémon, and as a whole this is pretty good: Weakness is pretty common (almost universal amongst Fire Pokémon), but Resistance is pretty rare and usually only found on a few Grass Pokémon and even fewer “Dragon-types” (one of the subgroups of Colorless Pokémon).


Regice ex is Weak to Metal Pokémon.  I always thought of Metal Weakness as being particularly nasty: Metal Pokémon, thanks largely in part to the bonuses they receive from Metal Energy tend to be very hard to damage.  Offsetting this is all but the biggest hitting for relatively low damage.  So when you are Weak to them, they are hard to damage and hit for big damage.  There is no Resistance to balance this out, and aside from emphasizing I don’t like it and hoping TPC listens, there is not much else to do or say about it.  The last “bottom” stat we come to is the Retreat Cost: a hefty three Energy.  While not the worst, it is very hard to recover from paying that much Energy, so do your best to avoid paying it by running cards to reduce the cost or simply change out your Active Pokémon.


Abilities: Regice ex has two attacks.  Ice Beam is the de facto inexpensive opening move you use while desperately trying to power up your “main” move.  Fortunately, in addition to the paltry 10 damage, you have a 50% chance of Paralyzing the opponent, making it a fairly decent stall tactic.  As it only requires a single Water Energy, you are getting what you paid for.


Iceberg does not impress me.  Probably worried that an Energy removing attack would be too powerful, this attack can only discard an Energy card if a) Regirock ex is in play, and b) on a successful coin toss.  This reeks of over compensation: you pay for 40 points of damage in terms of Energy put into the attack, and all you get is a risky effect that requires running another Pokémon-ex and said effect fails half the time.  Had it been per Regirock ex in play, we might have had something.


Uses and

Combinations: Looking pretty: this card just isn’t good enough, especially since there is another Regice ex to consider using.  You could risk it in a Swampert deck I suppose.




Unlimited: 1/5: Suicune ex is the Pokémon-ex for Raindance, not this.  Sadly, that is about the only place to consider using this.


Modified: 1.75/5-Energy removing effects are so rare here, and it can work out okay in a few decks (though not the best choice), but is still sub par.


Limited: 4/5-Here we go.  Even though it is worth two Prizes, it is still a strong pick since it has a large amount of HP and can either Paralyze or remove Energy (both of which should help the HP last longer.



Well, I can’t say this is a good card, but at least it doesn’t seem likely to unbalance the format.


dkates Welcome, everyone, to my Regi Week!  Today, we're looking at Emerald's new Regice ex.

Type: Water.  Well, it gives Regice ex compatibility with Blastoise ex and Swampert, as well as the weakness advantage against Fire-types (like the now-popular Magcargo half of Ludicargo).  Also, very few Pokémon resist Water, and those that do are rarely played.  All in all, Water's a pretty good type to be.  It was also the only possible type, since Regice is pure Ice-type in the electronic games.

HP: 100.  Basic Pokémon-ex have HP ranging from 80 to 120, with 100 HP being both the most popular (there's 21 of 'em, out of a total of 45 Basic Pokémon-ex) and the middle of the road.  This is both good and bad.  The good news is, very few Pokémon can get an OHKO on Regice without using its Weakness.  The bad news is, Desert Ruins works on this guy.

Weakness: Metal.  Well, it had to have a Weakness.  The good news is, Metal isn't played a lot these days.  The bad news is, there are a fair number of Metal Pokémon that can OHKO this guy, and many others can severely weaken it for relatively low Energy costs.  Add to that Metal's innate tendency to absorb damage, and you're really going to want to watch out for Metal Pokémon.  Metal Weakness does make sense, since we're talking about an Ice-type.

Resistance: None.  A lot of us are getting very tired of no Resistance being the default.  I suppose there really wasn't much of anything that would make sense as a Resistance -- Ice doesn't resist anything except itself in the electronic games, and a Water Resistance would have been very wierd.

Retreat Cost: 3.  That's a pretty expensive Retreat Cost.  You're going to want to avoid actually paying this unless not doing so will cost you the game.

Attack1: Ice Beam.  One Water Energy to do 10 damage and a 50% chance of Paralysis.  You're getting just what you pay for.  This is unusual -- usually, a Pokémon-ex, even a Basic Pokémon-ex, gives you at least a little more than you paid for in its attacks.  A decent stalling attack, but not enough to make this card worth playing.

Attack2: Iceburg Crush.  3 Energy, of which 2 have to be Water, to do 40 damage.  Thus far, you're getting just what you paid for.  Then, if you also have a Regirock ex in play, you get to flip a coin.  If heads, the Defending Pokémon loses an Energy.  Leaving aside the non-negligible risk you run by running Regice ex and Regirock ex in the same deck, this attack is still only good to stall.  Even if you get heads, if the Defending was powered up to attack before you took away one of its Energy, it's not that unlikely that your opponent will have another Energy card ready to re-power the Pokémon and strike back.  Better than nothing, but not really enough to warrant Pokémon-ex status.  40 a turn, in either format, just isn't considered much anymore.

- Regirock ex.  You'll need it to get the second attack's effect.
- Blastoise ex/Swampert.  Power up Regice ex a little quicker.
- Rainbow Energy.  Since this card is meant to be run with two other ex's, of different types, Rainbow Energy will help you pay their attack costs.

Closing notes:  The idea of a trio of ex's that innately combo with each other was interesting, but this card shows that the execution was poor.  Regice ex just doesn't benefit enough from Regirock ex being there, and it's not powerful enough on its own.

Unlimited: 1/5.  Sorry, but this guy's rarely going to even get its second attack powered up with all the Super Energy Removals running around, and there are lots of Pokémon that can do more damage for less Energy.  Add to that that there are much easier-to-use cards to remove Energy, and this guy just doesn't make the cut.
Modified: 1/5.  A Pokémon-ex needs to be very good to be worth running in this format.  A steady 40 damage per turn just isn't much here.
Draft/Limited: 2.5/5.  First off, realize that you're probably not going to draft a Regirock ex to go with this.  So, the Energy Removal 2 effect can basically be treated as if it didn't exist.  That said, easy Paralysis is a plus, the HP's high enough to keep it going a while, it's a Basic, 40 damage is actually pretty good, and you're not going to see its Weakness, since Registeel ex is the only Metal-type Pokémon in the whole set.  Still, there are easier-to-run Pokémon in the set, and giving two prizes hurts more here.


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